How To Write SEO Optimized Content That Google & Bing Love

How To Write SEO Optimized Content

Over 90% of the web experiences usually start with search engines and hence it makes sense to say that all online businesses usually rely greatly on the likes of Google when it comes to get their brand noticed by all.

The biggest challenge that online business owners face today is when it comes to create content for their sites to attract both search engines and human audiences.

Maintaining a perfect balance between the two can be challenging and this is where webmasters usually make mistakes by tailoring words to one or the other, but not the both.

Many a times quality content is created which is capable of generating large traffic but incapable of converting the traffic and this is due to the fault of putting SEO above the audiences and readers.

So, what actually you need to do in order to create content that can keep both your audience and Google happy and pleased?

Below you will come across with few essential tips which can help create engaging content to offer the real value to readers and also to appeal the search engines to drive in more organic traffic to the website.

Searching Online for Trending Topics

Writing about the topics which are trending currently can prove to be a great way to attract both the audiences and search engines.

You are required to be mindful about the topic or subject you are going to write. You must not simply start writing about the topics that are irrelevant to the business you deal in.

For example, if you are dealing in bridal products ensure to cover topics related to brides and their wedding and if you are dealing in computer software ensure to talk about relevant topics as there is nothing to do with wedding.

Searching online for topics is the great way to find the materials that are trending these days and relevant to your website.

Topic Research can be used as it collect, sort, organizes popular search queries and Google suggestions and render you with few examples of headlines that the search engine rivals have used.

Simply provide the details of topics you want to cover and Topic Research would provide you with unlimited information and ideas to use.

With the help of the suggested headlines, related topics and questions you can create the best articles which will be resonating with the audiences.

Answering the questions of the people through your content is the best way to offer valuable service and this type of content is likely to engage the readers and also make you known as expert in the field.

This is very important when it comes to convert visitors into your prospects.

Selection of Keywords

It is necessary for you to know the keywords which you will be targeting as it helps your content to get easily noticed. About 2/3 of clicks go to one of the top 3 results in SERPs.

So, if you mange to describe the content to the point it would become easier to reach one of these places and hence you will be in the strong position to get targeted traffic.

By using the right keywords in your content you can get higher ranking.

Using long tail keywords is always effective because it is less likely to be targeted by your biggest rivals. Readers usually have specific requirements while entering the search queries.

So, using long tail keywords related to your topic or niche can help you content to rank higher and convert better.

You can make use of Google Keyword Planner to get some idea on keywords which you would be targeting for the topic.

By integrating the keywords across the content will not only increase the likelihood of your content ranking, but also drive in more organic web traffic.

Writing Good Title Tags

It is very essential for the webmasters to optimize the content for the search engines because the higher you rank on SERPs, the more clicks, engagements, likes, shares and conversions you receive.

If your targeted audience is unable to find you, then writing best copy of content is useless. So, understand the fact that SEO is just as important for your website as it is for the content of your website.

In a bid to get your page rank higher on search engines you need to spend time in creating good title tags. Title tags are referred to be the blue headlines which you usually see for websites when you type something on search box of Google.

This is quite useful for Google as it tells the search engine what the page is all about so that it will know when to display the site.

The title tags also act as the difference between the potential visitors that are clicking on sites or not because it is the only option for you to inform your audiences what they can expect to get when they click on your site link.

Title tags are what your audience will see first and click if they find it interesting.

It is necessary that it serves as a purpose and hence you need to create the tags which express what your website is all about in just 1-2 sentences.

Google would consider the keywords as clues to know what your content is all about and what search query the content is going to answer.

In order to write the best title tags, you need use the brand name to encourage people to click on the link and ensure to insert the best keywords in them.

But, you need to make sure that you insert the targeted keywords strategically in title tags naturally.

Finally, you need to keep in mind that using long form content is always effective to please both Google and the readers who are seeking comprehensive details and information on any given topic.

The length of the content plays crucial role in search engine ranking and it also enjoy more shares on social media, thereby providing more link to websites and increases the site authority.

How To Write SEO Optimized Content

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