What is The Best Time to Send Emails For Email Marketing Campaign?

Best time to send email for email marketing

What is an email newsletter?

An email newsletter, also known as a newsletter in simpler terms is a printed report that contains information on the various business activities of the organization that is sent in the form of emails regularly to the subscribers, members, customers, employees and other people associated with the brand.

These newsletters contain about topics of interest that can gain the attention of the receivers and would hence fuel up the basic purpose of brand promotion via the online method.

Since it is a part of the promotional feature, hence it is highly likely that the newsletter can go into spams if not written properly or sent at inappropriate timings.

This article speaks in detail on What is the Best Time to Send Email NewsLetter and how can this be used for effective marketing purposes of the brand.

Why is the timing important for an email newsletter?

Sending of emails or email newsletters at the perfect timings is of utmost importance because this factor highly decides if the mail would indeed be read by the targeted recipients or not and if it does not go into the spam or junk folders of the email ids.

Since the business emails and newsletters target the groups of people who have different sets of timings and different reading habits, hence it is equally important to tune the timing of the sending such that all of the recipients can read them as per their convenient timings and hence the basic goal of marketing can be achieved.

A number of studies have been conducted to find out the optimal time, which is in turn dependent on a number of other factors, like demographic factors, sociological factors, time zones, subscriber distribution on the global level etc.

The upcoming content mentions some of those best timings.

Some of the general timings

The following lists down some of the general timings that are considered to be ideal while choosing for sending of the email newsletters: –

  1. While choosing between the daytime and night-time, it is pretty obvious that the former should be considered, because it is the ideal time when nearly all of the people stay active and hence the business group has a higher chance of getting this read by the subscribers easily.
  2. One must avoid sending an email on Mondays or weekends because in the latter case, they do not remain active on those days and hence it results in piling up of a number of unread conversations in the inboxes. In the case of the former, since they would be returning after a weekend, so they would not be having any patience to read those conversations and the only thing that can be done by them is to delete all of those even without reading to free up their space.
  3. While sending some newsletters pertaining to some events, it is better to send them out much in advance prior to the event rather than waiting for the end moment. It is because there would be some emails that get opened 2-3 days after actually being sent and hence in this manner, the safety factor is taken into consideration for keeping a track on how many subscribers did actually open up that conversation.
  4. According to certain statistics, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are the days that are considered to be ideal for sending the various email campaigns like email newsletters. These are the days when all of the users generally stay active day long and hence can read the messages at the desired timings.
  5. Even mid-day mails during the above mentioned weekdays would work out to be an efficient strategy in having a good marketing strategy.
  6. In this age of mobiles, crafting a mobile-friendly response would be more suitable because with more and more number of users checking their emails via mobiles, it could increase the chances of these newsletters getting opened up even during the odd timings and hence one can turn the tides to reach the required viewership even during the odd timings.

Timings not to be preferred

The following are the timings that should be avoided for sending of the email newsletters so as to reduce the risks of not being opened or even ending up into the spam folders: –

  1. Weekends or Mondays when one would generally stay inactive and would try the best possible means to avoid those unread piles
  2. The peak hours of the weekdays where even the business competitors would fight for sending their emails In such cases, keeping a track of the competitors’ email timings is a must so as to get a proper idea of their timings and hence tune up your sending times accordingly.
  3. Early mornings of the weekdays, when the users would hardly be active and hence would have the higher chances of the emails getting into the unread piles.

Some of the best strategies to adopt

After learning about Which is the Best Time to Send Email NewsLetter it is equally important to devise strategies such that the goal of maximum viewership is achieved. The following are some of the tactics to achieve the same: –

  1. Signing up the email with a perfect calendar app or website like Google Calendar, such that the timings of the mail sending can be synchronised and eventually the ideal timing for receiving of the emails be reached.
  2. Going for platforms like CoSchedule where all of the timings can be organized by the built-in AI of the forum. This includes linking up of the email with the perfect marketing forum, writing of the perfect subject lines such that it can garner the attention of the subscribers and proper sampling of the statistics obtained to determine the preferred timings.
  3. Referring to the various data science websites where one can find a number of articles based on email timings to indeed understand the basics and hence plan out the email sending process accordingly.
  4. Crafting of the newsletter as per some standard templates so as to prevent them from getting marked as spam by the filters.
Best time to send email for email marketing

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