Can You Use PPC Advertising For Your Blog to Get Instant Traffic

Can You Use PPC Advertising For Your Blog to Get Instant Traffic

Marketing is essential for the growth of your blog. While sharing the content across social media frequently boosts visibility, it might not work all the time.

To reach a wider audience, you have to diversify your marketing strategies.

One of these is Pay-Per-Click marketing.

The big issue, however, is determining whether to pay for marketing or not, how much to pay for, or whether you should stick to free marketing considering little traffic that will go to your blog soon after starting.

While starting slim is what most people opt for, you have to spend money to earn money.

If you want to monetize your blog, you have to spend money promoting it. One of the best ways of doing this is through pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

PPC is the next best thing after social media marketing and SEO as it generates leads and converts the leads into conversions fast.

SEO is an effective marketing strategy, but it’s a slow process


What is PPC?

If you are a new blogger, PPC campaigns or advertising refers to the utilization of search engines to direct more traffic to your blog, rather than getting the clicks organically.

Clicks on paid ads result in visitors directed to the blog, and in turn, you pay your advertiser a small fee.

The use of PPC is, therefore, an effective tool for earning visits to the blog, at a small fee.

How to Run a PPC Campaign

  • Creating Blog content:

This is the most important step in this process because online marketing is centered on content.

For great and converting content, you might want to evaluate the content in your niche then find ways of improving the content.

Improving existing content can be by creating in-depth articles, creating infographics or videos, adding more relevant images, creating resources, or adding unique angles.

Keep in mind that blogging has everything to do with content. The content created should connect with your audience. For the best content, target the right keywords.

  • Creating and running ads:

You can use Google AdWords or Facebook Ads.

Note that after you create content, running ads is simplified, but only if you are certain of your target audience.

You should advertise to people who are interested in your products and services.

So, set the target audience with demographics, behaviour, or age on your mind.

  • Creating opt-in forms:

You can get people to opt-in using strategies like content upgrades.

  • The conversion process:

Here, think about ways of turning visitors into customers. You could use email auto-responder sequences or webinars.

  • Selling:

Sell any affiliate product or your own product on your blog with help of PPC trafic.

The Benefits of PPC Marketing/ Advertising

  1. You know how much it will cost upfront

Before you go overdrive on monetizing your blog, you should first determine how much it will cost to run the campaigns.

You can evaluate this easily by using Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

This tool gives you a peek of what people are looking for, the frequency with which they use the words, level of competition, and how much people are willing to pay for per click.

You will also get a glimpse of the markets and niches that cost more and the ones you can afford.

  1. You get more clicks for little money

Even though most people are afraid of running PPC campaigns because of the costs involved, PPC advertising is among the cheapest ways of running ads that result in high click-through and conversion rates.

The best part is that you bring in traffic from the targeted audience monthly. In short, it won’t blow your budget.

  1. PPC targets audience outside Google

Despite being the largest search engine, Google is not the only place to showcase your ads.

PPC lets you target your audience through YouTube, Bing, and social media among other top players.

Best part, you need a few bucks.

  1. Fast and Controlled Results

As mentioned above, SEO works, but you see its results slowly.

On the other hand, PPC guarantees effects immediately you set up and run your campaign.

There’s also the fact that PPC ads are not affected by updates to Google Algorithms.

  1. Highly targeted

With PPC ads, you target your ideal customers since you can control the geographical location of the people viewing your ads.

You can also control the age group.

On the same note, PPC gives you full control over the copy, keywords, as well as the destination of your ads.

If your campaigns run successfully, you might want to grow the campaigns. You shouldn’t rush this though.

Only grow the PPC campaigns when the click-through-rates peak, your quality scores rise, and when the conversions are higher than your spending.

Unlike organic search, PPC advertising is precise. You get to use advanced targeting options. It allows you to target people according to their interest and online behaviours.

  1. It increases visibility

This strategy can help you generate more traffic to your blog due to increased visibility.

It is like a customer walking into a certain store and finding what they need on the display before they waste time going through the entire store.

In the same way, PPC advertising helps searchers notice your content easily. Paid clicks are better than organic clicks.

Though this advertising, you get additional options to help you generate quick results. To boost visibility, you can add site links, call tracking on your PPC adverts.

  1. PPC advertising boosts website traffic

By using PPC advertising, you can quickly boost website traffic. It is a strategy that can drive a lot of people to your site. People who click on your ads gain interest in what you relay through your blog.

Search traffic is also known to have a high conversion rate compared to other traffic sources. If you position your blog on search engines, you may win a lot of conversions and generate significant traffic.

As long as you keep on producing great content for your followers, this form of advertising will continue driving conversions. Feel free to hire a specialist to help you with PPC advertising.

  1. It is measurable

Apart from knowing how much money it will cost you to advertise your blog, you can easily measure the returns against what you spend on advertising.

It is easy for you to keep track of the keywords, advertisements and ad placements driving a high return. PPC advertising lets you install conversion tracking to help you gauge the number of conversions you get from your initiative.

Make use of metrics to come up with educated decisions on your ad campaign.

  1. PPC advertising can you build brand equity

As you advertise using PPC, you make more people aware of the existence of your blog. Those who are already following your content will have something to look forward to as long you continue providing them with great content.

They can even share your content with their friends. In the end, you can gain success from brand recognition.

It also leads to increased customer attribution. PPC advertising, therefore, helps you raise your touch points with the audience.

  1. It can help you remain competitive in the field

Every blogger is trying to stay afloat in the industry. Since most people have realized PPC advertising is better than the traditional forms of advertising, everybody is implementing this strategy to try and generate more traffic to their site.

If you don’t implement the same strategy as your competitors, blogging may not be productive for you. PPC advertising can help you remain competitive in the field and generate more traffic than other bloggers.

Aim at doing things a bit different to remain a unique blogger in your niche. For instance, through PPC advertising, you can use niche keywords that your opponents are missing or even run ads at different times. Your objective should be to gain the upper hand over other bloggers in the industry.

Can You Use PPC Advertising For Your Blog to Get Instant Traffic

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