How To Use SEMrush for SEO to Increase Google Ranking, Traffic & Revenue

How To Use SEMrush for SEO

SEMrush is the versatile and powerful competitive intelligence tool that is designed to help webmaster to analyze a large quantity of SEO data in a simple manner.

However, bloggers and webmasters are using SEMrush for a variety of purposes. It is used today widely by bloggers and webmaster mainly for SEO purposes.

This is the tool that is designed by SEMrush.Inc and it is mainly used to do keyword research, check inbound links, keep the record of all keyword ranking, checking the competitor ranks and also to perform comprehensive SEO audit of the blogs.

With the help of SEMrush Tool, bloggers can easily identify the high rated key phrases which would prove to be beneficial for their blog posts.

This tool is also used to monitor the organic ranking of any domains and also to make use of landing URLs and to give the bloggers a depth insight of their competition.

If you are running a blog of any niche, then SEMrush Tool can be of great help when doing SEO of your blog.

Below you will come across with the tips for using SEMrush Tool for improvising the SEO of your Blog.

The Four Main Sections of SEMrush Tool

  • Keyword Analytics
  • Domain Analytics
  • Projects that check the health and visibility of the domain’s digital marketing efforts
  • My Reports that create the customized reports which merge the research from Keyword Analytics, Domain Analytics, and Project section into one deliverable PDF file.

Identifying Your Competitors

You will come across several websites online that are having contents like yours or substituting the contents that you are marketing online.

This is the type of competitions which is going on between two or more websites targeting similar audiences.

In order to become successful in such competition for the long run, you need to find the prime competitors and then identify their weakness and strengths so as to defeat them.

In such cases, SEMrush is considered to be the best tool to identify competitors.

This tool can be used to get the precise data of your competitors so that you may start working on strategies right away and leave behind your competitors.

While searching for the competitors in the market, SEMrush Tool also allows you to get access to the top ranking contents of your competitors.

You simply need t launch the “Page Section” on the SEMrush Tool and generate the competitor’s report.

This report will provide you with comprehensive details of the pages with the help of which the competitors are getting higher ranking in the SERPs.

By simply clicking on any of these pages you can easily create future estimation.

For instance, you can get data on the cost of the organic traffic, organic search traffic, a total number of keywords, backlink data and more.

Determine the Highly Ranked Keywords

The keywords that you integrate into your contents help your target audiences to find your website through search engines.

SEO and Keywords are associated directly and it plays an important role when it comes to run a successful SEO campaign. Keywords are the basics of any SEO efforts.

So, in such case, SEMrush Tool can prove to be helpful. This tool comes with a feature that is beyond useful.

The feature allows the users to review all the top ranking organic key-phrases useful for your website.

The tool also lets you identify the organic SEO strategies that can help you rank higher on SERPs.

To find the best strategies, go to the search bar of SEMrush tool and enter the domain name.

Now you need to click on the organic research and then you will be presented with a report on the list of keywords which will let you know how the website is performing in search engines.

Searching for Quality Link Building Opportunities

SEMrush Tool is not only effective for you to get the backlinks for the website, but this tool is also designed to provide the users with the competitor’s backlink.

This tool comes with the features that highlight all the new sources which would go into supporting the users to create new backlinks and the referral traffic.

This will provide you with the reports on:

  • Referring domains
  • Follow/Nofollow backlinks
  • Total number of backlinks
  • TLD Authority
  • TLD Distribution

Finding Ways to Monetize Your Site

Here monetizing your website simply means that converting all the existing traffic to a specific website to generate revenue.

Money making from any website is no longer a myth as it is possible for every successful website.

There are many website owners that are more than happy to give money to the webmasters that are diverting their web traffic to create organic results.

This can be done easily with the help of SEMrush Tool as it helps the webmasters to monetize their website.

To do this you need to follow the below steps:

  • Go for organic research and choose the competitors and simply enter the domain name
  • You will get the report with the complete list of your existing competitors
  • Now you need to choose anyone from the list
  • You are required to check for the Ads Keywords column and then click on “Common Keywords”
  • After that, you will be redirected to the Domain vs. Domain Report section where you have to set the required filter. The filter will let you return the keywords that you rank organically and the competitor is bidding for it in paid search.

This will create a report where you will come across with all the details showing you the top ranking websites with higher SERPs.

With this report, you will be able to bid with the backlinks for the keywords so as to rank higher and research on top of the paid search results.

These were some of the important things that you need to know about SEMrush Tool.

All these features of SEMrush Tool would help you to improvise the SEO of your website and blog.

How To Use SEMrush for SEO

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