Important & Necessary Gadgets for Bloggers To Get Started Blogging

Important and Necessary Gadgets for Bloggers To Get Started Blogging

Blogging is now considered as one of the most lucrative online jobs out there. But even though setting up a blog seems easy enough, you can’t have a successful blogging career without the essentials.

Ten years ago, no one imagined that blogging would turn into an actual business. But these past years, it’s become one of the easiest ways to earn money from home.

Countless people leave their corporate jobs every year, hoping they can turn their writing hobby into a career.

If you’re considering becoming a professional blogger at this point, know that you have your work cut out for you.

With so many people trying to make it as a professional blogger, you need to find ways to unleash your creativity and rise above the competition.

Apart from decent writing skills, it’s important that you also invest in the right equipment.

Let’s face it. Without certain tools, how will you be able to create engaging content?

The great thing about today’s technology is that even if you don’t consider yourself to be tech-savvy, you can easily learn how to use them to produce content for your blog.

So, what are the necessary gadgets for every bloggers?

And how does each tool contribute to your success?

Here’s a list to help you get started.

1. Laptop

This is the number 1 tool that every professional blogger needs to have.

In order to create content on the go, you need to have a computer that you can carry with you wherever you go.

If you’re going to check for laptops online, you’ll see that you can get yourself a reliable brand and model without having to spend a fortune.

Before you choose a laptop for blogging, make sure that it’s fitted with the right features and specs for the type of content that you plan on creating.

For example, a laptop with basic specs won’t cut it if you want to process videos and edit images.

2. Smartphone or Tablet

Since professional bloggers need to stay up to date with their social media accounts, a smartphone or tablet is also an important tool to have.

It not only serves as a communication tool for calls and SMS, but it also keeps you updated with the latest news online.

You can even use it to take images and videos or listen to podcasts while you’re running errands or stuck in traffic.

3. External hard drive

An external hard drive is one of those must have gadgets for Pro-Bloggers that many people tend to overlook.

Sure, there may be countless cloud services offering free storage space online, but an external hard drive is still the best way to keep your precious data safe.

Remember, all it takes is one major hack to get to your data and delete it.

4. Internet connection (WiFi router and data card)

Ask any blogger what their version of hell is and they’ll probably answer ‘a slow laggy internet connection’.

There’s simply no way you could work on your blog without access to an internet service.

If you want to have a seamless connection, one of the first things that you need to invest in is a WiFi router for your home office.

For days when you’re out and about and you need a back-up internet connection, a data card with an unlimited data plan should be enough.

5. Recording devices (camera, external microphone)

Though you can already do a lot with the camera and mic on your smartphone, you still need a standalone camera, and possibly an external microphone if you want to create lots of video and audio content for your blog.

For example, if you want to take action shots for your travel and adventure blog, you’ll need a sports camera like a GoPro to give you high-quality images, or if you’re into food blogging, you need a camera with appropriate lenses to make sure that your food shots look amazing.

6. External keyboard

Laptops may be portable and useful, but sometimes, they malfunction.

If you are serious about blogging, you should have back up to ensure that you can still write even in such situations.

Investing in an external keyboard is crucial during emergencies.

You need an external keyboard that is comfortable for you to use as a backup.

Do not choose one that has keys that are hard to press since this can reduce productivity and waste time.

It can also lead to finger fatigue. Get a trendy keyboard that makes typing a breeze.

For instance, Bluetooth keyboards simplify your life since they are portable and foldable.

7. Printer and scanner

Experts recommend that you print out your posts when proofreading.

Getting a printer can help you create accurate content since you can print out your articles, correct them as you outline mistakes on paper rather than relying on the screen alone.

Blogging is hectic since you have to spend a lot of time writing and reading your content.

To maximize your time correctly, printing content and reading it while on the move is wise.

You can also print out invoices when you want to use them in different situations.

Choose a good quality printer that has numerous features designed for various applications.

Also, consider getting a scanner for the sake of uploading content from different sources.

A scanner enables you to take images from magazines or even newspapers and upload them on your blog.

8. Portable power

Are you a mobile blogger? You should not miss out on getting portable power.

The lack of power when your work depends on this resource can be frustrating.

To prevent this, you can get portable power in the form of gadgets such as a power bank for your phone.

You can use these power gadget when you are on the go or when the lights go off.

Apart from conventional power banks, the market also provides solar-powered forms of power banks that work well outdoors.

Get someone to install a power converter in your vehicle.

With this, you can connect your laptop or other devices that may need a wall plug for you to charge them.

It means that you can continue blogging without being tied down to a building with an electrical outlet.

Such power devices increase convenience and reduce frustrations for bloggers.

9. Entertainment device

Blogging is fun and gratifying, but it can leave you exhausted.

That is why an entertainment device is crucial for every blogger.

You should set aside some time in your schedule to refresh your mind after a long day of writing and brainstorming ideas.

There are numerous entertainment devices that you can use to relax.

For instance, if you prefer playing games on your free time, choose a gaming console.

10. EyeFi card

Blogging is diverse, and bloggers that specialize in photography should invest in an EyeFi card.

This equips your digital camera with an sd card that makes it Wi-Fi enabled.

With this device, you can connect your camera to other devices such as your laptop wirelessly.

It allows you to back up the photos you are taking to the connected device.

An Eye-Fi card not only prevents you from losing high-quality photos for your blog but also simplifies the process of transferring pictures to your laptop.

It saves you time and allows you to edit and share the photos instantly.

It can also help you upload images directly to the cloud.

It is, therefore, a must-have device for all photography bloggers.

11. Gorillapod

Every blogger specializing in photography should also own a tripod.

Do not go for a traditional tripod since it can be cumbersome to carry around.

Gorillapod is an ideal one since it allows you to take good quality photos without inconveniences such as weight.

It also gives you exciting features that boost efficiency.

For instance, you don’t have to keep on turning since it adjusts to a rugged surface easily.

12. Selfie stick

Do you include selfies in your blog post?

Get a selfie stick to capture high-quality group photos for your blog.

This prevents shakiness during taking pictures and helps you capture every face when taking a photo that includes a large group.

You can also record good videos to add in your blog.

These are the must have gadgets for Bloggers to become successful blogger that everyone should be have before and after starting a blog.

Important and Necessary Gadgets for Bloggers To Get Started Blogging

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