10 Best Domain Name Generator Tools: Find Ideas For Your Blog Domain

Best Domain Name Generator Tools Find Ideas For Blog Domain

We all recognize ourselves by our names. And looking back at poetry and history, names have power and value.

Today, the name you select for your business determines whether or not people remember it when recommending a product or service, or if they confuse your business with another.

It, therefore, means that you must take time to think about the right name for your business.

In today’s cyberspace, unfortunately, finding the perfect domain name for your business is rather tough given that over 1 billion websites are registered.

The name you have in mind, however ideal, might not be the one you use if someone else has taken it.

But, you shouldn’t worry about not finding the right (and unique) domain name for your business thanks to domain name suggestion tools, also called domain name generators.

The domain name suggestion tools help you come up with ideal domain names by asking you to enter at least one keyword before running a search.

And the best of these tools will ask you to enter your preferred extension giving you conclusive results.

Since you need to find a domain name that is not only short, catchy and memorable but also one that relates to the product or services your website will be about, the domain name generator/ suggestion tool could be the best invention ever made.

Whether your brainstorming phase has failed or if you don’t want to waste too much time figuring out the best name for your website, this article’s got you covered with the best domain name suggestion tools.

They include:

1. Namestation

Namestation is an excellent domain name generator tool that helps you find the best name for your website or blog. With it, you only need to enter your website’s niche followed by the keywords you wish to target.

Next, check on the little box saying “I need an available domain.” You will get results of all the available domain names for your niche.

The other interesting bit about this tool is that you can ask the Namestation community for their feedback on the selected name.

For this, create your account then run a contest. After creating your content, your community members get notified then vote on the entries they like.

You will receive a notification once you have at least ten votes.

2. DomainPuzzler

If you are looking for an advanced domain name generator that not only gives you a list of the best available domain names, but also filters its results into categories ranging from Easy, Advanced, Magic, and a Page Ranker, try DomainPuzzler.

This tool lets you input specific keywords from which it generates a list of ideas for domain names you might like.

The easy version works well if you are new in the domain name/website hosting thing.

However, if you need advanced results/ options, you could use the advanced/ magic/ page ranker options which let you filter your domain name results, check the media credibility of selected names, and you could also check the domain name’s SEO ranking.

The other interesting bit about this tool is that it lets you enter most, if not all of the keywords you have in mind, resulting in more comprehensive results, unlike other tools.

By combining the keywords, you get many domain name suggestions you could use.

3. Lean Domain Search

While this domain name generating tool looks like any other basic suggestion tool for domain names, it comes with a large variety of sorting options for the domain name results you get after entering a keyword or two.

Unlike other tools, Lean Domain Search lives up to its name by keeping the results you obtain lean and ideal, to your liking.

It comes with a huge variety of sorting options including popularity, name length, alphabetical, and you could also sort your results depending on how you want words to appear at the beginning or the end of your chosen name.

You’ll also know whether the domain name is available or not. There’s also the fact that this tool returns a long list of names you could choose from.

Whether you need a tool for brainstorming or one that will give you great domain name ideas for your website, this tool has your back.

4. Domainsbot

Domainsbot is yet another powerful suggestion tool for domain names that gives you various search options for domain names.

At first, you could search for a domain name that’s similar to that of an existing website. For this, the bot lets you enter a series of keywords or one keyword to search from.

Once you have a seed domain/ keyword in place, Domainbot will give you its first domain name suggestion list.

If dissatisfied, you could filter your search further by titrating your search to specific TLDs, synonyms, or languages.

You might like that this tool will also run searches for related expired domains, as well as third-party-owned domain names.

The pre-owned domain names selling at high prices will also be shown.

5. NameStall

NameStall represents a three-in-one solution for domain name generation. The tool works as a main domain name generator, a rhyming domain name generator, and a three-word domain name generator.

For the best results, you should consider using the three tools.

Starting with the domain name generator, enter the main/seed keyword then decide whether you wish the name to appear that beginning or at the end.

You could also enable hyphens or disable them; then you could pick a word group to complete the domain.

Choosing a word group is a pretty awesome thing that opens you up to a huge variety of customizable possibilities.

While it lets you explore a large collection of TLDs which you can register immediately, the tool comes with one limitation: you can run a maximum of 5 searches before being forced to pay a subscription fee or even use your browse incognito.

6. BustAName

The BustAName domain name suggestion tool gives two screen options one being the domain name search, the other being the domain name maker.

You might want to start with the domain maker then select the word that’s the most relevant to your niche or business.

You could then type the result into your generator before choosing your filter options.

The options include choosing the position of the keyword or determining whether you want it to look natural or not.

You also get the option of determining the number of characters you want for your domain name, while also checking the availability of the name.

7. Shopify’s Business Name Generator

A tool developed by Shopify, this domain name generator is one of the most popular domain name generating solution for e-commerce sites.

To use it, you need to enter your seed keyword then see/ pick the generated suggestions. The domain name suggestions all come with a .com extension.

So, if you find your ideal business name after running one or a few searches, you could register the name immediately (but only if you wish to build a Shopify store using the domain).

Unfortunately, this tool doesn’t show domain names with alternate extensions like .net or .org, only .com.

Also, you can only get the most out of the tool if you wish to register your domain name with a Shopify store.

8. NameBoy

If you have an idea of your domain name but still wish to find alternate TLDs or hyphenated versions of the name, try using NameBoy.

This tool is effective in the generation of domain names with various extensions, other than the standard .com.

For the results you are looking for, first, enter your seed keyword and a secondary keyword. These are the keywords you wish to combine into a domain name.

The tool gives you the option of adding hyphens or requesting rhyming of the domain names.

The only downside is that the checkout process for buying the name is regarded as ‘Unsafe’ by Google.

9. NameMesh

Would you like a versatile domain name generating tool that is not confusing?

Try NameMesh.

This is an incredible tool that gives you several domain name possibilities from one or two keywords. The best bit is that it gives results for either keyword, but you will have to go through each of the results.

NameMesh results include common results for the availability of TLDs and the hyphenated versions of your keywords.

You also get synonyms and SEO-specific results. Your other filters include Fun which modifies your keywords to create brandable domain names or Mix which provides overlapping prefixed and even suffixes.

So, as long as you don’t mind spending a lot of time sifting through potential domain names and word combination, NameMesh is ideal for you.

10. Impossibility

This tool provides a wide range of options for domain names. Once you enter a selected name, you get to choose whether you wish to have that name as the first or the last one on your domain name.

You could also opt for the drop-down menu that gives you more options including choice of 4, 5 or even six letter words (verbs, nouns or adjectives).

For more name variety, choose the Mixed Anything option.

And, there you have it – ten of the best domain name suggestion tools available.

While you might come across multiple other tools, remember that a domain name is an integral bit of your business. It should represent your brand in the best way possible.

And in your search for the best domain name, remember that the chosen name should be easy to type, catchy, memorable, with the right extension, short, not trademarked, and you should avoid hyphenated names and numbers.

Best Domain Name Generator Tools Find Ideas For Blog Domain

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