What is the Benefits of Newsletter on Your Blog

What is the Benefits of Newsletter on Your Blog

Some might say that the use of newsletters is so 2005, but if you want to succeed in email marketing, especially if you wish to get more subscribers and top fans on your blog, then you have to beautifully, deliberately, incessantly use email newsletters.

The use of email newsletters is and will always be the biggest, most effective email marketing strategies, not only to bloggers but to e-commerce sites, and corporate websites.

And in spite of the changes seen in the internet and digital marketing field, email marketing translates to as high as 40X higher rate of email acquisition, a rate that is inexplicably higher than the customer acquisition rate recorded from the use of Facebook and Twitter, the leading social media sites.

There’s also the fact that emails are 5 times more likely to be seen than social media posts. So, sending email newsletters, especially to a highly segmented audience will result in higher success rates for your marketing strategy.

The catch, however, lies in creating content that adds value to your newsletter – it is one thing to prepare and send several newsletters that are not read, but it another to send a defined, valuable, useful, and catchy newsletter.

Your subscribers should fall in love and inspired to share your newsletters.

And even though the best of us have to deal with the writer’s block from time to time, this article also outlines some of the things you could do to create worthy newsletters. The benefits will come once you master these email newsletter content creation strategies.

Repurposing legacy content

Writer’s block will have nothing on you when you can refine, update and re-share your legacy content – your old but high-performing blog posts. Repurposing is a great source of great content, it saves time, inspires more great content, and above all, it drives traffic to the blog.

But, owning great/ legacy content is not an easy thing which is why you should consider making all your blog posts evergreen and insensitive to time. All you have to do to old content is to spice things up and remove the irrelevant bits.

Acknowledge your loyal customers and readers

Want to sound relatable, real, and one of us?

Feature your loyal customers and readers in your blog. This is as simple as sharing their stories and experiences. Something along the lines of what your readers are doing after learning from you could be all you need to snag new customers/ subscribers.

When others share that your strategy works, you will most likely attract more customers.

Run an interview (series) on the industry’s thought leaders

Unsure about what to write about next?

Channel your inner journalist and entertain an industry thought leader – it is engaging, entertaining, and educative: everything your audience needs.

Now, the first interview will be intimidating but, that could be all you need to run a series of interviews quarterly, monthly or weekly.

All you have to do is to conduct engaging and stimulating interviews. You could turn the interviews into podcasts or YouTube videos.

Powerful lead magnets – give exclusive offers

Boosting your email marketing strategy is as simple as offering a powerful lead magnet, an incentive in the form of an exclusive offer to subscribers to your blog or new subscribers.

Try giving sneak peeks of your newsletter, exclusive freebies, or coupons to promote your products.

What happens when you employ the strategies above to your email marketing strategy?

  1. You will receive quality leads

We’ve said, and it’s been said that email marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies. But, how effective are we talking?

Well, email marketing promises to bring your ways up to 20 percent of direct qualified leads – email nurtures these leads with the great content you create.

The high number of qualified leads also results from the aspect of opt-in and opt-out options for newsletters. An interested party will opt-in because they want something from your blog.

If after sending 5 or more subsequent newsletters the person still reads your emails and even comments on your blog or replies to your email, it means that you have a qualified lead.

The opting out option means you only have viable subscribers.

  1. It’s a preferred means of communication

You don’t have to an introvert to prefer email to phone calls, especially when you don’t need lengthy clarifications.

And with the latest from 20 percent of direct qualified leads showing a projected 1.9billion email users worldwide by 2019, it means that your chances of success for the use of email newsletters is significant, as long as you stick to the email marketing ideas shared above.

There is also the aspect of 93 percent of all internet users acknowledging their preference for brand communications via email other than social media – spells email newsletters to us!

  1. Easy way to brand yourself as a thought leader

If you are into blogging to be like other bloggers, and not to be a thought leader, the reference point, or the blog brand people will look up to, perhaps it’s time you reconsidered your blogging decision.

But if these are your dreams, then you should make email marketing and the use of email newsletters your best friend.

  1. Email Newsletters Make You Unforgettable

Sending newsletters via email to your subscribers, and with people receiving email notifications on their smartphones all the time, a subscriber will not forget about you easily, unless they unsubscribe from your newsletters.

Being unforgettable translates to brand recognition and potentially high sales.

  1. Means to product/ services promotion

If you’re going to let people about your new blog post, a new recipe you’ve shared, a video you published on your YouTube channel, or the fact that you are releasing a new product soon, use email newsletters. You could also use it to advertise that exclusive offer.

Doing this will immediately increase the traffic directed to your blog. So, in as much as social media is pegged as a good conversion tool, nothing beats email.

Let’s not forget about the tracking of email metrics – you can see you email open rates, unsubscribes, and click-through rates, as well as track emails to see when they are opened or when they remain unopened, thereby booting up your email remarketing strategies.

Need more conviction?

Email newsletters are inexpensive, you can preschedule them, and because of the personalization, you can build and maintain positive relationships with your readers. Finally, it is an incredible tool for reputation management.

What is the Benefits of Newsletter on Your Blog

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