16 Easy Methods To Drive Traffic On Your Website For Free

Methods To Drive Traffic On Blog or Website For Free

Blogs without traffic are like a car without wheels.

Both need each other to exist fully.

All a writer seek is an inspiration but do not make the mistake of confusing a blogger with a writer.

All that a blogger seek is better traffic and work towards achieving that.

Why website traffic is important

Before we look at how you can drive traffic to your site, it is crucial that we inform you why you need it in the first place. Traffic indicates business growth.

The number of people visiting your site indicates the number of opportunities you have to share your brand and build relationships with your customers.

It can help you determine how effective your marketing strategy is.

Through traffic, you get to collect insights about your target audience so that you can make proper decisions.

It can also help you improve your SEO as well as search engine credibility.

As long as more people are reading your content, you can easily generate more leads and increase conversions.

If you opened a blog to promote a particular product, driving traffic could help you earn customers who can be loyal to your brand.

Traffic on your site can help you solve the individual needs of your clients to grow your business.

It goes beyond making profits from your site. Website traffic can help you expand the product line and even open a new branch.

As you look forward to such opportunities, you should be aware that not all traffic is good.

Bad traffic can affect your business negatively.

Aim at enhancing the quality of traffic for your website so that you can raise conversion and turn readers into loyal customers.

The process to acquire more traffic

There are a number of ways to Drive Traffic On Your Website For Free and make sure your blog’s visibility is increased.

1. Drama

Everyone loves a good drama.

Try to start your blog with a metaphor that grabs the reader’s attention and then keep adding regular dramatic tones in the blog to make sure that the reader stays hooked and is entertained while reading the blog.

2. Choose mainstream topics

A good business runs on the basis of a good marketing which is based on the company’s understanding of the crowd.

Similarly, the blogger must be aware of the trends within the reader’s circle.

Then they have to carefully choose the topics that will fall under their interest.

This will make sure that the blogger is closer to the readers and therefore, will have more of them coming on your feed to read what you have written.

3. Have a solid headline

There are many tools available online to get your headlines rated.

You should always get your headlines rated to ensure if you need to change it or not.

This will help you in attracting more traffic as an interesting headline will always catch people’s attention.

Also, always try and write catchy headlines that will automatically create a curiosity in the readers.

A boring headline is a strict no-no.

4. Visual attraction

People generally start to notice a song once its video is out.

Thus, it is pretty evident that visual attraction is a greater sensor device than any other.

You must try and include as many pictures or data charts in your blog as that will make it look attractive and the viewers will stay hooked to the writing.

5. Loading time

The world has very less time to deal with a slow page that takes too long to load.

You should compress the images being used so that the overall space of the blog is not too big for it to take time to load.

Also, you will be using plug-ins but you should try avoiding them in huge numbers as that will also increase the loading time.

There are many all in one plug-in available online that could be used to make sure the reader does not have to wait for too long to get access to your content.

6. Social sharing

Make sure that you are allowing to share the blogs at their own will.

You should do it too and therefore, must frame shorter and attractive headlines that could fit in within the URL spaces of social media platforms.

7. End the blog on a high

Try and make the reader do something when they have finished reading your blog.

You can ask them to subscribe, go to some other posts on your page or have them do any other such tasks.

The main purpose is to keep them hooked and eventually turn them into subscribers.

8. Optimization

It is good to write blogs on a daily basis but you should be aware of the number of them.

Writing too less is bound to have fewer people follow you but writing excessively might also take away the traffic from your page.

Therefore, sit down and read about the optimized number of blogs that need to be written in a day or any other span of time to make sure the reader is both attracted and never irritated.

9. Socializing with bloggers

Just like any other social media platforms, try and talk to more bloggers who have been diverting the traffic towards your blog.

This will help you maintain solid backlinks while simultaneously keeping the traffic intact.

You might also get in touch with other bloggers through mutual friends.

10. Perform On-Page SEO

This is a diverse topic that includes a lot of factors which can be effective in traffic generation and increasing your ranking when it comes to search engines.

For instance, you can come up with concise Meta descriptions for your blog posts.

It appears below the URL in search results and helps a reader know what your post is about before visiting your site.

11. Get listed

You can also drive traffic to your site by getting listed in free review sites and online directories.

In this case, your profile has to link to your site.

You, therefore, have to update listings regularly and continue getting positive reviews.

Since directories have strong domain authority, getting listed in them can make it easy for you to drive traffic.

12. Make use of hashtags

Always add hashtags to the posts which promote your blog posts as well as your website pages.

This can help you extend your reach past your networks since users searching for your services or products may discover you.

13. Take advantage of landing pages

This refers to pages that are specific to what you have to offer customers.

They come in different forms such us downloading free guides, redeeming discount codes or even starting free trials.

Landing pages contain information that users require to convert.

They are specific as they focus on a particular call to action making it easy for you to drive traffic to your site.

14. Email marketing

You can also maintain contact with your customers by sending newsletters to them regularly.

Make use of email to promote offers or inform your readers about your new blog posts.

Provide them with links and useful details to pages on your site where they can find out more.

Try to moderate the emails you send to your customers because doing it too much can make them unsubscribe.

Include attractive email subject lines so that they open the emails.

15. Guest blogging

Apart from socializing with bloggers and learning from them, you can get an industry influencer to publish a post on your website. This can help you get traffic via organic search.

Once the influencer promotes the content to readers, you will have more eyes on your website.

An influencer can also help you grow by adding variety to your blog posts as well as show visitors that you have a lot to offer them.

Feel free to participate in someone else’s blog.

By publishing a post on someone else’s website and linking it back to your site, you can gain a broader audience.

Ensure that you deliver relevant content to the audience

16. Learn from Google analytics

You can gain a lot of useful insights from Google analytics to drive traffic to your site.

Check your site analytics regularly to evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

You can identify the strategies working in your favour and make changes where necessary.

Drive Traffic On Your Website For Free are many but what you need to is educate yourself with them for you to enjoy a good readership.

Methods To Drive Traffic On Blog or Website For Free

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