How To Monetize Your Blog And Earn Money Without Google Adsense

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How To Monetize Your Blog And Earn Money Without Google Adsense

Blogging might seem like an unrealistic choice of career but starting a blog could be synonymous with starting a business.

If you’re passionate about your blog and have put in a lot of time and effort into it, you can make a decent living by channeling your passion.

Setting up and running a blog successfully cannot be achieved without establishing relationships with fellow bloggers, audience, sponsors etc.

Following are the most trusted ways to turn your  blog into a source of income:

Digital Products And Services

Rather than viewing as a monetizing tool, view it as a tool for content marketing. One of the easiest ways to earn through your blog is to offer or put up your own products and services for sales.

Selling your hand-made or manufactured products e-book or small video course and offer online training courses in your area of expertise can prove a profitable way to earn extra some money through your blog.

Blogging can also be used as a tool for content marketing to sell services of different types.

Affiliate Sales And Promotion

When bloggers start attracting and engaging enough traffic, there are some companies and brands that look for bloggers for the partnership to promote their brand and sell their products and services.

It can be done by adding referral links and special URLs which earn bloggers money when anyone clicks on it and even when someone creates an account through it.

Some companies offer programs for affiliation which are directly and independently managed and monitored through affiliate networks. Some companies even sponsor videos to promote their brand through vlogging.

On every sale with reference of the blogger, they will pay some commission. Doing a review of the sponsored product is the most effective way to promote it, including both its pros and cons.

Giving an honest review is an important ethical value of a blogger. Bloggers can also directly contact companies by connecting them with on social media platforms.

Selling Membership

Blogging can also be used to earn money by selling membership to various career blogs for students for gaining a job board access or different forums which offer personalized advice regarding their business.

To make it effective, bloggers should provide valuable content to their subscribers which they can’t get elsewhere not even for free. Provide content which is worth the price.

Build Credibility Among Viewers

It is very important for a blogger to create credibility among their viewers before monetizing their website or blogs. Monetizing will not result in favor of bloggers if they fail to generate and manage traffic on their websites and blogs.

This is not a direct method to monetize your blog but it usually helps bloggers while their focus shifts entirely from blogging to monetizing.

Creating quality content is the first step bloggers should take in building credibility because it is your readers which will help you earn money and they will not revisit your blog or website every time you write a post, you cannot make enough money. Bloggers should create content which is creative and engaging.

A discussion post engages the maximum audience.

Inclusion Of Display Ads

Although, including display ads are not the most effective and profitable option but it still helps bloggers who have relatively large followers and subscribers respectively earn decent money.

There are various official advertising programs on certain websites which creates national campaign ads for display bloggers on their website.

However, the blogger’s must meet the criteria of the traffic and content of the program.

Bloggers, generally, don’t have to do any extra work as the ad appears automatically on their website. How much money an ad would generate depends on different factors, the number of followers or subscribers and how much traffic your website can generate being the most prominent of factors.

Some advertising programs provide control over the advertising content.

Traditional Blogs

Some bloggers just choose to write on different potential topics ranging from cooking, baking, self-help to topics related to their hobbies like photography etc.

Experience bloggers advice fresh bloggers to write consistently on topics with which they are familiar with or have some expertise on and take some assistance from social media and various search engines.

The thing is to create a relationship and collaborate with fellow bloggers which eventually increase traffic on and profit from your blog.

Optimizing Advertising Strategy

Sometimes advertising might turn off readers and hence, bloggers should keep in mind the general theme of their blog and that the product or service fits with it while doing a sponsored blog post.

Photo Blogging

Attracting an audience through visual content is a great way to engage the audience. There are various blogging sites which allow bloggers to post images. It need not necessarily be imaged.

Bloggers can post text and included related images in it. The key to success for every blog is consistency. Travel blogs form a major part of photo blogging.


Video blogs allow people to share their thought, ideas, opinions or their habits through videos.

There are people who share their videos on the various topic on makeup tutorials, photography tutorials, cooking tutorials, book reviews, movie reviews etc.

Vlogging is a great source of income because brands are realizing the importance, power, and reach of Vlogs and employing vloggers to promote their products and services. Some brands even sponsor videos for promotion.

Vlogging gives more chance to engage with the audience over other blogs.

Though bloggers might get consumed in by the idea of monetizing their blogs bloggers should not forget why they started the blog in first place.

Creating content with effort and creativity that attracts an audience is the key for successful blogging whether you opt for monetizing your blog.

Bloggers should not jump at all the above-mentioned tricks of monetizing at once but rather take slow steps and communicate with other bloggers about which methods helped them to monetize their blog.

Unless bloggers experiment with their content, they will not know what their audience would like to read about. Making money through blogging is slow and tedious but it eventually pays off in the end.

How To Monetize Your Blog And Earn Money Without Google Adsense
The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

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