Prepare For These Things Before Start Full Time Blogging As Career

Prepare For These Things Before Start Full Time Blogging As Career

Tired of your regular 9 to 5 jobs?

Or are you not satisfied with the kind of job you are doing?

Do you love inspiring people and writing about the things that you love?

Well, if you fall in any of these categories, blogging is the thing for you. You don’t have to listen to anyone else who tells you what to do. You do your own work.

You help a lot of people by secretly inspiring them through your blogs. And… you get to travel a lot! Isn’t it amazing?

You might find people who have left their high paying and secure job to turn into a full-time blogger. But believe me, it’s not an easy job.

With the kind of competition in today’s world, you’ll have to plan it all out and execute it in a way that it reaches the maximum number of people.

And it’s not a one-night job.

So, if you are planning to leave your office job and do what you are passionate about- i.e. blogging- this article is just for you!

It’ll guide you through how to make your own blog and how to run it successfully.

Step 1: Create a plan

If you have planned to leave your job and be a full-time blogger, it is really important to plan it all out. You’ll have to think about a few things like

  • How you’ll start making money from your blog
  • How to grow your blog continuously?
  • How much base capital you need in order to quit your job?
  • How many funds will you save in case of emergencies?

There are many other things that might be important for planning to be a full-time blogger but this is the crux of it.

Step 2: What are you going to blog about?

You might find it very hard to come onto a single genre about which you want to write a blog.

My suggestion to you is writing about something that you are passionate about or something that you know a lot about.

This way, you’ll have fun blogging instead of seeing it as a chore. You can write your blog on any topic that you find interesting and intriguing and that you think your readers will find interesting.

The list is infinite but here is a small list of topic that might help you think about what to write.

  • Lifestyle
  • Finance
  • Health and Fitness
  • Food
  • Travel
  • Photography
  • Films
  • Culture
  • Relationships

Step 3: Starting the blog

Starting a blog is free, or easily affordable. You don’t need any special set of social skills to start a blog.

All you have to do is visit a website that offers a domain name for as less as $2 per month (WordPress and

The amount of people that’ll read your blog is very much related to what you’ll write and the quality of it.

It is very necessary that your content provokes your audience and keep it wanting for more so they come back and read your next blog.

Some steps to make sure this happens are:

  • Write about things that you believe others will enjoy reading about.
  • The content needs to be research-based as people will eventually rely and trust on what you write and as a blogger, it is your duty not to break that trust.
  • Your content should be engaging and well written so the audience keeps coming back for more.
  • Develop a writing style that is different from others. This will help you distinguish yourself from other writers in the market.
  • Check, recheck and edit your content. Editing is very important as grammatical errors are very irritating for the audience.

Step 4: Monetize your blog

It is the most obvious part that if you want to sustain as a full-time blogger, you’d need money.

Monetizing your blog helps you get that money. Ways to monetize your blog are-

  • Display paid advertisements
  • Marketing through affiliations
  • Blog sponsorship
  • Creating your own side product

Step 5: Increase the number of page views

More money will come only when you increase your average number of readers.

Given below are some steps that might help you gain more readers-

  • Be active on Pinterest and other social media platforms
  • Post regularly
  • Guest posts
  • Having a catchy headline
  • Sharing your posts on social media
  • Readability of the content should remain intact

You know all the basics of creating and running your own blog now.

All you have to now is follow these steps and Be Your Own Boss.

Step 6: Some Money to Invest

To start your own blog as a beginner you don’t need to have too much money to start and run Blog. But you still need to have some low amount of money to invest in purchase and setup of Domain & Web Hosting.

Don’t worry too much about this investment. You don’t need to have too much money to invest in Domain & Web Hosting purchase.

You will need to pay only 10$ for domain name & something like 30$-40$ for a one-year hosting account.

Some people as beginner planning to use free web hosting. But at free web hosting, you face too many problems.

So here we suggest you do not use free web hosting for your website or blog.

Step 7: Some Time to Invest

Do you think after starting a blog you get traffic asap?

Then you are totally wrong. The one main point to remember in blogging that success does not come overnight.

You need to spend some time for your blog Because newly created blogs take some time to start ranking in search engines & getting organic traffic.

Step 8: Get Ready for Hard Work

Do you think blogging is easy?

Yes, blogging is very easy. You can easily start your blog by buying a domain and set up a hosting account. Your blog is ready.

Sounds easy?

Yes, it’s easy. But to achieve success in blogging is hard.

This is not true that you just wrote one post and start receiving traffic.

You really need some hard work to get success in your blogging career.

So, get ready for hard work before you start your blogging career.

Prepare For These Things Before Start Full Time Blogging As Career

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