The 10 Most Asked Common Questions About Blogging to Know

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Most Asked Common Questions About Blogging

Blogging as a profession has become quite popular over the past decade as a result of which today there are almost 150 million active blogs.

Having a blog is an imperative thing today for the advancement of a start-up and even for a successfully running business.

Blogging can be tough and it can be unpredictable, but with the right vision, one can succeed as a blogger. A lot of new bloggers bless the blogging field with their blogs every day and most of them have a lot of questions in their mind.

Here are answers to a few commonly asked questions, which can help in building a successful blog.

The 10 most common questions about blogging

Availability of new content:

One thing that truly defines is the availability of new content every day.

If a blog is being updated daily with new content then it increases the traffic to a great extent, but a lot of new bloggers don’t know how to create new content, well the answer to this is that there is by no means that you can find new content anywhere everything that you would find on the web is going to be repetitive.

So the only way of creating new content is by your own thoughts and experiences because at the end of the day blogging means telling the world about something that you have experienced or gone through.

You can also write about a product but then it should be your first-hand experience of using that product, not something that you have read on the web.

How often should the blog be updated?

All new bloggers have this question in mind; well the answer is that it is completely your choice. You can update your blog every day and even weekly but you should be regular.

So if you are posting weekly, then make sure that you post every week without fail and if you are posting daily then make sure you post daily.

But you should not make your blog post boring, it should be exciting and engaging for the reader. Usually, it is sensible enough to post twice a week, this way you can keep in touch with the readers.

What should be the length of the blog posts?

This is a crucial question, some bloggers feel that a short content would be sufficient while some believe that a long post would be best.

The length of the post depends upon the content of the topic, and the content length can be short but should not be less than 500 to 750 words. Also do not be obsessed with writing lengthy posts, a short content of 500 to 750 words can also deliver your point.

More than the length the quality of the blog is important.

How to get traffic?

Traffic is very important and it is the traffic that keeps the blog alive.

If your blog has traffic then the blogger would love blogging and it would also keep the spirits of the blogger high.

In order to get loyal traffic there are certain things that you should do; use social media for promotion, comment on other blogs, connect with successful bloggers and also make use of guest blogging.

How can a new blog make money?

New blogs can make money but you should not focus on making money.

Eventually, in the long run, your blog would make money but for that, you need to establish yourself and make a reputation.

Earning money should not be your priority, writing quality blogs and creating a good reputation should be.

What should be the first post?

A lot of bloggers make mistake in this, the first blog on your blogging site be something that represents you and your thoughts.

This is important because nobody knows you, so with your first blog, you can tell the readers about yourself rather than telling them about how to earn quick money.

Also, make sure that you have an about page on the blog because it is the most viewed.

How to build subscribers?

Readers will read your blog but won’t subscribe to it, until and unless someone recommended them to do so.

In order to have regular readers and to make them subscribe to emails, you need to build the trust and provide them with content which is irresistible.

The theme of the blog:

The theme of the blog has a lot of effect on the blog; it affects your visitors as well as other components.

Choose the theme carefully; there are quite a lot of themes and plug-ins available online. You can choose one accordingly.

Should I allow a guest post on the blog?

If you have a new blog, then no one would like to write a guest post on it as it would not be beneficial for them.

Bloggers, who write a guest post, mostly do it for the exposure, to gain more subscribers and for more backlinks.

Before asking someone for a guest post, you need to make sure that your blog is well established, to give the guest blogger something in return.

Where to get help from?

So if you need help for blogging, then there is no point of being a blogger.

A blogger has to be intellectual, knowledgeable and full of thoughts to write different blog posts.

The least you can take help is form other blogs, or from the search sites but at the end, it is you who has to write the blog on your own.

There are quite a lot of questions that bloggers have in mind especially the new ones. So to get an answer to all these questions, it is best to contact a few established bloggers or refer a few blogging sites.

Starting a blog is not difficult but maintaining it and updating it on a daily basis is. The above-answered questions can help you in starting a blog and maintaining it, rest everything depends upon your skills and knowledge and the use that you put them to.

Most Asked Common Questions About Blogging
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