How to Make Your Blog Content Looks Unique After Writer’s Block

How to Make Your Blog Content Looks Unique

Consistently writing unique articles for a blog isn’t easy, especially when you do it every day. At some point, topics will run out and the dreaded writer’s block will hit.

You either end up going on a hiatus or start making subpar content. Luckily, there is a way to deal with writer’s block without having your regular blog update suffer.

Here’s a quick guide on how to make common blog posts unique when writers block hits and how to power through when it does.


A writer’s block is a condition wherein the writer finds himself/herself unable to write creatively or within his/her usual standard of writing.

There is a general feeling of being stuck, unable to become or feel productive.

It often happens when someone gets burned out. It also comes up when a writer is torn between the desire to create high quality work and also the desire for it to be done quickly.

All writers experience this at some point. Some go through days of feeling stumped while others bear months of no creative flow. In any case, the only way to fight it is to not give up writing completely.

  • Take Some Time Off:

There are only two ways to melt down writer’s block. One is to take a break from writing and the other is to keep going anyway.

To get through writer’s block and regain some energy, get some fresh air.

Some time away from writing will help get rid of the overthinking.

Take up a hobby or spend an afternoon of self-pampering. Eventually, some ideas will trickle in during non-writing activities.

  • Do Exercises and Write Unoriginally:

However, if writing cannot be put off, there are some things that can still be done on how to make common blog posts unique when writer’s block hits.

Make short, simple, even unoriginal articles. It doesn’t have to be about a new topic; it can even be a rewrite or a simple review.

The idea is to keep exercising your writing so that time isn’t wasted and momentum won’t be lost.

Just write what’s in your mind, even if it’s only a few hundred words, and let it run through the pages until it’s done.

When the article is finished, read it carefully and correct anything that seems out of place. Reread the article until there are no more errors to find.

The idea of that each post should be an original piece of work often doubles the weight of writer’s block. Writing unoriginally takes some of the pressure off because it’s being done intentionally.


So there’s still the issue of producing unique content.

Short and simple articles when suffering from writer’s block is the best option but it can also mean generic content.

It won’t require creative writing but it can be tweaked for some appeal. Here are some ideas on how to make common blog posts unique when writer’s block hits:

  • Giveaways and/or Contests:

This post is easy to make and lures a lot of traffic when advertised well. It doesn’t need a lot of creative writing, or writing for that matter, just simple instructions and a prize for the winner.

Before jumping into creating a giveaway or contest for a post, remember that it still has to be in line with the blog’s theme.

If the blog is about baking, for example, then the prize should be baking essentials like cookie cutters, a baking tray, or an apron. The rarer the prize, the more people will join.

What will make the giveaway or contest unique is the theme. Showcasing one compatible to the season or to celebrate an event will make it more interesting.

It can be a Christmas giveaway, or a giveaway to celebrate the blog’s anniversary, and so on.

  • Polls and/or Comment Section:

There’s nothing more useful in this list than this next suggestion: a post that allows audience participation.

While all blog posts normally have a comment section at the end, a post solely dedicated to getting feedback from the readers is a truly beneficial move.

Even though there are sites that provide viewer analytics, hearing from the readers themselves will provide more information on how to improve the blog overall.

It also gives them this sense of contribution to the blog, which then gives them more reason to visit. Include a voting poll to maximize space and not have to worry about writing too much.

  • Review Posts:

For days when writing isn’t the problem but the lack of topic, one can always make reviews for a blog post.

Staying true to the blog’s theme, pick an item, movie, or book that’s relevant to the usual topics discussed in your blog.

It’s better if the review is related to a recently published blog post, so that readers can have a follow-up on the topic.

It can also generate more traffic as those who haven’t read the previous blog post will be inclined to visit it.

It’s one of the simplest ways to make common blog posts unique when writer’s block hits. The topic is already set by whatever movie, book, or work of art that’s chosen.

There’s also no need to stress over how to make it creative or unique because it’s, in essence, just a review. The only thing to tackle in the article is what’s good, what’s bad, and how it is conclusively.

Keep in mind that even though these common blog posts will help keep the blog updated, they’re not ideal as daily posts.

Use them occasionally and only to help power through writer’s block. Still prioritize unique blog content because that’s what people will remember your blog for.

How to Make Your Blog Content Looks Unique

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