How to Solve Common Blogging Mistakes That Faced by Every Blogger

How to Solve Common Blogging Mistakes That Faced by Every Blogger

Non-bloggers think that blogging is hands down the easiest and the best thing anyone can do. And if you earn from blogging, they have this convoluted idea that you can blog and earn money in your sleep. It’s not a tough job, and anyone can do it.

Well, we can all agree on one thing, that blogging is the best thing you could do. You do what you love, and if you love writing, you can do it in bed. Also, you can earn good money from it, but…

That is just about it – on the outside, it gleams but talks to any successful blogger about their experience, and you will be surprised by the challenges one goes through and work you have to put in to earn from it.

If you are ready for work and sleepless nights at the comfort of your home, you should be aware of some things; problems that may curtail your journey to success.

This article focuses on the problems faced by bloggers when starting, and how you can get through them unscathed. Blogging is interesting, fun and addictive on the other side.

Not recognizing the importance of web hosting

Web hosting is a service that will put your blog on the internet. Think of the host as your blog’s home. This home can break or make your blog.

And it is the most expensive in many ways: the hosting costs, speeds, uptime/downtime, as well as the technical support.

Unless you have a trust fund, these costs can easily run you down. So, which web hosting service do you need? Shared hosting.

It is the cheapest and the most basic hosting service, and there are great hosting companies out there.

When choosing a hosting company, check what their package offers with regards to the disk space, bandwidth, security features, uptime guarantees, speed/ performance, and one-click installations.

Also check the support offered: email, live chat, or support tickets. Don’t forget to compare services and rates for affordability.

You can always upgrade from the shared plan should your needs increase.

Choosing the wrong domain name

This is the name that people will identify you with. It’s the blog’s and by extension, your identity. So, nothing tacky.

You need something that says who you are and what you do in the shortest sweetest way possible. Keep the domain name descriptive, memorable, easy to spell, and if possible, short.

A big mistake you should avoid – hyphenated domain names or generic names.

For the best effects, use specific keywords. And if stuck, try a domain name generator. The other aspect of the domain name is the extension. Would you like a .com/ .net worldwide extension, a country-specific extension, or the new TLDs?

Next comes domain registration. Leading web hosting companies offer the domain registration services but you could also use the domain name registrar.

Choosing the wrong blogging platform

Is better than WordPress remains the world’s most popular blogging platform and content management system powering more than 27 percent of all blogs.

Its popularity comes from the fact that it is 100 percent free; super-easy to install; it has awesome themes/ plugins; you don’t need coding knowledge, and it’s mobile-friendly.

It also comes with infinite customizability; is great for SEO; it’s updated constantly, and it boasts a huge online community.

So, back to the question above. Well. is paid for, and is free. They have several other differences.

Other than these two platforms, you can choose other website builders like Wix or Weebly.

Once you settle on the blogging platform, confirm the blog’s name, double-check the email address, and choose the right theme.

You also need to customize the blog and add plug-ins.  Once everything is in order, start the content creation content.

Content Creation- Creating content of ideas that only interest you

You may not know this but, you are not and never will be the intended reader of your blog. You will wake up with a great idea but just because it sounds good doesn’t mean you should pursue it.

Here’s what you should do instead: stay focused on the company’s larger goals. Think of your audience and the ways you could solve their problems with your blog.

Think back to your growth goals whenever an idea strikes and determine whether or not you should pursue the idea.

Stiff Writing Style

When starting, blogging is intimidating, and you may be unsure of how to say or write down those great thoughts.

For you to have a fluid start, write the way you talk. Yes, be conversational. Write as you would talk to someone in your audience or someone seated across the table from you.

Loosen up. You are writing/ selling to people, not robots. Avoid jargon, use puns, and throw in contractions.

Telling Your Personality

In the blogging world, no one cares about you as the writer. People care about that thing that you bring to the table. Humor and recipes for cake matters, not your experience at the exclusive resort. But, infuse your personality into your writing.

Other mistakes you should avoid:

  • Digressing too much
  • Writing on broad topics
  • You don’t use any data as evidence.
  • Your content is plagiarized
  • Failing to edit and rewrite or being a perfectionist.
  • Lastly, inconsistency.
How to Solve Common Blogging Mistakes That Faced by Every Blogger

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