How To Convert One Time Visitor Into Subscriber of Your Blog

How To Convert One Time Visitor Into Subscriber of Your Blog

Attracting blog traffic is an important factor for any blogger and it is a pretty reliable indicator that your posts are atleast interesting and keep up with the latest news.

Overall, it just states that you are on the right path of blogging. While it is pretty easy to generate blog post clicks, but what is more important is to make a one time reader revisit your blog.

The obvious and the most important factor which will play into whether a visitor would want to revisit is the content quality but that also depends on the genre or topic you prefer blogging about, along with a variety of factors.

So barring that, there are some basic steps which one can implement to attract more traffic:

Don’t be too formal:

Of course, writing articles of good quality is important and some degree of formal writing is unavoidable.

But a blog post should be interactive so that readers can feel like they are talking to someone instead of reading an essay. You can make it interactive by asking questions to the readers, putting polls and quizes, telling them to give their opinions, feedback or criticisms.

If you are having trouble understanding how to go about it- refer to YouTube v-logs to see how it is done.

Don’t ignore comments:

You will get all kinds and forms of comments- it will range from negative, positive, funny to straight up rude.

It is important to handle the good and the bad with grace.

Never get angry or rude to provoking comments. You could opt to ignore the negative comments and focus on just the positive ones if it’s that bad, but it is always better to maintain some form of balance.

This will make the readers at least think that the blog isn’t inactive, dead or run by a robot. On the contrary, it will make them regular readers.

Don’t cram the blog too much:

Keep yourself in the position of a blog visitor or reader and think what would you like a blog to be like.

Most people would like to read a blog where navigating through the articles and blog pages is easy and they can get links to the relevant articles without much hassel. So interlinking relevant articles on the blog is necessary.

A ‘clean’ and smartly interlinked interface will give your blog a good reputation.

Select offers carefully:

One of the ways to attract readership and ensure that they keep coming back or follow the blog, is through good offers which include contests, free ebooks, discounts, giveaways etc.

Make sure to always select relevant offers which go with your blog’s theme or if you are thinking of including something new in your blog, then you can use offers to promote that content. But no matter what, remember to promote it well so that readers come to know about it as soon as they enter the blog.

Don’t limit your social media options:

An average reader probably goes through a lot of blogs and news per day, so it is not possible for them to remember the name of each such site even if they did like the content.

That’s why it is important to provide various options which would allow them to subscribe and follow the blog on various social media platforms, ranging from Twitter and Facebook to Reddit and tumblr. This will allow you to cast a broader net for readership.

Apologize and re-engage:

If you have been inactive for sometime, then it is really easy for you to slip out of your reader’s radar.

In this condition, your comeback post needs to have an apology. Remember that a proper interactive blog feels something akin to a friendship to many readers, so you vanishing without so much as a peep might hurt some people’s feelings, make them worry or even angry.

So you need to win back their trust and regular readership. Pop in a survey or poll as well, so that they can give their opinions on what post they want to see next or what they would like to see included in it.

Don’t let any comeback post be boring:

Long time readers can easily turn into one time visitors if the posts get boring or if there are long gaps between posts. While every post needs to be engaging, but posts which are put up after long lengths of time need to be doubly so.

Make sure that the new articles get your readers excited for what’s going to come next. It should bring in a new surge of interest.

Don’t hide yourself:

The key to a successful blog is promotion, make sure that you are everywhere in your niche and more. If people see your blog advertised enough, then some are bound to get curious regarding the whole issue.

You can get your name out by writing guest posts for some popular blogs and if they get accepted then you could tell them that it is for a revival campaign of your blog.

Don’t let your blog look stagnant:

Here we are not talking about content, but about something more superficial. Before you venture into the painstaking task of blog promotion through writings, how about making sure that your blog looks attractive and trendy.

Keep some things in mind while updating the blog- ensure that the blog is easy to load up for the readers, the headers and fonts are fresh but not tacky and the layout is clean, smart but fashionable. Most importantly- the design must go with the blog theme.

This will make a good impression non new visitors which you will get from the guest posts.

Don’t make your blog a mess:

As we have been repeating, a clean blog aids in success. It’s accurate to assume that you can’t keep the big bombastic posts which are part of your revival strategy forever and you will need to fall back on producing or covering daily, regular content.

This will create a content overload among your readers. The best way to help them to navigate it is to name a weekly roundup post which will help all types of readers remain caught up.

Don’t forget to include links to your separate blog posts so that you get hits.

Getting a stable readership is hard work and take patience, dedication and time. But once you prove to your audience that you are dedicated towards producing and maintaining quality content then you will be able to enjoy a steady flow of readers.

How To Convert One Time Visitor Into Subscriber of Your Blog

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