How To Increase Google Search Crawl Rate Of Website[Tips & Methods]

How To Increase Google Search Crawl Rate

The most powerful internet tool is Google and every person in this world uses the platform to showcase their products or service online or just promote their brand through content linking whereas some tend to just do some research.

But, vividly from the perspective of a business, it is very important that Google notices your website and this is done by increasing Google crawl rate.

You have been trying over the past few times to seek the attention of the Google bots to visit your website and increase the rank of your page so that it gets highlighted but yields nothing.

If that’s the scenario, you have to come to exactly the right place. here, you will learn about Google crawl rate and some ways through which you can increase that.

So, without further ado, let us dive into the subject.

Google crawl rate – the frequent the better

Google sends bots to the websites to check for the content or the type of website or if any other changes or modifications have been made.

Internet enthusiasts believe that frequent visits and proportionate regular visits help your website to rank well in the search results.

Site crawling is considered an important aspect of SEO and if the bots are unable to crawl your websites properly, your website will not be indexed.

So, the ground rule for indexing of the website is to prepare a website which is easy for the spiders to read. A site with proper navigation helps in deep crawling which in turn enhances the index of the website.

Now, you have to understand that the search engine bots will index your website as soon as you publish a post. Within minutes of publishing, the spiders start crawling through your site.

As the access gets easy, more and more bots will find their way into your site that helps in elevating the index.

There are many ways to increase the effective site crawl rate of which some we will be discussing in the next section.

You have to remember that the only way to be included in the search engine results pages is through the search engine index.

You need to have a good crawling rate and at par for your website or blog to succeed.

Otherwise, people have to enter your URL to visit your website.

Ways to increase Google crawl rate

There are many measures that you can take in order to increase the crawl rate but we are talking of the sure ones here.

It is very important for you to know is that you can’t force the Google bots to come to your website.

It’s all about how well they are versed with your site and how important and amazing you look to them.

Now, we are not talking to upload your cool selfies but we are more concerned with the content that you publish and the website where it is placed.

Let us look at some of the ways to increase the crawl rate:

  • Adding new content to the website on a daily basis is a good idea to proceed with:

Websites that update on a regular basis have a better chance of attracting the bots and as the frequency increases, the indexing score also enhances.

Though there is a debate on how many contents you should actually write, experts have found that 3 posts per week are a good start.

Now, a generic website cannot add web pages every now and then because of many constraints. Instead, they can provide fresh content via a blog.

  • Another way to increase the Google crawl rate is by improving the website load time:

One should understand that the bots have very limited time to index any website or blog.

Moreover, there are a lot of blogs that release contents at the exact time.

If the bots have to spend much time accessing your images and post, it will not have time to check other pages and index them.

So, there is a high chance that the bots will leave your page halfway.

Therefore, you need to increase the speed of your website which can be done by having smaller pages with fewer images and graphics.

  • Including sitemaps can increase the crawl rate:

The internet is full of contents of various likes such as word, video, images, and audios.

Now, if the content requires a longer time, it will not be crawled efficiently.

Moreover, the website should be neat so that the bots can actually find their way into the latest additions. With sitemaps, a website can be crawled effectively by setting priorities.

  • Try to publish genuine content if you want the crawl rate to increase:

The far you stay from duplicating content, the better your crawl rate will be.

Copied content decreases the crawl rate as the search engines are designed to identify plagiarism.

So, try to publish original contents.

  • Interlink blog posts through outbound as well as inbound links:

If you are linking old posts with the new ones, it will automatically generate higher visibility as the Google bots can crawl deep inside your website.

  • Social Shares:

Try to get more social shares because the Google bots can help get into the quick links and a decent amount shares indicate the bots can easily crawl through them and help the new content to get indexed quickly.


There are many other ways through which you can increase the Google crawl rate that entails the technical aspects of the website and if you have a piece of good working knowledge on website building, then you can omit certain difficulties that might put the Google bots off.

Moreover, there might be times when your attempts will yield only a moderate crawl rate.

In order to increase the crawl rate, you can try link building which is a great way to invite the bots to index your website and help you appear in the Search engine results pages.

So, you know how to start and what to do with the information in the article.

How To Increase Google Search Crawl Rate

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