How to Build a Credible Blog That Can Give You Monthly Income

Full Time Pro Blogging or Part time Blogging

The internet is a vast ocean filled with so many blogs and sites that it can become hard to be noticed at first.

This is why a lot of people will employ short sighted ways to get people to visit their blogs.

And while some will successfully manage to generate a high amount of initial visitor traffic, it peters out before long.

What you’re left with is a ton of content with little to no viewer or advertiser interest.

This will almost certainly leave you feeling a lack of accomplishment with domain and hosting fees burning a hole in your pocket.

It’s an all too common problem that many bloggers face.

Thankfully, it’s an issue that’s easily resolved by employing credibility.

By applying a certain level of credibility to your blog, you can earn the trust of your visitors and ensure a consistent uptick in your monthly traffic.

We’ll be looking at some ways you can increase your blog credibility below.

Why You Should Care About Blog Credibility

You might think that the hardest part about making a blog is building it up in the first place.

But the real challenge of blogging comes from maintaining it.

A good aspect to keep in mind while doing this is consistent site traffic.

More often than not, blogs with better credibility have a higher chance of frequent traffic and hits.

There’s no real secret reason as to why this is the case.

Blogs with more credibility will gain trust from visitors who will come to the blog more often.

They will also be linked to from other sites and blogs as credible sources of information.

Even search engines like Google will place a certain importance to blogs with better credibility in their search results.

All in all, blog credibility is simply a useful asset to have in your arsenal.

How to Tell If Your Blog Is Credible

It’s not easy to be self-critical of your own work but it’s a necessary aspect when it comes to blogging.

You want to be able to tell if your blog seems credible on the surface.

Of course, no one has good credibility right from the start.

At the very least, you want to make sure that your blog has the potential to end up as a credible blog in the future.

To do this, you will have to take an outsider’s perspective into your own content.

You want to then be able to determine if you would find this blog credible if it weren’t your own.

You can get started by looking at your blog and asking yourself these questions:

  • Is my information carefully sourced?
  • Is my content properly structured and grammatically correct?
  • Do I provide accurate references from my sourced information?
  • Is my content up to date with current information?
  • Are the authors for blog’s content properly mentioned?

These are just some of the few ways you can evaluate whether your blog is credible or not. This should already give you a brief idea of where you currently stand and how you can hope to improve further.

How to Build Blog Credibility

By now you must be wondering about how you can build up your blog credibility so that your blog can attain a certain level of importance.

There are many aspects to consider when building credibility and it can often be affected by a number of reasons.

But it all boils down to a few basic characteristics that you can fine tune until you get the right formula.

Here’s how you can start to build up your blog credibility:

1. Employ a Functional Blog Design

Nobody wants to visit a poorly designed blog that’s difficult to read or navigate.

The first priority should be that your blog’s design should be functional.

Make sure that your design elements do not clutter the webpage or conflict with each other.

You also want to make sure that your links, images, and other media are properly embedded and functioning.

This will generate a good first impression towards your blog and help your blog credibility.

2. Use Proper Sources for Your Information

Whenever you’re writing facts, you want to make sure they come from a credible source.

A lot of times you’ll find information on sites that is inaccurate or manipulated to an extent.

Using these kinds of sites as your information will only hurt your blog credibility.

When you’re writing about topics, make sure you have proper resources that you can cite to.

This is especially necessary when writing about academic or scientific topics where factual information takes up a chunk of the content.

Make sure to use sources like scientific journals, peer reviewed papers, trusted websites, scholarly articles, and other reliable sources.

3. Have a Good Social Media Presence

Keeping up with social media sites is a good way to bring up your credibility.

Try to keep up to date on various social media platforms by promoting your content.

It can be a great stepping stone for your blog to take off from and you can generate a good amount of traffic.

At the same time, make sure you have proper contact info on your blog for people to reach out to you.

4. Keep Up to Date

Your blog should always be up to date with current information no matter what.

If something changes between the time you publish your blog, take the time to go back and edit it or add an editor’s note.

This will make your readers feel like they can trust you as you’re willing to make sure they have the right information.

It will also encourage other sites and blogs to regularly link to your blog from their sites.


It’s not hard to build a credible blog if you’re dedicated to it.

As long as you put in some effort and keep focused on improving your blog as much as possible, you can achieve a level of blog credibility that you can be happy with.

Full Time Pro Blogging or Part time Blogging

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