Aweber Alternatives Dec 2023: The Best Alternatives for Email Marketing

aweber alternatives

Email marketing is easily the most interactive and high-performance digital marketing strategy. The use of email is nowhere close to dead, millennials use it, and there are more than 3.8billion active email users worldwide.

There is also the fact that email marketing performs better than social media marketing by driving more traffic, generating more qualified leads, converting more leads to customers, and by being the cheapest unregulated marketing channel.

Therefore, it makes sense to invest in email marketing.

For all these benefits, you need a subscriber email list made possible by autoresponder systems and tools.

One of these systems is Aweber.

Aweber is one of the simple email marketing and email autoresponder tools in the digital marketing scene

It is effective in building email lists thanks to Aweber’s opt-in forms, and then it sends out automated emails to all the email addresses in your subscribers’ list.

As a result of its simple and intuitive approach and effectiveness, it is highly recommended for use by small businesses, as well as bloggers who are getting started in email marketing.

Features of Aweber

This autoresponder is integrated with Outlook, Salesforce, Gmail, SugarCRM, Zapier, Microsoft Dynamics and at least one thousand other integrations.

It allows tracking of web activities, lead segmentation, the creation of invoices, running of split tests, and it also gives sales reports. Aweber features a mobile app and a social CRM.

And with at least 700 templates and the simple email automation process (drag-and-drop editor), Aweber is a favorite to many.

Unfortunately, it lacks several integrations and features present on other autoresponders, users face issues when moving between the lists, and the unsubscribers remain in the subscriber count.

Therefore, it might not be the ideal autoresponder for everyone.

And, this is where we look at Aweber’s best alternatives.

1. MailChimp

Billions of emails are exchanged worldwide on a daily basis. Tapping into a small percentage of the population increases your chances of increasing your ROI, and MailChimp could help you do that.

MailChimp is an established and go-to autoresponder service for online stores and e-commerce sites tapping into email marketing.

Reasons for its popularity include its simplified sign up process, the clean and intuitive user interface, as well as the efficacy of the system. MailChimp allows you to run various types of campaigns like the regular, RSS, A/B tests, and plain text campaigns.

Its built-in marketing automation system and the opt-in forms help you create a series of targeted emails to your subscribers. The emails are based on their behavior and overall interaction/ engagement with the brand.

You might also like it because it integrates well with several tools like Google Analytics, Freshbooks, Hootsuite, Joomla, as well as Eventbrite.

You can use the Free MailChimp version for an unlimited period as long as you keep your email list below 2000 email addresses and the sent emails below 12,000.

2. EasySendy

A cloud-based email marketing solution, EasySendy offers highly targeted and advanced email marketing options.

While this tool has several features that overlap with those of Aweber, it is superior. Its top features include:

On-Exit and the On-Scroll Popup forms

These forms are beautifully designed, and they allow customization – an easy drag-and-drop process. You get access to more than 200 templates of forms to choose from with inline and reCaptcha forms available.

The best bit is that you could embed the forms in any location on your website. It also comes with a social subscription option.

The new subscribers to your website who use the popup forms are added to the email database instantly.

The other attractive feature of Easy Sendy is its behavior-based automation system of email marketing. All the contacts collected are segmented based on the subscriber’s behavior.

This tool also allows behavior-based email followup automation, list management, the launching of geo-tagged campaigns, as well as event-based campaigns. On top of all that, you can also run re-engagement campaigns for the subscribers who didn’t engage with the first emails or the ones who became dormant.

Also, you get to track the performance of your campaigns in terms of their relevance and level of targeting.

EasySendy also comes with advanced email delivery features, and it gives detailed and password-protected campaign reports. You might also like that this tool has ad integrations to Google AdWords and Facebook, as well as landing pages’ integrations.

It’s free for your first 1000 subscribers, and you pay $24 monthly for subscribers more than 1000.

3. MailerLite

This email marketing tool has risen to popularity for several reasons, but the top reason for its popularity is its easy-drag-and-drop editor. It’s also affordable, easy to use and it works. Its top features include:

Highly responsive design thanks to its simple interface, across devices. You can create different types of the newsletter with ease.

It also offers a large client variety whether your target customers use Apple Mail, Gmail or Outlook. MailerLite  syncs with several mailing mediums easily.

It has an email campaign tracker which measures and easily analyzes your email marketing metrics like link activities, bounces, clicks, spam complaints, and unsubscribes.

You might also like the fact that it allows you to create your unique web forms using a link builder, and it has an iPad subscription app. It integrates with several applications like ConcertPlay, Zapier, Kickbox, and Bloom, among others.

You can store up to 1000 email subscribers for an unlimited duration but paying for a plan gives you access to more functionalities.

4. Hubspot

This is an intuitive, easy to use, and a complete email marketing solution ideal for small business owners who wish to learn about and make the most out of online marketing.

While it requires a 12-month contract and is expensive, Hubspot offers a wide range of services and features such as lead scoring, lead segmentation, web activity tracking, SMS marketing, predictive analysis, personalized web content creation, event management, and bi-directional CRM synchronization.

Hubspot also creates invoices, it runs split tests, it offers bulk social media posting, and it issues sales reports, among others.

It offers integrations to Gmail, Outlook, NetSuite, Leadformly, Salesforce, SugarCRM, Zapier, among others.

So, despite its steep price, it is a top email marketing solution.

Other Aweber alternatives include ActiveCampaign, ConnectWise Control, Pardot, Get Response, Constant Contact, and SendInBlue, among others.

aweber alternatives

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