How To Become A High Quality Blog Content Writer For Your Blog

How To Become A High Quality Blog Content Writer For Your Blog

Blogging is surely the hot and trending topic these days.

Browsing through the WordPress will introduce us to thousands and millions of blog posts and articles displaying a wide range of diversity and range.

These articles belong to varying field right from fashion to technical to food to love and relationships.

However, not all the blogs enjoy the same level of popularity.

Some of the blogs fade into oblivion despite having a good content.

20 Ways to Write High Quality Article

It is for this reason that we bring for you exclusive tips for you to enhance the publicity of your blog and to become a successful blog writer:

  1. Always plan your blog before actually beginning to write. A planned blog is the one that caters to all the aspects of blogging beforehand.
  2. Next, you must also focus on the content that you plan to create. The first and foremost thing is to finalize the topic you want to write about.
  3. In case you plan to write on a topic that requires more focused work and research, always make sure that it is something that you have a specialization in.
  4. A very important aspect of writing is to create content that attracts more and more audience and traffic. For this purpose, you need to work on your writing, make sure that there are no spelling mistakes and grammatical errors and also proofread your articles twice before publishing.
  5. Content is the king when it comes to blogging. Focus highly on your content and make sure that it absolutely genuine and authentic.
  6. Next in line, always use the right font and writing style. The choice of the template should also be proper so as to ensure that you have a perfectly presented article.
  7. Know your audience well. You must know the type of audience who usually visit your blog and create content accordingly.
  8. Value your readers, no matter what the number is. In the initial phases, you might not get the desired amount of traffic but that should not stop you from acknowledging your fan base.
  9. Always be consistent with your writing style. This is to say that your writing style should reflect a part of you every time. Only then the readers shall be able to connect with it.
  10. Make sure that your grammar part is always on point. This means that once you have finished writing the final draft, always read it, again and again, several times to make sure that the text is absolutely free from any mistakes.
  11. Try to divide the entire texts into paragraphs. This will help you to bind the attention of the reader from start till the end.
  12. Add catchy titles and subtitles in your texts. Always make sure to stay away from boring or monotonous titles.
  13. Stay updated with the latest trends about your topic that are prevalent in the market. For instance, if you blog about fashion, then try to incorporate tips about the latest fashion in your blog.
  14. Do not hesitate when it comes to a second opinion. Ask your friends and colleagues to review the article from the perspective of the reader.
  15. Keep your eyes open to various perspectives about a single topic. If you are adamant with your viewpoint, you might miss on the newer thoughts.
  16. Focus on enhancing the quality of the article rather than increasing the quantity. An interesting article will always be liked by the readers, no matter how short or long it is.
  17. Begin the article with a catchy line. This can be a famous quote or an anecdote of your creativity.
  18. Try to handle the criticism of your content in a constructive manner and always aim to achieve better quality content because of it.
  19. Always carry a pen and paper with your or maybe a phone to take note of the catchy ideas that cross your mind. For instance, while walking on the street, you might suddenly think about the latest street fashion within a limited.
  20. Do not try to increase the length of your article by writing it in the passive.

Thus, these were some of the interesting tips from our side to help you improve your blogging skills.

How to create content that the audience loves

As a blogger, your aim is to come up with content that resonates with the audience.

You may do all the above things we have mentioned but still not get the expected conversion rates.

Great content goes beyond using the right grammar, or including eye-catchy lines in your posts. You must make sure that you come up with shareable content so that you can engage influencers and generate traffic to your blog.

You cannot predict the level of attention that your content can get, but a knowledge-based approach can lead to massive attention.

Well written posts that are loaded with useful information can lead to the growth of your blog. As a blogger, content is your brand.

What you share with your readers can inspire them to become brand advocates.

You should, therefore, aim at building informative content and present it in a way that everyone can understand it easily.

Great content is, therefore, a combination of knowledge, promotion, and presentation.

With that in mind, let us look at some of the tactics that you can use to create content that the audience loves.

  • Monitor social media

People spend a lot of time on social media looking for products and services.

Once you have created good content, you need to share this content on social media platforms.

Listen for brand mentions on social media from time to time so that you can evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

Pick on social cues as well as weak signals.

You can use these insights to boost the quality of your content.

  • Know your customers

When you are using a blog to promote your product, you must be aware of the demographics.

You must focus on earning the interest of your customers and gaining their attention.

Try to fit in their shoes so that you can understand their needs and work towards fulfilling them.

Identify their problems and find solutions to address these issues.

Provide content that gives in-depth answers to your customers’ questions.

Experts reveal that developing effective buyer persona has a significant impact on conversion rates.

  • Conduct competitive analysis

In blogging, competition can either make or break you.

When you conduct competitive analysis, you get to determine what works and what does not.

Look at other bloggers in your niche and observe the strategies they use as they try to resonate with the audience.

From such an analysis, it is possible to predict what your readers will appreciate.

You can get a comprehensive overview of the things that work in your industry through a competitor content audit.

This helps you learn the right information that can boost your content and SEO.

Try to discover the best content to use and identify social media influencers and influential bloggers in your field.

  • Do some keyword research

Apart from keyword optimization, keyword research can help you create content that the audience will love.

Keywords often indicate readers’ thoughts as well as what people are sharing and responding to.

As you look for topics that the audience will love, choose the popular ones then try to give them a new twist as you combine ideas to make them deep.

  • Test the titles

An irresistible title can hook a lot of readers within no time.

You can use online tools to test your titles.

Make sure that you include the primary keyword so that your readers can find what they are looking for even before going through your entire content.

  • Optimize your content

After writing killer content, you should optimize it before publishing.

Teach yourself the basics of on-page SEO to learn how to optimize your content.

You should include semantic keywords in your content and add a concise Meta description.

Make use of sub-headers and include keywords and some variants in them.

Remember that not all readers have the time to go through the whole post; therefore using sub-headers can give them ideas on what your posts entail.


Include links to other useful pages that can help the readers.

This ensures that they remain on your site for long. You can also use outbound links to some of the authority sites.

Do not forget that your content is not complete without vivid images. Visual media can keep your readers interested and boost the share value of the posts.

How To Become A High Quality Blog Content Writer For Your Blog

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