How to Make Your Blog As a Brand and Make It Popular

How to Make Your Blog As a Brand and Make It Popular

A brand is perhaps a very broad term in itself and has a complex notion both in online and offline world.

Apparently to delimitate the meaning of word brand, a lot of scholar’s have written scores of books and sections being dedicated to this term.

Hence, more pragmatically a brand is an entity that have overtime become a symbol of something that public regards as a provider of trust, quality and efficiency. Therefore, a brand is something that compels you to opt for it’s products or services regardless of the expense they bear.

In fact, internet has tremendously benefitted from it’s evolution and gave rise to the idea of how to turn your blog into a popular brand which is almost a novelty. Yes, it does exist and there are number of blogs that have readers of huge numbers and are treated as reliable source of information.

With the emergence of the WordPress, it all changed and it became substantially easier for people to have their own blogs and thus made the online content creation a ton easier.

Another aspect being that there is no requirement of special technical skills and the fact that software is free, it can be a handful learning curve.

But mind you just because it’s easy to own a blog doesn’t mean you have guaranteed success of making money and more importantly reaping profits.

Develop your presence:

Before you even start with your vision for the blog and design it, be very thoughtful and figure out why are you doing it in the first place and what’s your aim.

In most cases, the blogs are very niche specific that appeals to a specific audience by providing them a need or information and as well have some form of monetization to work on it as well.

It’s not about getting a million traffic on your blog which is great but without any clear focus or calls to action for monetization, it can just end up as another blog that has taken up space on this already saturated internet.

  1. One idea is using the platform to market a third party product or service by directing them to the respective link of the site. But it’s even better if you are able to turn your blog into a brand and respectable source for information and advice.
  2. To attract the audience to your brand and business, it is necessary to have a professional logo that resonates with the audience after they leave the site. Also once you have set your logo, use that to generate a great impression and following by not only posting it on the blog but also on all your media platforms with contact signatures.

Use the Existing Valued Method:

SEO which is a popular means of propagating and marketing ideas is sadly making it’s way out of the window gradually.

It is due to the fact that that people are now using more social media a, mobile phone surfing and portals. But surely there will always be searching websites but won’t likely be through the traditional search and SEO methods that we are familiar with today.

But still it is very effective in current scenario as when people search for something specific, it means they are likely to go for it. Hence the deciding factor of the order comes into action.

So basically, it’s now time to be smart enough to research through SEO trends and improve your ranking.  Constantly update your content and beware of the intensive competition in the market.

Perhaps it’s time for people to ponder upon how to make your blog into a popular brand?

Social media platforms:


  1. Social media marketing is the new trend in the market with more than 2 billion users combined on various platforms. Hence you need to master the art of addressing the audience and turning them into your customers for daily feed. As each platform is essentially different from each other, the contents presentation shall also vary along with the strategy.
  2. So in case of Instagram, the trending hashtags can really help you to increase your reach and instantly have access to millions of users. Also other platforms like Facebook and Twitter can help you market the product both visually and be able to link them to your site.

Organic Reach out:

No matter what you do, but nevertheless the organic reach is the most beneficial and perhaps the time consuming and annoying manual reach out can yield the best results and help you establish your brand with conversations around your blog.

  1. Reach out to other websites and figure out if they are willing to cross promote your blog on their platforms via mentions or mailing.
  2. Guest blogging is another method to help you rise to fame in a shorter fame via reaching out and guest writing for a famous blog or inviting people from big blogs to guest write the content. It sends across a message of reliability and authenticity.
  3. Another method is by using the broken links to your benefit. If you can spot such false links and reach out to the respective blogging team and check if they can replace it with a one that works to your site. But this can only be applicable in your specific niche.

The whole question of how to convert your blog into a popular brand remains an integral one among over 300 million bloggers out there.

Currently, the more creative you are with your presentation, the better you score. Sure content is really important but to be fair there is currently too much of it.

If you envision to be ranked on top of the Google searches, get backlinks, mentions, references and adverts, then you need to create a better content than what is already out there. People aren’t interested in text content anymore and crave for more visuals and videos.

Now it is important that you introspect through each idea listed above and try to go beyond them and implement your own smart strategy to drive more traffic and have an organic growth rather than a passive one.

How to Make Your Blog As a Brand and Make It Popular

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