How to Create a Trustworthy & High Authority Blog

How to Create a Trustworthy High Authority Blog

There are bloggers who earn a lot of money. And then there are bloggers who are trusted by people. If you wish to make blogging a stable career then you would have to find a spot somewhere in between.

Though earning money from blogging would ultimately be on your goal list, you will eventually get there if you build a credible rapport with your audience.

When you focus on making money you only have a handful of ways to do it. When you focus on building trust then multiple ways of making money through your blogs pop up.

If you carefully observe the currently popular influencer marketing trend, are not all those with a large count of followers or those making a lot of money through social media channels are selected as influencers.

There are some influencers who have a relatively lower count of followers but are still trusted by various businesses as the dependable channel to get to their audience.

Of course,

Increasing your followers, or in the case of blogging, the subscribers are very important. But building trust is even more important.

If you look at big businesses that have globally gained a strong spot for themselves, they focus not just on the acquisition of more and more customers but they also focus even more strongly on retaining the existing customers.

The same way, having a loyal pool of subscribers is your golden ticket to success in the blogosphere. There is many benefits of increase trustworthy and domain authority.

By increasing this things you can earn money from your blog for long time.

Businesses today find blogging as one of the best ways to build a better customer relationship. So bloggers should definitely focus on earning the trust of the people that read their blog. This trust is what motivates those people to share the blogs and bring more traffic.

For customers to find the brands they can trust and for the brands to find the target audience bloggers act as a liaison. So this bridge when between the customer segment and the brands when built on trust makes the relationship last long.

Always check and double check every little detail you post

When people have a question in the niche that your blog caters to, they should not just know that they would find their answers from your blog but also know that they would find the right answers from your blog.

This kind of confidence comes only when you keep posting only verified content.

This type of knowledge comes through experience and also through the compilation of concepts gathered and verified from multiple credible sources. Even the smallest detail you post should not be ambiguous or misleading.

Talk to your audience

Blogs have a comment section which many new bloggers often forget about. In fact, there are many new bloggers who get overwhelmed seeing the response received and the number of comments and then forget about it. If you wish to build trust through your blog start replying to comments.

Do not have a standard comment that you keep copying and pasting as a reply to every single comment in the section.

It would be no different than an annoying auto-generated response. It would also look more like a machine generated reply.

No matter how well-advanced technology is human still trust other humans better than machines. So have a personal touch in your replies.

Welcome genuine criticisms and learn to get better by drawing ideas from those critics.

Use live sessions allowed in various social media channels or run polls or find other ways to show people who you really are and this would make it easy for them to trust the blog.

A trust on a blog is basically the trust on the blogger behind it and not just the blog posts on it. So, make them aware of the name, the personality behind the blog.

Understand and eliminate the elements that are bad for your blog’s trustworthiness

These are a handful of factors that are known to create a bad impression on the first time blog visitors on your page as well as on your subscribers. Every little detail about the blog plays a role in building the trust brick by brick.

And with one single careless comment or one single mistake on your blog, a faulty detail, can bring the trust tumbling down like a game of Jenga.

Collaborate but collaborate with the right people

Collaboration is an interesting thing in the blogging domain. People judge you based on the other bloggers, social media channels, or even the businesses that collaborate with you.

So pick your collaborators wisely. When you collaborate with someone who is already popular as a trusted blogger, then the trust on your blog multiplies.

In the case of advertisements allowed on your blogs and the type of businesses, you might be endorsing on your website make sure that the products or services are in line with what you always talk about in your blogs.

You cannot endorse a soda brand or a junk food chain when you have a blog about fitness and healthcare!

Building trust is not the only concern for a blogger. There is one responsibility that comes along with this trust and that is the effort to keep up that trust. Make sure that you keep improving the quality and the credibility of the content you post.

When you start blogging, it is about you, about your passion and your skills which you showcase through your blog. But as time goes, once you have earned your audience’s trust it is all about the audience and how your blog adds value to them.

Bloggers who manage to advance in their blogging career with this sense of responsibility are those that actually manage to keep rising above all others in the same field and even the same niche in blogging.

How to Create a Trustworthy High Authority Blog

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