How To Get Tons of Targeted Email List of Users To Increase Your Subscriber

increase email subscribers

Creating an e-mail list for your business is an essential component of e-mail marketing. According to the hierarchal classification of digital marketing solution, e-mail marketing is a vital requirement if you need to build an active customer base.

It is also known as rebound marketing where your customer primarily shows interest in your products and/or services and you take on the opportunity to acquire their e-mail address, name, and telephone number which is later on used as a promotion tool for your organization.

The most important reasons for doing so are the conversion of prospects into customers and retain the existing customers. The two reasons drive the market share for a firm.

But, as a blogger, many forget at times that it is not only the quantum of e-mail subscribers that adds to the value of an organization.

It is all about getting a targeted e-mail list which provides you with quality aspects like repeat purchases in case of products and/or services and repeats visits in case of blogging.

Now, e-mail marketing has some major benefits and if you own an online business, you should definitely take a look at the pros.

Benefits of targeted e-mail list

A targeted e-mail list would mean that you have narrowed down your customer base towards quality than quantity. Now, you are going to handle less data as compared to your huge database.

If you find it useful, this targeted list is also known as the sample of your customer population. With the rise of data analytics and web analytics software, small data helps you to find the characteristics of the population.

This is beneficial when you want to bring a change in your business model and want to know whether the process would be appreciated.

It also helps you to track down your true customer and serve them well. After all, what is the point in having a customer who is not interested in your content or stuff?

Creating a bulk e-mail list and building on to the customer base might allow you gain customers at the frontline but there is a high probability that they do not have any affinity towards your product or content but wanted to gather information for the time being only.

This shifts the consumer preference index that you have set for yourself and expect more while you are driven by cloaked customers.

Another aspect of having a targeted e-mail list is to manage your expenses.

Digital marketing might seem to incur very low expenses for your firm. Indeed, it reduces your costs to a great extent as the overheads are pretty low. But for any system to be effective, there is a price.

As e-mail marketing is quite effective, the price associated with it is related to your digital advertisements cost, analytics costs, time cost, and server data handling costs.

Creating a targeted e-mail list helps in reducing the mentioned costs.

So, it is time for your online business to make profits by cutting the expenses and building a targeted e-mail list of subscribers.

Tools to build a targeted e-mail list

E-mail marketing works best with interested people subscribing to your e-mail newsletter. If you want your online business to thrive and cater to the interested subscribers, then you have to mold the business according to the needs.

Thanks to the fluidity of online applications, you can now create a targeted e-mail list with the following tools.

  • Auto-responder system is an automated system available on the internet for free that can help you to build your own list without any hassle.

It is an effective way. Some of the auto-responder systems like Aweber and ConvertKit have advanced features like segmentation and automation which will help you to determine which segment of the consumer triad is really interested.

One of the key elements of this system is that customers can fill in their e-mail to download e-books and receive free offers.

So, the auto-responder system not only helps you to build an effective target list but also helps you to promote your business.

  • Try avoiding bringing people directly to the link where they are bound to opt-in for information.

A better way is to create a landing page and squeeze the link to the page. It is also known as squeeze page technique. Directly sending the people to your opt-in page may turn them out even if your reports are great.

This is so because you are directly asking for call-to-action. You need to let them ease through it.

As people visit your page, they will get a proper overview of what you are selling on the platform and if they are interested, they can opt-in to receive e-mail newsletter which will actually help your online business to thrive than scaling the expenses up.

A simple trick is to use a sidebar on the landing page in a squeeze window.

There are numerous websites floating on the internet and your page might go unnoticed among them. So, what can you do?

One spends a huge amount of your investment into Google Adwords and Facebook Ads and the other is to invest a decent sum of money in forum marketing.

Forum marketing is preferred better due to its low cost and high engagement format. You can directly interact with your customers and drive them towards your squeeze page.

The major step in forum marketing is to find a high ranking forum according to your niche and start with some good post threads.

You need to be proactive in answering any query or sharing information but first; you have to create a profile which will be cleared by the forum moderator.


Now there is no hard and fast rule as to which strategy you should only use. You can also devise a new strategy to build a targeted e-mail list for your online business.

However, these are the three steps that have yielded some major results and helped many organizations thrive.

It is an effective way to acquire quality traffic towards your online business and increase subscribers.

increase email subscribers

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