How to Get More Paid Reviews on Your Blog & Earn Extra Money

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How to Get More Paid Reviews on Your Blog Earn Extra Money

Reviews are important for both the business owners and customers. In the digital world where one of the marketing strategies involves the customer feedback which is given in the form of reviews.

With the interconnected digital network, it is easier for the customers to give their feedback and tell if the product or service is good enough to buy or not.

The mouth marketing is still considered an important parameter to judge the best and worst products provided by the company.

Importance of reviews

Following points will make it clear why reviews are important to make the certain business flourish and make you stand out of the crowd:

  • Majority of the people first check the reviews online before availing the service or buying the product
  • People trust online reviews and any positive reviews add to the motivation to go further with the purchase
  • Online reviews lead to an increase in sales as it directly affects the business
  • It gives a clearer picture of what the customer needs, therefore, the changes or upgrade can be made accordingly
  • Reviews create brand loyalty
  • It also influences the customers’ ability to make the right decision
  • Buyers also get additional information regarding the product by discussing aspects such as features.
  • By reviewing a certain product, you give them first-hand information regarding the usefulness of a product and where it fails.

Honest reviews are important and you can make revenue out of it by writing reviews on your blog.

The opportunity to write reviews and get paid is an easy way to get some money which also lets you gain knowledge of various services and products of companies which otherwise you might not find out on your own.

Before writing reviews you should be aware that why should someone pay you for writing reviews. You should look for the following points in a service that is ready to pay you for reviews:

  • The company or the service should focus on the honest reviews and not just writing general content
  • The service should pay fair enough for the job that you are doing
  • The business should not be entirely new and should be at least 6 months old
  • The reviews should be on certain kind of the products or brands and on just anything

A person writing reviews should be able to write quality reviews which is reliable and dependable. As the potential customer looks up to the reviews given by the previous customers, therefore, it is honest and also the entire business depends upon the reviews.

Tips to write efficient and quality paid reviews:

  • Be thorough with the product details-

The product details, company details, and their terms and conditions should be on the tips when writing paid reviews. You can even try the product to get an idea about the product.

  • One should agree on writing paid reviews if he or she has the confidence else there is no point of writing the reviews if it is not useful.
  • Make sure the product is useful for the audience. Writing paid reviews should be not written with the intention of getting paid but for the convenience of the audience.
  • Do not copy the content from the internet but also include your own opinions as well.
  • You can start your own blog where reviews on certain kind of products and you can generate revenue whenever a purchase is done through your website.
  • Understand the features of the product-

Most bloggers mention a few features when reviewing products. Such a strategy makes the review not helpful for the readers.

Before writing a review on a certain product, try to understand all the features so that you can explain to the reader why each feature is crucial. Aim at painting a clear picture for your readers through an in-depth discussion on the product features.

  • Include negative and positive reactions-

Including both the pros and cons section; you increase credibility in the readers since you give both sides. Make sure you add the pros and cons that are relevant to the reader to avoid misguiding them.

  • Be persuasive and authentic-

As you advertise a company’s product through your blog, you should be in a position to assert opinions.

While the manufacturer’s work is to create an impressive product, your job as a blogger is to give an accurate review that can generate sales. Come up with a fair and well-balanced review to make it look authentic.

  • Include a good photo-

Images can also influence a customer to buy a certain product. As you work on improving the content of the product review, add a good looking image to accompany it.

You can take different images of the product then choose the best looking ones to add in your blog. Remember to include the company’s logo if possible.

  • Give your overall opinion-

You have to be creative when it comes to giving your opinion regarding the product you are reviewing.

Feel free to rate the product once you have discussed its pros and cons to try and influence the customers to purchase the product. Include a link in the review to direct potential buyers to where they can get the product.

  • Include a compelling story-

One of the strategies that product reviews use to get a better response from readers is through story-telling.

As you review the product in your blog, feel free to start the post with a bit of a story of how the product has impacted on your life.

This not only helps your blog gain exposure but it also draws the emotions of readers.

Websites offering payment for writing reviews are a secure way to write reviews and get paid for it as well.

Some of the trustworthy and possibly the best websites to write paid reviews are as follows:

  • Software judge

It is a website which pays you to write high-quality reviews on apps and software. By far this website offers the biggest payment for writing paid reviews if you are capable of writing good and detailed reviews.

You can write up to three reviews per day but it is sufficient enough to get a sincere amount for your hard work.

  • FameBit

This website offers you the option of not just writing reviews but also video reviews. A video supporting the brand or the product on social media or YouTube makes you worthy or a payment.

  • Crowdtap

You can earn a decent amount by providing brand feedback on the products and services offered. You get rewards such as free samples and gift cards. It has worked with various well-known brands like McDonald’s, Folger’s and Neutrogena

  • Swagbucks

Earning from online reviews can be fun if you use this website which gives you more than one way of doing it. It allows you to answer questions regarding certain services and products on online surveys.

You can also sign up to be among the writers that test products first before leaving reviews. Such promotional offers can make you earn good money.

Swagbucks can also pay you for shopping online, surfing the web, playing games online and even watching online videos.

  • Inbox dollars

This website also gives you the chance to make money out of writing product reviews. In this, you have to conduct surveys and sign up for offers which make it easy to get free samples. You can also make money through referrals and online shopping.

There are many ways to earn by writing reviews online which can help to create a strong bridge between the customer and the business.

How to Get More Paid Reviews on Your Blog Earn Extra Money
The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

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