How to Write Product Review That Convert & Generate Sales

How to Write Product Review That Convert Generate Sales

Before the internet age, we restricted our buying from well-known sources only.  We pathetically accepted the same limited varieties offered by our regular stores.

We never dared to taste anything new.  Wings of our shopping freedom were tied with fear.  The reason for fear is the inability to trust unknown sellers and their new products.

But now we simply check the online product reviews and coolly order new products without checking sample.

We do not even know the seller too.

These reviews help in ordering products even across the border.  Sitting in the corner of our home we can market extensively.

Thanks to the product reviews.

What is product review?

Writing a product review is simple. Have you come across occasions you felt deep appreciation towards a product feature?

Did you feel like announcing your joy to the whole world? Got furious when you found that you had been fooled with unreliable service?

You must have felt like pointing it out and wanted to protect people like you!  If so, then product review is the best avenue to express your opinion.  Product review is nothing but your comments on a product.

Steps for writing exquisite product review:

The below steps come to your help for writing a product review:

  • Decide on which products to review:

If you are an all-rounder you can write product reviews on anything from liquid soap to the laptop.  But for writing a review on tech products like gadgets you need to be well-versed with appropriate jargons.  Those will be required to describe their specifications and compatibility.  So basically, understand the technology so that you develop a natural style of reviewing.  Learning these will also help in good presentation and further development of your writing skills.

  • Where to write:

You can write product reviews on your blog.  Besides, there are other places like shopping sites which would happily post if your reviews are great.  Decide this based on your comfort level.

  • Try:

Never write a product review without trying the product. It is not mandatory that you should buy it.  You can hire or even borrow.  Use it a few weeks and then write a review.

  • Elaborate features attractively:

A product review is capturing when you elaborate the features in a beautiful manner.  Give examples like – as smooth as silk, as posh as a luxury car.  Describe the color, texture etc.  For example, if you are reviewing a car, you can describe the plush interiors in a persuading way.  These are the areas where there is more scope for your writing skills.

  • Appreciate attractive first impression:

If the product makes a good first impression, mention the appreciation generously.

  • Describe your experience while using in an interesting way:

Describe your personal experiences of using the product like-what were your initial starting troubles, how you liked a particular option so much that it saved your time etc.  Share step-by-step photos (or) usage videos (or) unpacking videos.  These pictures make things easily understandable for the readers.  This will improve the popularity of your blog.

  • Analyze the pros and cons with justification:

This step is the most important.  The very purpose of writing review is to find out the plus and minus points of the product.  Write the positives and negatives with proper convincing reasons.  It should not be mere appreciations or criticisms for the sake of those.

  • Value for money:

Reveal price details, offers, the best place to buy etc.  Also, emphasize whether the product is worth the amount paid.

  • Other detailed information:

Your review should cover as many details about the product as possible.  You can speak about the manufacturer, the earlier version, suitable for whom, service, guarantee, warranty, accessories, extra costs etc.

  • Product comparison:

Compare the product with the earlier version, competitor products and mention unique features.  Here you can suggest alternatives.

  • Ratings:

Provide ratings to make the user understand better. Stressing the importance of ratings, management experts define “Numeric Ratings can be viewed as codified assessments on a standardized scale, sentiments expressed in the text provide more tacit, context-specific explanations of the reviewer’s feelings, experiences, and emotions about the product or service”.

  • Know the law:

Even the US government says “Read product and seller reviews from past customers and independent experts” in the law regulations related to product reviews. Understanding the law will make your function as the best reviewer.

  • Encourage feedbacks:

Encourage feedbacks for your reviews. This will make your readers get back to your blog again and again.

Always ensure that you provide Authentic information.  Be genuine and reasonable. This trick will improve traffic to your blog rapidly.

People read the most reliable source which provides correct reviews. Always use a bold and confident writing style.

Benefits of Product reviews:

The following are benefits to the seller:

  1. Your review offers him free marketing
  2. Sellers will be motivated to sell quality products
  3. Helps them know their USP
  4. They get ideas on improving their products
  5. They get the opportunity to rectify their mistakes.

The following are the benefits to customers:

  1. They get reliable information on product quality.
  2. They can learn about alternatives. Product comparison information is easily available to them.
  3. They know the suitability, pros, and cons and take the correct buying decision.

The following are the benefits to the reviewer:

  1. Product reviews give a good source of income when you post them in your blog.
  2. You can blow the whistle and protect other consumers from getting disappointed
  3. You can give your feedback, ideas, and appreciation to sellers. This will help to build a society where there are good trading practices.
  4. You can build a platform where like-minded consumers can share their thoughts.

There are few sellers and shopping sites which encourage positive reviews.  But to have a successful product review blogs, your reviews should be reliable.

That does not mean you have to spice up more criticism and write a negative review.

Such an act is punishable in countries like the US.

Whether positive or negative- provide authentic information.  Always try to give a well-balanced review on the plus and minus points.  All the above steps will help you in writing a good product review.

How to Write Product Review That Convert Generate Sales

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