How To Guaranteed Increase Page Views of Your Blog & Earn Money

How To Guaranteed Increase Page Views of Your Blog and Earn Money

What does it take to build and maintain a blog that records a hundred thousand views?

What do the seven-figure bloggers do to attract unbelievably high page views?

Do they have secret weapons we know nothing of?

If you start your blogging journey, you will be encouraged and at some point discouraged by the big number of page views recorded by the bloggers you admire.

The discouragement will mostly come from how you will feel working hard but raking in a few views.

To keep you going, this article teaches you how to increase your blog’s page views, increasing your earnings from the blog in the process.

The strategies you implement to improve your page views will mainly lie in your marketing plan. You need to create a unique marketing plan.

Sounds like a lot of work, but it could be all you need to send more traffic and page views to your blog.

Creating a unique marketing plan for each of your blog posts means thinking about who you wish to target when you initially promote your content on social media.

You have to think about the best way for you to ensure that your audience sees your post.

The biggest and the most important marketing plan you’ll set in motion involves content creation.

Content Creation

You have to be strategic about the kind of content you create. What we mean is that your content must meet a specific need.

Think about your audience and what they are interested in then create content that covers those needs. The content you create should be the kind that people want to share and link to.

Such content carries the following characteristics:

  • It’s evergreen. Think of content that lives or remains relevant forever.
  • Content with compelling headlines: whenever you wrote a headline for your content, ask yourself if you consider that headline kickass or not. Great content behind a bland headline will die a fast death. You might want to experiment with headlines.
  • Create viral content: even if the spike in traffic crashes your site for a few minutes, creating great viral content should be your target. Viral content is not only interesting but relevant and timely. Keep in mind that the viral nature of your content starts from the headline. Make your headline a click magnet and try as much as possible to use emotive words.
  • You might also want to create a newsletter to showcase your best posts.

SEO, Keyword Research and using the Right Keywords

Creating a marketing plan that works goes back to search engine optimization and the proper use of the right/ target keywords.

With Google search as a great way for you to grow your audience, you need to incorporate the best keywords to boost traffic to your blog and blog posts.

Keyword research should be done using keyword research tools. The top tools include Google Keyword Planner, KWFinder, SEMRush, and Moz’s Keyword Planner, among others.

Once you find the right keywords, make sure you use the keyword in the right context (your text’s), avoid keyword stuffing, and don’t put keywords ahead of a user’s experience.

Incorporation of long-tail keywords is also essential to your blog. In case you are wondering, a long-tail keyword refers to a search phrase with at least 3 keywords.

The long-tail keywords are easy to target, and if you are using PPC advertising, they are cheaper given the fact that there is little competition for the long-tail keywords.

Also on optimization is the element of linking.

You should not include too many links, although you should link to other related blogs on specific topics/ blogs within your niche.

Don’t forget to make use of SEO plugins in WordPress.

Leverage the Power of Social Media Marketing

Social media gives your content the potential to reach wider audiences, far from your small network of friends.

If you create exceptional and highly shareable content, your network will share the content with their network who will also share the content with their networks.

This creates a ripple effect, and high page views in the process.

Social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, etc. have gained billions of active users per month. So, anyone can get targeted traffic by doing social media marketing.

If you start the social media platform to promote your blog then you will get free traffic and the main thing is that you will get free brand promotion of your blog.

It means your blog name will turn into a famous brand name gradually just by promoting the blog on social media sites.

But you need to some hard work because creating a brand, not an easy task.

But your blog name becomes a brand name then you will get a long-time benefit from your blog.

So I highly recommend you to start social media sites to promote your blog. You just need to create a page on social media sites for your blog & that’s all.

Track your performance

Google Analytics lets you know about page views and other metrics.

When tracking your performance, you get insights into what people are looking at and where the views come from.

These and other details will help you create content that appeals to your audience, and you will also know where to promote your content more.

Think of Google Analytics as a tool to hunt down and reveal your audience’s hidden nest.

Lastly, technical SEO. Optimize your blog for mobile and high speeds.

Use the Google Search Console

Every webmaster using Google Search Console for their blog. If you still not using Google Search Console then it’s highly recommended to use it for your blog.

What is the Google Search Console?

To track the performance of your blog, google provided a tool that is Google Search Console.

At first, it’s named Google WMT (Webmaster Tools) But some years ago Google changed its name into Google Search Console.

Google Search Console Owned by Google LLC. So, you can show your trust in It and its data.

Why Use the Google Search Console?

To know your blog’s performance that how your blog doing on Google you need to use Google Search Console.

Below are things that you can track with the Google Search Console.

  1. Ranked keywords & pages of your blog in Google Search.
  2. The traffic comes to your blog throw Google Search.
  3. Backlinks of your blog.
  4. You can tell Google to not follow bad or low-quality backlink by using the Disavow tool in the Google Search Console.
  5. And many other things related to your blog SEO you can do with Google Search Console.

Google Search Console basically used for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

You can start using the Google Search Console to know and improve the ranking of your blog.

Use Bing WMT

Bing WMT (Webmaster Tools) works the same as the Google Search Console. Only one thing is changed here that is you can use it for Bing and Yahoo Search only.

Bing WMT owned by Bing and Yahoo Search.

So, you can use Bing WMT to get the best ranking of your blog in Bing & Yahoo Search.

How To Guaranteed Increase Page Views of Your Blog and Earn Money

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