HitTail Review: Is It Best Related Keyword Suggestion Tool? Guide

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Hittail Review

Getting organic, consistent, and high–converting traffic to an existing website — whether an e-commerce shop, blog, or portfolio page — takes a lot of work.

And sometimes, failure to achieve continuous site progress often cause some bloggers and website owners to abandon their website projects just after a few years or months.

That is why if you want to avoid this fate for any of your web properties, you should begin looking into and taking advantage of long tail keywords. One such tool that can help you is a keyword research tool called HitTail.

In this article, we provide an in-depth review of HitTail and how you can incorporate it to your current content creation strategy. Read on…

What is HitTail?

HitTail is a keyword research tool that focuses on providing long tail keyword suggestions for your own site or domains.

It works by mining your existing site traffic and then providing you with specific long tails that you can write targeted content for.

To get it to work and for you to start getting site-specific keyword suggestions, you just have to link HitTail with an existing Google Search Console account.

It can also provide keyword ideas after entering a seed keyword. This feature works whether you link your Google Search Console account or not.

When to Use HitTail?

HitTail is best used by existing websites and blogs that already attract a certain amount of traffic. This way, the tool can provide more accurate keyword suggestions and keyword scores.

Remember, HitTail provides long tail keyword suggestions. And a site typically only gets long tail traffic when search engines have enough time to crawl, index, and rank your site pages.

Newer sites do not yet have this opportunity since it takes times for search engines to crawl and index your content.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that owners of newer websites and blogs may not use HitTail at all.

If you have a new website, you may utilize HitTail’s Keyword Ideas tool.

To use it, you just need to type a seed keyword/s and HitTail will generate a new set of relevant keywords that you may then target and write great content for.

How to Use HitTail?

As we have mentioned earlier, HitTail capitalizes on your site’s current long tail traffic. It parses through hundreds or thousands of keywords that your site already gets and gives you a list of the top keywords that you should target next.

Often, long tail keywords are the actual search terms that customers search for when they are more likely to buy or try out a product, service, or brand.

This means that when you write content specifically targeting these keywords, you are making your content more relevant for those buyer’s intent.

An actual content creation strategy using HitTail will involve using the tool as your first step in keyword research. Place any long tail keyword that you like to write about in the tool’s To Do List.

This way, appropriate keywords are curated and you can easily retrieve them later on.

After that, you can begin grouping long tail keywords that imply the same things.

For example, with long tail keywords like ‘freelance writer for business nearby’ and ‘business writer freelance near me’, you can write a single blog post for that and target two birds at the same time.

Then, repeat this process with all the long tail keywords that you have curated.

Pros vs Cons

Now, let us take a look at the nitty-gritty of HitTail as a keyword suggestion tool.

Find out further if HitTail is the right tool for you and your business by knowing the advantages and disadvantages (if there is one) when using the tool.

It is presented in a bullet-style format to make it easier to read for all those skimmers out there.


  • Easy to navigate:

HitTail provides a web-based dashboard that you can use and see keyword suggestions real-time.

It is divided into three main tools: the Hot Keywords Tool, the Keyword Suggestions Tool, and the To Do List tool.

The layout is clean and simple to let you focus on the long tail keywords that you need to target and create content for.

  • Updated keyword lists:

As a web-based tool, HitTail can you provide you with almost real-time and accurate keyword suggestions.

This is helpful if you want to write timely content that caters to your audience’s current needs and market trends.

  • Site-specific action plans:

HitTail gives you long tail keywords that your site already attracts. This means that any keyword suggestions it generates are tailored specifically for your blog or website.

It is like getting your very own SEO expert who only works for your benefit.

  • Makes you write more good content:

Your blog or website attracts both regular and long tail keywords because of the existing content on your site.

Therefore, the more good and relevant content you publish, the more likely will your site generate and/or rank for long tail keywords.

When this occurs, HitTail has more samples to analyze and then provide you with more targeted long tail keywords.

  • Email Alerts:

If watching your HitTail dashboard 24/7 is not something you can do, you may set up email alerts every time the tool detects new long tail keywords.

This way, you can go about all the more important stuff needed for running a successful website and a successful life. Then, you just have to plan and write new content once new relevant keywords arrive.


  • May not provide as many helpful results to new sites:

If you are using HitTail to glean keywords for a new website, you should try the Keyword Ideas tool.

The Hot Keywords feature will, of course, not work since your site has not attracted organic traffic nor have been indexed by search engines yet.

This is only a minor limitation that can easily be corrected once you know how to use the tool right.

  • You can use other free keyword research tools:

Yes, you can always use free keyword research tools. But, often, those tools do not offer as much level of personalization that HitTail does.

Also, other keyword research tools only show a few keywords or features and you will need to subscribe to the product to use all its features.

So if you are just going to pay for the actual long tail keyword mining feature, then why not shell out money for a proven tool like HitTail.

What’s in it for you?

As a blogger, online content strategist, or anyone who manages their own web property, HitTail saves you time in keyword research. You can then use this time to develop more evergreen content that will really help your audience.

In the long run, with the use of these focused long tail keywords, you will never run out of article ideas to write about.

Also, remember that you do not always have to create content in the form of articles and blog posts. You may use these keywords to create infographics, podcasts, YouTube videos, and even gifs.

The possibilities are endless now that you have a curated list of long tail keywords.

Final Thoughts

If you are still on the fence whether or not HitTail is the right tool for you and your business, you have the option to subscribe for free for a limited period of time.

And with other more expensive, download-based keyword research tools available in the market today, trying out a more affordable yet effective alternative for even a few days can help you make a more informed decision.

Maintaining a website or blog takes, perhaps, just as much work required when first launching your site. And with all the new algorithm updates that search engines employ, the need to create high-quality and targeted content has never been more important.

HitTail can help your site realize all its potential in this ever-changing online environment.

Hittail Review
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