Why Your Guest Post Rejected By Blog Owner: How to Get Approved

How to Get Approved For Your Guest Post By Blog Owner

Blogging is not as easy as it sounds. One can write about anything and everything under the sun but to have a reader base that actually reads and appreciates your writing is completely different.

Bloggers who really want to get out there and create a name and fan base for themselves will create their own blog sites and post their content there.

However before one goes on to this step, they will sign up with other blogging services and get their first exposure and break through these service providers.

Guest Post

When it is not your own blog and you are posting on someone else’s blog, yours will be a guest post. Many writers post as guests to get their exposure to blogging without having to go through the trouble of setting up a professional blog, using SEO techniques to get readers etc.

Since this blog is already up and running, it will have a readers base and by posting here you are automatically exposed to these readers. One can gauge their own writing based on the feedback and response from these readers.

Sometimes link builders submit guest posts too. These posts carry links to their client’s pages, in order to help with the SEO of the client’s page. These contents need not necessarily be of good quality or fit into the theme of the blog. They can be random and the only aim is to get the links out there.

The Admin’s Job

Every blog will have an admin who takes care of everything in it.

It is their duty to ensure the blog functions as it was intended to and adheres to various rules of Google or other service providers.

It is also the job of the admin to keep the blog spam free, regulated and civilized when it comes to comments.

When a blog is well regulated, it will gain in name and popularity. Once it loses the structure or does not have a distinctive quality, the reader base will start declining, thus putting the blog out of business.

It is for this reason that the admin has to be careful about what posts are allowed on the blog. An admin cannot approve everything that comes his way. He will have to reject some to maintain the standards of the blog.

Rejecting Guest Posts

This is how and why guest posts are generally rejected by the blog admins:

1. Link Building

When posts are submitted only for building links, the admins generally reject it. This is because these posts mostly won’t fit the theme of the blog.

For example, if it is a fitness blog, the post might have just a line or two related to fitness, but may not be about fitness itself, like other posts.

When more such posts keep accumulating, the blog loses its credibility as readers come to realize the content in the blog is not what they are promised or are looking for.

As a result, the blog loses the ranking and slips down.

2. Offensive

When the content is offensive, the admin will reject it to avoid unnecessary attention and controversy. We may think something is not too offensive or is even funny but not everyone will look at it the same way.

This will spark an online war of comments which is not good for the blog’s reputation.

This applies to posts about religion, some recent news article that is controversial and already has debates going on about it, etc. when the post would result in more damage than value, it is generally rejected.

3. Structure/ Copied Content

When the post has no structure or is just a copy paste version of texts from various other blog posts, an admin rejects it. This is because it is not unique and will not pass Copyscape, making it a duplicate of the already existing article.

When it is recognized as a copy, Google’s ranking decreases. A number of such low rankings will eventually affect the rank of the blog itself.

4. Guidelines

Admins have guidelines for their blogs, to be followed and not ignored. When you do not follow these guidelines, your post will be rejected.

When posts stick to the guidelines, the entire blog is coherent and fits into one category. This makes it easier for readers to find what they want too.

5. Too Many Samples

When a writer wants to be part of a blog and post his content, he will be asked for samples for evaluation.

If this writer sends too many samples, chances are that the admin will not have the time to peruse through them or would randomly pick something that doesn’t match the requirements, thus leading to a rejection.

6. Style

Each blog has its own style of writing and a personality which helps it stand apart from the crowd. When your style of writing does not match the style of the blog, your post will be rejected.

An admin does this to ensure the style of writing is maintained throughout and the blog is not a mix of random posts.

7. Generic Content

An admin looks out for interesting content to post on his blog. This way, his blog will have more reader traffic and a better ranking on Google or other search engines.

When the content is too generic and has nothing interesting, it will be rejected. Unless the post adds any value to the blog, it will mostly be rejected.

Get Your Content Published

If you are a guest blogger and want your guest post to be published on the blog, here are a few tips to ensure it I not rejected:

  • Stick to the guidelines mentioned on the blog
  • Come up with an interesting topic or an interesting take on a generic topic. This way, your content will spark an interest in the admin’s mind and urge him to post it on his blog
  • Make your content look attractive and visually appealing. The admin is not going to do all this to make your content look interesting to his readers. When your post looks interesting and neat, the admin is more inclined to post it.
  • Ensure your post is relevant to the blog itself. You cannot expect a food blog to publish your post on politics.
How to Get Approved For Your Guest Post By Blog Owner

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