How to Increase Your Email Subscribers List – The Ultimate Guide

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how to increase email subscriber

An email list, that collection of email addresses created through engagement with customers in your lead-generation campaigns – is what you need to string leads along before converting them to sales.

With established leads and a little bit of cajoling, you will have a complete client list. This is an incredible lead conversion solution for your business. Also, email is a necessity; it is direct and highly customizable.

The big question, however, is this: how do you get started?

How do you get people to subscribe to your emails? How do you ensure that you are getting quality leads on email subscriber list?

And with your email database degrading at about 22 percent annually, how do you keep it relevant annually?

What do you need to do to bring in 5000 new, active, and relevant/ converting subscribers today?

Here’s how:

1. Use incentives

People want to know what is in it for them. If you include the details of a sale or an offer on the email/ newsletter email sign up prompt, reports that the chances of attracting signups increase by up to 60 percent. That incentive is a lead magnet, an ethical bribe.

So, ask people to sign up to get something in turn. You will get more subscribers if you promise a coupon, discount or a chance to win something for free.

2. Create top-notch content

If you want serious subscribers on your email subscriber list, the content on your blog or website should be cutting edge.

You need to create the “I want to read or see more of this” feeling. The only and the best way for you to do this is as simple as publishing content worth a visitor’s time.

Also, great content will keep visitors from wanting to unsubscribe from your email list, and they will always forward your emails to their network, expanding your email list.

Remember that if your content is entertaining enough, your subscribers will look forward to them.

3. Let your subscribers forward and share your emails

Not everyone will learn about your products or services, blog or website by looking you up.

But, you can rely on your existing visitors and subscribers to generate more leads for you. For this to happen, you should include a social sharing button on your blog. An Email to Friend button is also invaluable.

Social sharing boosts your visibility to your subscribers’ networks and the networks of their friends and acquaintances.

The incorporation of a Subscribe button at the end of your emails is an incredible way of earning more subscribers because of the easy opt-in.

4. Reconsider the placement of your signup form

Should the signup form be on the top of your website’s sidebar, after a post, placed as a footer, a top header or a pop-up box?

Well, all these locations work. But the optimal placement will vary depending on your audience, the site design, and the industry. Running A/B tests for different placements will help you determine what works for you, and what doesn’t.

To tap into the more serious web visitors, you should use opt-in forms at the end of your articles.

A reader who gets to the end of an article is primed – you caught their attention from the headline to the conclusion. They probably like you and your content. Take advantage of this likeability and ask them to subscribe to your newsletter/ mailing list.

Also, while avoiding to look spammy, you could try different sign-up options.

5. Keep the signup process for the email newsletter short

Though you are tempted to ask for names and addresses, perhaps for the database, it turns people off. And speaking from experience, there is a higher chance of someone signing up to your email newsletter if the only thing you ask of them is their email address.

6. Offer an email educational course (multi-part)

People are always looking for resources online. If you offer a multi-part online course by asking people to sign up to your emails, you will increase the chances of building an email subscriber list fast.

7. Content Locking – Give a sneak peek

Say you are offering content on a high-demand subject, don’t you think that people will sign up faster if you introduce some of the content then leave them hanging?

We all hate being left hanging onto words or reading incomplete stepwise guides. Tap into that. The best way of doing this would be to ask people to leave their email addresses for them to read download the locked content. This strategy is common with top magazines and bloggers.

8. Use an exit-intent pop-up

No one likes popups and studies show that more than 70 percent of people leaving a website or blog never return. Why not convert these bouncing users into subscribers?

Even if they never return, letting a visitor go through your website or blog peacefully and asking them to sign up for your newsletter on their way out is an effective way of getting those 5000 subscribers in days.

This is called the Exit-Intent Technology, and it detects a web visitor’s behavior, prompting them with opt-in forms before they leave the site.

9. 2-Step opt-ins

Here, you need to play in human psychology. Humans have an inherent need to finish what they’ve started. So, once they click a link to specific content, prompt them to sign up.

But, there is a catch here: you have to make sure that your content is enticing enough and worth the second leap.

10. Color Psychology

Successful marketers know that color plays a significant role in decision making. For example, blue signifies trust, red means urgency and green means relaxation.

By understanding what each color means and its effects, you’ll use the right color on the subscribe button, increasing your email list. Make sure the color you choose stands out from all the colors on your website.

11. Instant offers to first-time subscribers

If you run an e-commerce site, introduce an instant offer to all your first-time subscribers. This will build your email list.

Other solutions include:

  • Hosting webinars and using webinar signup forms
  • Display testimonials prominently
  • Eliminate distractions
  • Share the campaigns, everywhere, and frequently.
  • Include hyperlinked end cards to your YouTube Channel.
how to increase email subscriber
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