Blogging Mistakes That Every Blogger Make! Solve It Now

Blogging Mistakes That Every Blogger Make Solve It Now

Have you ever tried questioning yourself, that why your posts and content isn’t getting enough views, likes or comments?

Why no more followers are getting added to your blog bucket?

Or why there are no shares upon the content which you post?

You have been writing daily, you have set the right parameters, you know the rules, you choose interesting headings!

Then what exactly is going wrong?

Well, there are uncountable things which happen in the life of bloggers, and these are some of the most obvious ones. We generally feel that we are putting our complete efforts and still the results are not exemplary! So, you may either be impatient, or your approach is wrong.

Writing and putting content on the simple background isn’t something that blogging is all about! It requires enough understanding of creative and grammatical aspects, along with human psychological needs.

There are numerous ways that can make your post look amazing and attractive, however, there is just one mistake and all your efforts go wasted.

So if you are one such individual who has got immense interest in blogging, but couldn’t trigger the right way to change your performance, you must look at some of these mistakes, which you might have been making, within all these days of blogging!

Adding no creative, pinning images and other visuals

Of course, blogging is all about writing your heart out, however, this doesn’t mean that simple plain text work.

Images do such wonders to our eyes and readers mind that even bulk of well-written paragraphs can’t do.

You only eat a dish when its presented perfectly right?

The garnishing the aroma and everything else attracts your heart! Similar is the case with blogging. Invite your readers by spreading the perfect aroma of your blog by using pinning images.

These are also the feature images which generally give a further link to read more of the content with a glimpse of it.

After that, show them the perfect garnishing that you have done by adding more and more relative images charts and graphs if required.

Finally, as readers will get attracted by these two, they would definitely want to have a taste of your blog!  This is how it works. But make sure you don’t overdo it. Give them the right mix of all the things, and in this way avoid experiencing a big failure.

Doing it over with fancy things and unnecessary delays

It’s simple and straightforward! If you overdo with the website or blog and add up too fancy templates, borders to other things it will take hell lot of time to load and show up the major information.

People don’t spend this much of time, struggling on various things. Especially, today when most of the people are viewing content on their mobile phones, you definitely need to double check whether everything will load speedily or not.

The lighter your page or website, the faster it will load while avoiding all such irritating and time-consuming delays.

Lacking social media links as well as no compatible commenting system

Today, one-sided communication doesn’t run the world! You must focus on true interaction with your customers, and design everything in a certain way that represents and targets them.

You can never avoid their reviews and thus, a comment box for them to put their suggestions and views is extremely essential. Also, make sure that with every post there are relative social media links.

Otherwise, how will the visitors find you at other places and appreciate your working? Make sure you break all the barriers between you and the readers while providing them with a wide platform to open up!

The ill-structured writing style, vocabulary, grammar, and text editing skills

As already talked above, visual attraction and aesthetics are much important and valued than any other thing.

They deliver your first impression upon the readers and make them further decide whether your blog is worth reading or not. You must always make sure that your blog is written in a perfect manner.

Follow all professional structures like adding a good title, introduction, body, subheadings, bullet points, facts, quotes( if necessary) and a good conclusion that can keep them hooked till the end. If they find your first para itself as not linked with the title, they won’t read it further.

Within the text, comes editing as well. Know when to keep the text left aligned, justified or in the center. Use proper font size.

Don’t unnecessarily capitalize any word and don’t use an extremely fancy font which looks like patterns and not words. Keeping it simple and crisp is the best way to attract more and more readers.

You can definitely add other visuals to experiment, but it’s better if the text stays simple and easy to read. Use proper margins and don’t leave blank spaces.

Customizing the blog or website only for PC

This is aging, one of the greatest blunder that people do! We all know that mobile phones are on our nerves these days, and one can’t avoid their significance at all.

Make sure that your blog page, article or the website is completely customized as per various devices like tablets, mobile phones, and others. People cannot always carry their laptops everywhere they go and thus, a mobile phone is your instant messenger, newspaper, and your buddy in every situation.

Individuals who don’t make the use of technology effectively, and follow this rule, definitely end up hurting themselves. Make sure that all of your content turn into a miniature version, but is still in the way it appears on your PC or laptop screens.

Make sure you use proper fonts and other details that go well with the screen sizes and devices.

Well, these were the 5 ways, or mistakes that you might have been making while posting your blogs and getting a completely negative response.

So, always avoid such things and keep an eye on what you do?

And how you do?

your content definitely matters, but at the end of the day, it’s the whole design and appearance of the website and blogs that attract the people.

Blogging Mistakes That Every Blogger Make Solve It Now

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