Most Common Blogging Mistakes That Every Bloggers Do: Fix Them

Most Common Blogging Mistakes That Every Bloggers DoAre you facing issues with regard to getting the desired results from the blog?

You need to ensure that you are doing everything right while blogging as it is a complicated process.

When people hear that you make a living out of blogging, they would think that it’s easy to earn money by blogging as they have a wrong notion that you just need to sit in front computer entire day just writing.

There are few people who consider blogging as the easiest and no-brainer job. But when you actually sit down to write you will realize that it is so tough to even come up with two lines.

Just like any other jobs, beginners would find blogging as a tough job and might mess few things up. As told by famous blogger Cori-Leigh Mann you should not fear failure. This is how you learn to overcome the mistakes and be a successful blogger.

However, it is quite easy to avoid the mistakes if you know what to expect and how to overcome them.

Below mentioned are the mistakes committed by many of the bloggers.

Below Are The Mistakes That are Common

1. The writing style is too stiff

To write a blog post is totally a different affair than writing the term paper. But whenever the bloggers begin their writing, they always tend to write like a term paper.

People will not enjoy reading them and this is one mistake you should avoid.  You should write like you are having a conversation. More and more people would enjoy reading them if they feel it is approachable.

Hence loosen up the writing part and throw in contractions.

2. Coming up with the ideas that interest only you

You are not the intended reader for your blog even though you keep reading them over and over. The ideas to the blog will come at random times.

But you need to keep in mind that even if the idea is good in a general context it might not be interesting for everyone. Mostly the idea behind blogging is to impart knowledge or give a solution to a problem.

Hence pick an idea which most people can relate to and people would find it interesting to read.

3. Topics chosen are too broad

Many people choose a broad topic initially when they start blogging. As there are many nuances and details in the broad topics, it is tough to give out the right answers to them.

Also if you choose more specific topics, it will attract more targeted audiences.  Hence if you need to get long-term and short-term benefits, you need to be more specific.

4. You are not using the actual data and facts as evidence

Claims and arguments you make on your blog post are more compelling and people would believe you if it is rooted in research and data.

The contents which are data-driven would surely catch the attention of the people which otherwise would not have. It is best if you offer the main argument in your post initially and then establish it with the proof.

It would show the readers why the argument is relevant and makes the argument more honest.

5. Your contents would be bordering on the plagiarism

Most of the beginners of blogging feel that they can easily get away with copying from another blog post.  However, you cannot, your readers and editors will know if it has been copied from some other blog site.

Some words would not be used correctly or it might sound vague and won’t sound like you have written it.  And also if you are found copying from some others blog, you could get penalized too and it will affect your growth as a writer.

If you are planning to take inspiration or ideas from other sites, then you should better cite them.

6. You should keep aside ample time to edit the post

Many writers make the mistakes of not editing their writing once it is done. Even the experienced writers have to edit the writing once they have finished it.

Most of the time, the first drafts will never be great. Hence you should keep aside time to shape up the post. You should do run-on sentences, fix typos and accidental mistakes.

Ensure that your story flows smoothly just like you did the outline.

7. You never blog consistently

It’s a common truth that more you blog, there would be more traffic to your blog site and more leads and subscribers you will generate.  It is very much important you blog consistently when you start off initially.

If you are publishing 4 to 5 posts in the first week and then posts only 1 to 2 posts in next coming weeks, it would be quite tough to be consistent and make it a habit.

And the subscribers and your readers would get really confused by the inconsistency. The sites which commit to publishing quality work regularly will reap in the biggest rewards with regards to website traffic.

You should have a concrete planning strategy to establish consistency. You need to have an editorial calendar to help you blog consistently. It would help in planning the topics of the blog post much ahead of time and helps in publishing on time.

You can even schedule the posts in advance whenever you have a productive week.

8. Trying to make all the post perfect

You should understand the blog post is not going to be just perfect for everyone. There will be always more things which could help to make the posts better.

Better phrasing, more images, quirky jokes, the list is endless. The writer needs to stop obsessing about making it perfect and should know when to stop correct or rephrasing it.

You just have to go ahead and publish it.  However you wouldn’t want to post an article filled with grammatical errors and factual inaccuracies, it is not going to be the end of your writing world if a small typo slips through and it’s hardly going to affect the views it is going to bring in.

Most Common Blogging Mistakes That Every Bloggers Do

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