6 Reasons You Can’t Put Adsense or Affiliate Ads Your Business Website

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No Adsense or Affiliate AdsWhen one thinks of monetizing their website, they would often think of the various options for digital marketing. This could be through Google AdSense, affiliate programs, or direct advertisements.

Whatever it may be, these methods provide a way of sustaining the costs associated with having a website.

However, if you have a business website, placing any type of advertisement or affiliate should be the last thing on your mind. Here are some of the reasons why:

1. Trading off big profits for little gain

Placing Google AdSense ads on your website is the equivalent of sacrificing what you can earn for something of lesser value.

This is because any advertisements on your site would link to a page on another website. This would result in visitors being driven away from your website. This is contrary to what you want to happen if you have a business website.

If you are selling a product or service, your goal for your business website is to convert visitors through sales. Having ads in your business website would give your readers an option to reject your offer.

If you are using it to create your personal brand, your goal is to make visitors view your content. Preferably, they should visit a few pages on your website. With ads, you will have a difficult time in engaging your readers as you have links that will drive them to another website.

Yes, you would earn from visitors clicking on these ads. But, the revenue would not justify the loss of potential business from people visiting your website.

To illustrate, the average click through rate of Google AdSense is around 0.1%.

It would take, at least, 1,000 unique visitors per day for you to earn $0.50 in a day. If you compare that to what you can earn from your business, you have likely experienced a significant loss through Google AdSense (or any of its alternatives).

2. Distracts you from being an entrepreneur

You have a business because you aim to build something for yourself. This business will enable you to be in charge on how you do every little thing in it.

With advertisements (especially in affiliate programs), you are following the rules of other platforms. You are not in control of how much you earn per click. You are not in charge of the rules provided in the fine print.

If you somehow violate the terms and conditions, they could even take you out of the program. You are essentially losing the capability to earn from your “business” website.

You can earn a lot of money from Amazon and other similar types of affiliate programs. But, if your objective is to build a brand or create sales, posting content for an affiliate website would not help you achieve your goals.

You have to decide on what you really want to do with your website. Do you want to build a brand with a business website? Or, do you want to make affiliate sales with an affiliate website? You cannot do both.

3. Ads are contrary to content marketing

Your business website use content marketing to reach its customers. If it is for a business selling a product or service, the website aims to show its expertise in the industry and the benefits of what you offer.

If it is for your personal brand, the website aims to create a community of audience or to create your authority in a field. Either way, the website would provide valuable content to your target customers.

This value would help your business create relationships with your potential customers. This would help establish the trust needed for them to get your products or services. This would help them get the information needed for purchasing from you.

With ads, you are sending content that opposes the concept of content marketing.

These ads practice “hard selling” when marketing their call-to-actions.

This type of marketing is more likely to create resistance from its audience. This resistance can spillover to your call-to-action that can result in poor conversions.

4. Places a risk on your brand

Placing ads, either through AdSense or direct placement, will associate your business with other brands. You have zero control with how these brands go about their business. If these brands create a controversy, your brand would be associated with it.

If you are using AdSense and other similar platforms, there is a risk for your competitors to use these to advertise on your site. You have no complete control with the ads shown from these platforms. You will not only lose potential customers. And you would also be helping your competition.

5. Creates a poor user experience

Ads will slow down your website. Slow websites give visitors a reason to close the tab (or hit back) and choose the next result from Google.

In addition, advertisements would often clash with the aesthetics of your website. You have invested money and time on your website’s theme. Do not waste that investment by placing ads on your website.

6. Distracts your audience from your content

You are no stranger to website advertisements. Pop-ups, banners, and images have grabbed your attention from focusing on a website’s content.

With advertisements, you are competing for this attention in your own website. Their eyes wander away from your content and onto a flashy image of an ad promoting the newest gadget or the latest sneakers.

If they click that ad, you have completely lost the reader to another site until they decide to go back for your content.

Your website is your business’ calling card on the internet. But, unlike a calling card, your website provides a lot more detail and depth about your brand, business, and product/service. It also does more as it can convince people to become customers or followers of your brand.

How you present your website will affect how well your business will do. Advertisements have no place in your website, especially in your content.

If you’re serious about building your business, focus on building your business. Focus on providing the best value and experience to your audience or target market. If they perceive the great value you offer, the success and revenue will surely follow.

No Adsense or Affiliate Ads
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