Why Most Blogs Are Fail Every Time? Reasons Of Failure Bloggers

Reasons Of Failure Bloggers

So, you are great at writing, you have a big fan base liking and sharing your posts and views on social media. This can be made into a full time blogging profession right?

But will this be as successful as you expected it to be? Will it be a hit in the blogging world and community or will it be amiss?

It Might Fail

One has to be mentally prepared to face failure anytime they take up something. Be it a task out of interest or for a business.

Though we all would love to succeed and would have thought of all possible permutations and combinations to make it a big success, there is always room for failure.

So Why?

So, why will your blog fail?

Probably every single time?

Here are few contributing factors and things you could possibly be doing wrong that is, in turn, hurting your progress as a blogger:

No Clear Theme

Are you writing about anything and everything that interests you?

You may be a great writer and have a witty sense of humor to put across your thoughts and views. However one must remember, a blog is neither a diary nor is it your social media page where you can write about anything under the sun.

A blog should have a clear theme. If you are writing about one niche, stick on to it. And If you are interested in a variety of things, have different blogs for each of those niches.

If you are writing about food, ensure you write only about food and things related to food. Just because fitness is related to nutrition, and nutrition is related to food, you cannot write about exercises and gym routines here. This will only dissuade you from your niche.

No Spark

Does your blog have something interesting popping out in every post?

This can be a witty joke, a video, some real time example, etc that will keep the readers hooked. This will also differentiate your blog from other similar blogs.

If you are just going to write in details about something, it may not be such a big hit as you expected. This is because everyone can get this information from search engines, other bloggers would also have written something very similar. The only way you can stand apart from fellow bloggers is to add your own style to it.

Idea Unclear

When you start a blog, you need to be clear about your theme as well as how you are going to go about it. There must be a clear idea conveyed in your blog.

One post cannot be pro and the other against some particular topic. This will only confuse the readers. You can have both pros and cons but it must be laid out in such a way that readers understand you have no sides and are just putting your views out there.

Have a plan when you start your blog and take it in that path. This will help you decide your next course of action based on the way the recent post has been received.

No Creativity

Today, blogging has become very common. Any topic or niche you take, you will have more than a dozen writers writing about it, in the same angle as you intended to.

When you are writing the same thing as others in the same angle or a very similar angle, there is not going to be much to differentiate between the two. As a result, your traffic can get split.

Creativity is important in this field. When you put across the same point in a creative manner, you will have more followers and readers appreciating and eagerly awaiting the next post. If not a great fan base, you will at least been seen as “different” which is very important to get a good traffic to your page.

Passion Missing

When you express something with passion in words, be it in speech or writing, it will show. The audience can feel the passion and this will encourage them to continue with the rest of the post.

When there is no passion, it is very obvious and this discourages readers and followers.

When you start blogging just because you wanted to earn some quick money or you were inspired by some blogger but are not really keen on doing much yourself, your readers will be able to feel it in your posts. This will work against getting you the much-needed traffic.

SEO Ignored

Though blogging is all about one’s own personality, individuality, and creativity, SEO is important. When you are posting online you need to consider this important factor. Use keywords and phrases that will push your page’s ranking higher.

No matter how much you hate the search engines and the way it works, you need to play up to it, to stay in the game. Get your SEO moves right and you will have a good number of readers and traffic to your blog.

Make It Work

So, how can you make your blog work and not let it become a failure? Here are a few ideas to get your work across in a positive manner and prevent failure:

  1. Get your point across in a clear, concise yet in a creative manner. When the post is interesting and informative, your readers will stay on for more.
  2. Get your SEO practices right. If needed you can even take some external help to understand how to work the SEO and how you can get a good traffic to your blog.
  3. Write with passion and creativity. When you have nothing to write, do not write for the sake of writing. Find an inspiration, a muse, a creative angle and then start writing. Never write for the heck of writing a blog
  4. Be yourself in your blog posts. Do not try to imitate the style and approach of a fellow blogger just because they have more followers than you. When you are yourself, your words reach out better and are well received.
  5. Be clear about why you want to start blogging and then start. When you have a goal, you will work towards the light at the end of the tunnel. Else you will just be lost.
Reasons Of Failure Bloggers

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