How to Write High Quality Creative Articles for Your Blog Posts

How to Write High Quality Creative Articles for Your Blog Posts

The great thing about blogging is that you have your very own platform to write for.

Instead of how a professional writer is being told what to write about, you have the freedom to choose your own content.

Different kind of people will use this freedom differently.

Some will stick to the familiar topic ideas and subjects that many bloggers already write about.

But some people will rise to the occasion and use their passion for writing to write something creative and new.

If you’ve just started your blog, you probably aim to be among the latter group of people.

It’s challenging to be new, interesting, and creative but it’s far from impossible.

Today we’re going to look at some tips that can get you rolling in a creative writing mood and help you write great articles for you readers.

Writing Creative Articles

Creative writing can be a daunting task for any writer old or new.

It requires you to be able to formulate new ideas and implement them in a way that works best.

But it’s nothing something a writer will shy away from.

In fact, creative writing is one of the few things that every writer and blogger hopes to achieve.

With that in mind, we’re going to look at some of the ways you can inject some creativity into your writing.

Have a Strong Title

The first thing the reader will see won’t be your article, your introduction, or maybe even your site itself.

It’s highly likely that a lot of your readers are coming in from Google search results just by looking at your article title.

That means you have to pay extra attention to your article titles maybe even more than the actual content itself.

You want your titles to be inclusive of your subject matter but also catchy at the same time.

Using engaging sentences as your titles seem to work best for this kind of purpose.

You want your reader to feel like what they’re about to read is interesting but without giving too much of it away.

A creative article can only benefit from a creative title and it will go towards making the content more discoverable.

Experiment with New Ideas

You can find a ton of articles and posts out there that follow the same 3 or 4 formats.

Any reader will be easily tired and burnt out on these kinds of articles. It’s also likely that you yourself have grown weary of writing about the same kind of articles day in and day out.

This is why you should give yourself the opportunity to experiment with different ideas for writing new posts and articles.

Don’t be afraid to go through some of bold and daring articles ideas and trying to post them.

They’ll make you seem more unique and creative than what the majority of the bloggers out there.

Worst case scenario, you’ll find out why certain ideas don’t work, and it’ll help you in the future.

Consider Ways to Make Your Post More Reader Friendly

There’s a reason people flock to blogs and sites rather than getting their information from books and scientific journals.

Blogs are much easier to read, and it takes less effort and experience to parse the content within.

The content of your average blog can resonate better with the average reader.

But what really propels a lot of blogs forward is that their content is more reader friendly than others.

By catering more to the needs of your readers you will ensure that they can feel personally connected to your blog and its content.

You can do this by making your sentences sound like spoken conversation and add supplementing material like pictures, videos, and links to other sites.

Blend Different Writing Styles Together

Why stick to one writing style when you can have them all?

There’s a lot to be gained by going over your list of favourite writing styles and capturing their core aspects.

You can then blend them in any way you see fit and a little bit of your own flair for good measure.

This way you can create your new writing style that will unique and identifiable to you.

It’ll be your DNA and it will help your readers come to recognize your material and content.

The best thing about doing this is there’s no hard and fast rule about how you should do it.

It’s all up to how you want to integrate different styles and mix them up.

Try to Write as Cleanly as Possible

Make sure your writing avoids any of the pitfalls of many bloggers out there.

Avoid things like redundancy and repetitive phrases as possible.

Taking care to remove clichés, sentence fragments, and run on words will also improve the look and feel of your post.

You can go one step further by writing content in a way that uses effective sentences and words to convey ideas.

Avoid writing towering paragraphs just to convey a few simple ideas to your readers.

They will appreciate you treating them with a higher regard of understanding and it will generally improve your content.

Think of What Kind of Posts You Would Be Interested in Reader

A good reader will more often than not make a great writer.

Instead of looking at this through the perspective of someone that has to write something innovative, try to think more like a reader.

Consider the kind of articles and posts you would like to see.

If you’re interested in seeing a post idea that you haven’t encountered, it may be a great opportunity to start writing on that particular idea.

Step out of your shoes and get another perspective to help you further along.


Making creative articles for your readers isn’t a necessity but it can certainly boost your image while giving the readers some original content.

Hopefully by now you’re well versed on how exactly you can achieve a certain level of creativity in your articles.

How to Write High Quality Creative Articles for Your Blog Posts

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