How To Create High Quality Blog Articles Using Popular Blogs Polls

How To Create High Quality Blog Articles

Every blogger wants their posts to make the most out of the audience and get a good amount of traffic coming for them.

Although the good content is a must it’s not the only thing that you need to keep in mind if you want your posts to burp out profits for you.

With so much competition out there, coming up with a post that gives you an edge over the others comes as an essential.

Bringing content which is one hundred percent original and getting good traffic is a bit difficult especially if its weekly thing.

However, there are still chances of you acing your posts and come up with something that is unique and is not done by a hundred other bloggers online.

This could be more time-consuming and would undoubtedly ask for more efforts from your side, but it is possible. But before we get started, you need to make one thing clear in your mind- ‘what you want’.

The best blogs come out when you give your full attention and interest into it and that happens only when you are doing something you want to do. If you are sure of what you want, believe me, you are halfway there.

Here is a list of things you should put your focus on to get the best blog out of your mind. Let’s check it out:

Know your competition:

To crack something up, you should always know what you are dealing with. Awareness is the key here.

To provide the audience what they want, you need to have a good amount of information about it. Search online and make a list of things your competitors do that make them successful bloggers.

Once you do this, things will start to get clear in your head and you will know what your target is. Looking at other people’s work will also give you an idea of how you are going to go about your work.

You will get to know what exactly your audience demands and therefore, you could successfully cater to them.

The extras you put in:

To make a product unique doesn’t necessarily mean you will have to take a completely different topic or write completely different content.

Sometimes the approach you choose towards your article is proof enough of the uniqueness it has.

You can also squeeze in certain details that will help the audience differentiate between your article and the several other available out there.

These extra details you add in could be some results from some research, statistics, pictures, etc. They would add meaning to the point you are making and explain them better.

Articles that have images are known to have more visitors than they have otherwise. You could also add certain display features to these details that could give your article a more appealing feel.

Search unique posts and websites to get topics to write on:

If you are looking for topics that could be distinct and interesting to most of the audience, you need to start looking at the right places.

The best way to do this is by going on websites that answer or discuss these questions. At such places, you are more likely find different topics people wonder about and need answers to.

This could be a good opportunity to drive such traffic to your own posts and provide them the answers they seek.

Since these topics would be different than you have already written, they are going to take a while and efforts but they would be worth it at the end.

Share your experiences as informative posts:

When looking for informative posts online, you stumble upon so many articles that discuss just regular things but are still informative.

What they do here is use their self- experiences and put it out as posts that could be very informative.

They don’t necessarily have to be regular stuff, you can also share some interesting things that have happened to you lately or in the past and you want to talk about it.

Diversify the type of content you provide

In as much as making your readers identify with your writing style is crucial, using the same type of content can create monotony.

Readers can get bored if you keep on giving them videos in your blog.

The lack of diversity when it comes to the material you share with your audience can increase the bounce rate.

To avoid this, you need to add different types of content to keep them interested and even attract new readers.

Make sure you add some interactive materials in your blog to continue capturing their attention.

If you have been publishing regular blog posts, you could try to include video series that can engage viewers, entertain them and even educate them. The point is to welcome them to your site with fresh content and an exciting format that they will enjoy.

Increase the social shares

You can boost the quality of your articles by including sharable content to be able to reach a broad audience. Come up with content that can captivate the audience and make it easy to share on social media platforms.

You can include sharing buttons at the end of your posts so that you encourage your readers to spread the word.

Make use of a call to action statement such as urging your readers to share your articles, comment or like them. You need to earn organic social shares so that you reach more people and generate high traffic.

Highly shareable content can easily take your blog to the next level.

A useful tool can provide value to readers

Some readers search for specific things in articles. One may be looking for a quick solution to solve an existing problem.

You can help them out by including a useful tool that can simplify their life such as an interactive calculator.

With this, a reader can find quick answers to their problem, and you would be able to prove that your blog posts offer a quick and easy fix to problems.

Come up with a contextual assent which can generate precise data points for your readers. This can help you boost lead generation.

Share your original research

Article writing begins with thorough research on the topic. You can share your research alongside your written article.

Don’t be hesitant to spotlight new data in your blog article.

You can use it to make your work more engaging and interactive. You can include your insights in a proper format; your readers can learn something new and draw inspiration from your work.

Don’t forget to include authoritative sources.

Provide trustworthy content

It is crucial that you remain truthful through your entire post. Deliver accurate messages and give your readers facts.

Remember that readers can find the same information you are trying to relay from other resources online.

When your content is trustworthy you can build credibility and make people have faith in you.

If people cannot trust the information you relay in your articles, there is no way that they can stick to your site. Trustworthy content can, therefore, decrease the bounce rate and earn you loyal readers.

Bottom line:

Taking inspiration from other polls can be useful but make sure the resources you use are well researched by you so that you can get a good idea of what are you about to write. A little effort and brains can make your blog a big hit in no time.

How To Create High Quality Blog Articles

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