How to Find Best Username for Your Personal or Business Email Address

find best username for email address

An email address refers to an online message box to which the messages are delivered. It is the online equivalence of conventional days’ postcard and post office system.

In place of the address of the sender, this internet model uses the username in the email id of the person to identify as the sender or the receiver and hence becomes the identity of both the senders as well as the receiver.

The breakup of the email id can be explained like this: for an id like [email protected], johnsmith is the user id, @ is an important character that separates username and the domain name and finally that defines the domain name of the email id.

Having a good and perfect username for one’s id is very pivotal these days and this article speaks in detail on How To Select A Name For Your Personal Email Address.

Importance of Email name

For email ids of a company, one would not face the issue of username being taken since it is limited to just a few individuals of the company.

But when it comes to free service providers of the world like Gmail, Hotmail, Rediffmail etc. one would surely face such issues during new account creation.

Hence setting a perfect name for email is important and the following lists down some of the reasons for the same: –

  • First and last impression-

The username defines the personality of the sender and creates an impression on him or her regarding the authenticity of the source of the email.

When someone uses his or her email id for sending business emails, it is this username that ensures the receiver that he or she can trust your mail and hence shows the professionalism in you.

Hence having a perfect username is really important so that it creates a very good first and last impression of yourself in the eyes of the receiver.

  • Reducing the risk of spams-

These days all emails are equipped with spam filters to prevent any unethical mail from crowding the primary inbox and hence the username that the emailed bears are one of the methods to ensure that any mail sent by that person does not end up into the spam folder.

Having a professional touch to the id would reduce the chances of any professional mail sent from the account to end up into the trash or spam folder.

  • Proof of trust-

Authentic email id ensures the authenticity of the email id and ensures that the mail can be opened up with the trust of the sender and credibility of the source.

  • Future communications-

For every business and professional field, emails serve as the best and important modes of communication and hence it is equally important to have the best username that ensures a fruitful future communication with the clients in the near future and have your emails as truly the king of communications.

  • The perfect forum for promotion-

For those looking for jobs or aiming to promote their businesses, email is one of the best forums to serve the purpose and hence a good name can serve for spreading the brand awareness and preventing the same from entering into the spam or junk folders, just like the other spam messages.

Which provider needs to be chosen?

It is generally preferred for an individual to have a domain name of his or her own for the professional emails sent for brand awareness and business promotions because it ensures the credibility of the messages or emails sent and shows that the brand indeed exists.

But if it cannot be done, then going for Gmail serves as the best method because of its free of cost domain, organised listing of the messages as per categories, preventing the spam filter and hence reaching to the primary mail easily and last but not the least, the huge cloud storage that it provides.

The required tips

The following lists down some of the tips on How To Select A Name For Your Personal Email Address so that all of the above-mentioned pointers gets satisfied: –

  1. Looking calmly for an available username for the email id, because for large domains like Gmail, it is highly likely that the name that is entered at first might be taken and hence one would have to scour for other options to finally reach the desired username. The entire process involves a lot of time but one has to go through the same patiently.
  2. Selecting a username that stays evergreen and valid in all of the cases. For example, one must not add his or her company’s name in the personal id because it is likely that after 3 years one might not be in the same and hence that name would create a bad impression.
  3. Ones looking for new ids in Yahoo or Hotmail, they can distinguish the already taken usernames by the use of dots in between because these domains consider the dots as separate characters and hence can differentiate between the various usernames.
  4. Backing up of the email with proper security question is a must to ensure that the data present within the id does not get stolen or hacked in any manner. Hence the proper selection of the security question is another important aspect of the creation of a personal email id.
  5. Those names should be selected that are easy to name, pronounce and remember so that it can go into anyone’s convenience and it would increase the chances of any mail sent to you reaching the correct destination rather than diverting to wrong addresses due to the confusion of long and complicated names.
  6. Use of numbers and hyphens in the username must be avoided because they sound very unprofessional and would most likely make the email go into the spam folder directly. It also creates complications and one might misspell the correct user id.
  7. Those service providers must be avoided that offer free services only up to a limited time and hence ask for a pay for the further uses. Such cases might lead to repeated account creations and to avoid all of this, one should create an account once and for all in generic providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and Rediffmail.
find best username for email address

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