Getting Too Many Negative Comments? Here is Solution

Getting Too Many Negative Comments Here is Solution

When your blog starts to gain popularity, more and more people will come your way and read your blogs.

After reading the posts, the audience will have some opinion on the blog and will try to post them in the comment section.

There are chances that the public will not agree with your viewpoints and have a different approach to certain topics you cover in your post.

The comments you receive may not necessarily be positive, you are bound to have some negative and demoralizing comments down there no matter how strong and well framed the content is.

You cannot let those comments affect you, rather you can take them positively and face them smartly. Since the comments would be made public, this might get a little insulting.

Therefore dealing with them sportingly could be the best option. The comments can also come along with some bad words which could be a cherry on the top.

Taking this in a constructive way would help you in the future and improve your information for the next posts. But, there are certain ways you could handle the situation publicly and make the most out of it.

Treat the person with respect:

No matter how harsh the comment is, if your blog is on a building stage, you need to post a reply and acknowledge the comment to invite more public towards it and make commenting a comfortable thing for your post.

If a negative comment comes up, you need to reply to that with the calmest tone so that you don’t hurt anyone’s feeling and create any unwanted controversy.

To start with the reply, show some respect for the person who managed to read the entire article and commented on your post.

Though you will not agree with their opinion, you ought to consider them and treat them accordingly.

Acknowledge the point made by the commenter:

As mentioned above, you may not agree with the other person’s opinion, you need to appreciate the effort of them coming up and commenting on the post.

It would be a good idea to thank them for the comment and for reading their post. The point put forward by the other person may be different from yours but there are chances of them being correct or at least partially correct.

So before replying to them, make sure you have the required amount of knowledge about the point they are referring to so that you can make valid replies.

Try not to say anything out of context or something that might seem controversial.

Try to act as mature as possible:

Public conversations are the best places to show how mature you can be and how well can you handle the situation and yourself.

This could be a good time to show the audience your credibility and make them think twice before they could question it the next time.

But make sure you are not arrogant or rude but put your point forward in the best possible way.

There are chances of the commenter making you look worse and say some things that could be hurtful but make sure to not lose your temper and treat them with the same respect and calmness.

This could be a nice opportunity for you to show off your kindness and how peaceful you are and make the other person look like a fool in front of everyone if they try to act smart.

Discuss why the person feels this different:

Once you have treated them with respect and acknowledged their effort to comment on your post, you can ask the reason behind their different thoughts and request for a detailed insight into the issue.

You can start by putting up your point and explaining why you think it is written and give some facts that could support your disapproval.

Ask them about the facts that lead to them thinking this way.

Try to stick to the topic and not get personal at all. Even after a detailed discussion, if your thoughts don’t match, it’s better to give it a rest and move on.

Walk away but don’t ignore their comment

When someone leaves negative feedback, it is normal to get offended if the person is trying to provoke you.

To avoid overreacting, walk away from it and give yourself some time to cool off. This can help you reply to the comment without letting emotions get in the way.

It does not mean that you ignore the reader.

When you are calm enough, reply to them but first reread the comment so that you try and understand it correctly.

Do not delete the comment before giving your response because the person can take it negatively and make further outburst on your blog.

You don’t want this, do you?

Try to fit in their shoes

Not all negative comments dropped on your blog are out to provoke you. Some of them can be constructive if you try to understand where the reader is coming from.

Try to fit in their shoes as you look at their point of view.

If you can comprehend their perspective, you may be able to agree on the subject.

If further analysis proves that the person is right and you were wrong, thank the reader for correcting you and take the constructive criticism positively.

Owning up to your mistake can help you leave a good image in the eyes of other readers following the conversation.

You can learn something you did not know from positive criticism.

By changing a negative comment into a positive one, it can help you reach out to more readers and draw their attention.

If you can’t understand their point of view and have already given all the facts to support your perspective, let them be.

If you feel the need to point out their flaws, remember to do it professionally to avoid offending them.

You can agree to disagree

The comment section is designed for constructive debate. If a nasty reader uses this chance to try and make you react negatively, you can agree to disagree with them.

Make them aware that they are entitled to their personal opinion and move on to another a more productive subject.

Feel free to ask them something different regarding their view so that you can end the conversation on the contradicting topic.

If they come out aggressive and try to force you to take a step that may jeopardize your image, face them with a touch of humour but do it professionally.

Sometimes, the problem may not be you or your post

You have to realize that some of the negative comments have nothing to do with your posts. You may have great content on your post, but some people are merely malicious.

They try to release their pain, anger or frustration on others with no valid reasons. Therefore, don’t take it personally since the problem may be them and not you.

If you are sure of your facts and quality of your work, sometimes it is wise to assume that the reader is not in their best state of mind.

They could be having a lousy day; therefore, learn to forgive and avoid holding grudges.

Negative comments may come as a bummer to your blogging comments but taking them productively will take you a long way and help you deal with situations in a better way.

Getting Too Many Negative Comments Here is Solution

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