Are You Full Time Blogger? Follow This Important & Easy Health Tips

Are You Full Time Blogger Follow Easy Health Tips

Since most bloggers tend to stay indoors, working for hours on content creation and promotion, they usually forget to take care of their physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing.

This can lead to more serious health concerns if not dealt with properly. Since prevention is always better than cure when it comes to health, here are 9 health tips that every full time blogger needs to follow.

Hydrate, hydrate, HYDRATE!

Drinking water is just as important as breathing air. As the body is made of 60% water, you need to make sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day.

This simple habit doesn’t just prevent headaches, but it also boosts your brainpower.  Simply put, hydrating yourself helps keep your body and mind at its best shape.

Do morning meditations

Trying to earn a living as a full time blogger can be very stressful so before you turn on your computer, try doing morning meditations.

Whether it’s spending a few minutes in prayer or looking at yourself in the mirror while you do positive affirmations, spending time to center your thoughts can make a huge difference in how you go about your day.

Exercise at least 30 minutes a day

According to studies, exercising moderately for at least 30 minutes a day is enough to keep your body in good shape.

Whether it’s running or doing yoga, moving your body will not only help you maintain your weight, but it also ensures that you get a healthy dose of happy hormones every day.

Go out for a walk

Staying cooped up in your home office for days isn’t doing you any good so make time to go out for a walk when the sun is out.

Getting fresh air, even for just a couple of minutes can do wonders on your overall well being.

Plan your day and stick to your schedule

When you’re working outside the corporate setting, setting up a routine and following it can be quite the challenge.

There’s a higher tendency to procrastinate and before you know it, you’ve already spent half of your work day watching YouTube or checking on Facebook.

If you want to thrive as a blogger, planning your day and sticking to your schedule should not only be a suggestion, but it should be your priority.

Rest your eyes

One of the most common problems that bloggers have is eye strain, which isn’t surprising since you spend most of your day staring at a computer screen.

Healthy vision is crucial for full time bloggers so if you want care for your eyes, be sure to rest them every hour. It also helps to stare at something green.

Maintain proper posture

Aside from eye problems, many bloggers also complain of chronic backaches.

It’s bad enough that you spend 8-10 hours sitting at your desk, crouching over your computer only makes it worse. To help with your posture, make sure to adjust your chair to the right height.

Sit straight and remember to do light stretches every couple of hours.

Keep weekends sacred

Since full time bloggers often work from home, balancing work and personal life can be a challenge.

Just because you’re spending more time at home, that doesn’t mean that you’re spending quality time with your loved ones.

This is why you need to keep weekends sacred for family and friends. Don’t let work get in the way of nurturing relationships.

Develop a positive attitude

Even when things go wrong, it’s important that you face your troubles with a positive attitude.

Studies show that people who have an optimistic mindset are more resilient in dealing with life’s adversities.

So, next time your website crashes, remember, it’s not the end of the world. Some things are just not worth losing your mind over.

Maintain a proper diet

As you spend a lot of hours on your desk, you may forget to maintain an appropriate diet.

You need a lot of energy to focus on your work, and this can only come from a proper diet. The problem with many full-time bloggers is that they turn to junk food due to the lack of time to cook.

This can impact on your health negatively. Make sure you kick off your day with healthy breakfast and take snacks such as nuts throughout the day.

Replace junk food with fruits and vegetable in your diet.

Eliminate mouth odor

The difference between a full-time blogger working at home and another professional working in an office is that a blogger does not have to open their mouth to relay information.

All you need is your hands, brain and laptop to get information published. Unfortunately, this could lead to lousy mouth odor due to bacteria imbalance in the mouth.

The lack of enough oxygen in the mouth can lead to a foul smell. To avoid this, chew sugar-free gum or suck candy.

Improve your sleep habits

Many full-time bloggers find themselves sleeping for very few hours because of loads of work waiting.

As you try to remain competitive in the field, don’t forget that sleep has a great impact on your productivity during the day.

Make sure you sleep for a minimum of 7 hours every night to eliminate fatigue during the day.

A short nap that lasts for only 30 minutes during the day can also re-energize your body and mind.

Be careful not to extend this period.

Practice some energy boosting activities

By the time you finish working in the evening, you may feel like all your energy is drained. This is the perfect time to practice some energy boosting techniques.

Most full-time bloggers do this by taking caffeine. Though it can raise your energy levels, it can overstimulate your nervous system when you should be resting.

Try to boost your energy through mind-body practices such as deep breathing, self-massage or listening to stimulating music.

A holistic approach can raise your energy levels and even increase your productivity.

Create a soothing atmosphere

Being a full-time blogger means that you probably spend most of your time at home.

You, therefore, have control over your surroundings. Make sure that your work area is calming enough to help you manage stress.

For instance, feel free to place some scented candles on your desk while working.

Seek support

In your line of work, not all days will be the same, and you may face challenges along the way.

You can overcome the stress that comes from full-time blogging by looking for another blogger who can relate to your struggles.

Once in a while, have a one-on-one conversation without another full-time blogger in a friendly environment and share with them your struggles.

This can help you reshape your life and give you motivation during the trying times. It is always uplifting to know that you are not alone.

Are You Full Time Blogger Follow Easy Health Tips

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