How To Start Accepting Guest Posts On Your Blog For Extra Money

How To Start Accepting Guest Posts On Your Blog For Extra Money

Blogging is a manifestation of creativity in the form of text, images, videos or a combination of all. The owner of this creativity puts a lot of efforts so that it may be liked by the patrons.

Well, it would be not good if they don’t get their pound of flesh. By this, it means every blogger wants to do marketing through their blog.

There are various techniques of doing it, among them guest posting is one of the most effective techniques. This article will present you various domains associated with this method. Starting with the basic definition and then to other aspects.

Guest posting:

It is a method of contributing a post (articles or write-ups) to the blog of another person to establish a rapport, get the exposure to interact with new audiences and get the backlinks.

You must be aware of the term SEO (search engine optimization) which governs the ranking of any content on the internet. Backlinks are part of SEO responsible for catapulting the ranking in the search engine.

So, you can say that guest posting can help you to get the backlinks. In very simple words, guest posting means you write an article for another blogger according to their requirements and in return, you get backlinks which can help you to raise your own blog ranking.

Hope you have understood it.

Things about the guest post:

  • It may allure you to get the free articles for your blog but you must be careful in doing so, as it may unknowingly tarnish your blog. There are various things to consider before you accept the guest post in the garb of a free article.
  • You have already read above that guest posting gives a chance to secure higher ranking by giving backlinks. Nowadays, it has gained momentum in establishing the decent marketing of the blog. But it may counter fire your efforts, it is not to make you scared about this technique but to make aware you to keep the standard in accepting the guest post.
  • So what may be the criteria while accepting the guest post? Well, read further to demystify it.

Criteria while accepting guest post:


  1. Refrain from accepting a request from the out of the box content, it means if your blog revolves around the fashion, then accepting a request from books related blog would not be a good choice. It would be relevant if you accept the request from the fashion blog. It may maintain the coherence in your content.
  2. If you are accepting too many links from a single domain name, then it may backfire you. So what to do? To remain at a safe side you can accept two links from a single domain.
  3. Even having a link from a varied blog is sometimes relevant as if your guest blogger is a novice or his or her blog is not trustworthy, then your links may not be seen as bad links.
  4. Also, you should not too many links using SEO anchor text as it may harm your ranking and further links may view as spam.

Length of write-up

There is needed to set up a word limit for your guest writer and it depends on the topic of your blog focus. If your blog is of a technical topic, you require approximately 500 words to convey any explanations.

Likewise, you can set up according to the topic. Moreover, it would be good if you keep 400-word limit notwithstanding of your blog topic.

Content quality

You need to ensure that the quality of the content is up to the mark and must suit your standard. Also, you must check that the content should be original and not copied from anywhere.

This you can check by using tools available on the internet.

Images Quality

Here by images quality not only means the viewing quality but also means that it should be original and there should not be any copyrighted issues related to the images.

As you cannot use all images present on the internet freely, you have to follow certain guidelines before using those image freely.

Well, you have to ensure this to maintain the reputation of your blog. There is various website which offers free images for certain purpose and also there are tools from where you can check the ownership of the images.

Presentable content

It doesn’t matter whether the content is original and free from any problems unless the article is very much presentable, well formatted, free from spelling mistakes.

Nobody likes the unkempt content written haphazardly, it’s your blog, make sure that these small mistakes don’t damage your standard.


Sometimes guest blogger deliberately fused much content about their own blog and do redundant marketing of their content.

Well, if they do in a limit then it is okay but when it crossed the limit then there is a need to raise a red flag.

What you can do is that, make sure from the beginning of your journey to avoid any such post to publish on your blog. It will save you from hijack of your blog.

Publish criteria in your blog

It would be good and will save your time if you already publish a set of criteria or rules for accepting any guest post.

This will make guest bloggers understand your needs thus you can reduce your efforts in filtering out the guest posts. Also, you can convey them the ways to submit their articles, expected a time of their waiting to get articles to publish.

At Last:

Well, these were few criteria which you can employ to ensure the quality of your blog. Apart from that, you can brainstorm and incorporate new ideas according to your needs.

Hope this article has given you an insight of the question-how you should be accepting guest posts on your blog. Just harness these ways to maintain the presence in the field of blogging.

How To Start Accepting Guest Posts On Your Blog For Extra Money

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