AdSense Address Verification Methods: Pin or Alternate Ways

google adsense address verification method

Are you struggling with your Google AdSense account’s verification process hence unable to receive your first payment from AdSense?

It is, undoubtedly a difficult time, especially if your only issue is with the delivery of the AdSense PIN, right?

Here is some good news though: you are not alone.

Many AdSense users from different parts of the world struggle with the verification of their addresses because of failed delivery/mailing of their PINs.

If you are new to Google AdSense, here is something you should know – Google AdSense will send you a verification PIN from the moment you’ve earned $10 in your account.

The reason for this is that Google AdSense wishes that you verify your actual address.

So, as soon as you have $10 in your account, you receive a 4-digit code in a 4.5 x 6-inch white postcard, your Personal Identification Number which is sent to your registered payment address. This is the AdSense PIN.

When exactly should you expect the PIN?

After reaching the threshold for verification, AdSense will send the PIN to your account in 3-5 day, but you should expect the pin in your destination in between 2-4 weeks. In other cases, it might take longer than 4 weeks to get the PIN.

Unfortunately, not everyone receives the PIN. If you don’t have the PIN after months, then you could be dealing with mailing problems. If the first PIN fails, you get to request the PIN up to 3 times. Basically, you have a 4-month grace period.

Steps to take after the first mailing delivery failure

Request A New PIN

If you don’t get your PIN the first time it’s sent (in 2-4 weeks), you could request another one.

You get to request another AdSense PIN 28 days after the date of the first PIN generation. To check the date of the previous PIN generation, visit your Account Information Page under the Settings tab.

The replacement PIN issued upon request is a duplicate of the original/ first PIN sent.

What this means is that should you receive the first PIN more than 28 days after the first delivery and after your request for a new PIN, you could still use the received PIN.

Note that inputting incorrect mailing details could be the reason why the first delivery failed. It is, therefore, recommended that you check the address you provided in your application then correct the error if one exists.

Once you’ve confirmed your delivery details, click on the Verify Address tab, and at the bottom of the page, click on the Request new PIN button. If the address you entered the first time is accurate, click on Yes, Generate and Mail PIN.

However, if you wish to change the mailing address before requesting the PIN, go ahead and click on the second button that says No, Change My Address First.

After clicking on that tab, change your mailing address then click on Generate a New PIN.

Confirm your actions by checking the recent PIN you just generated in the Account Information section of your account.

You could also verify the information by clicking on the Action Button located at the top, in the red section with payments on Hold alert notification bar.

Verifying your AdSense Account using the AdSense PIN

For account verification with your PIN, sign into your account and open the settings tab under the Account Information Page. Click on the Verify Address option then enter the PIN before clicking on the Submit button.

Verification will be set in motion. You’ll receive an email from AdSense notifying your about your account’s verification status.

However, your payment will still be on hold during this time and could be for up to 48 hours.

What happens if you don’t receive the PIN after verifying your mailing address and requesting a replacement twice?

Are there other verification alternatives?

First, don’t start the guessing game. Guessing the wrong PIN three times in a row could have your account suspended, and you’ll lose all your earnings in the process.

Next, look for the next best alternatives. Yes, you can verify your AdSense account without an AdSense PIN.

If for whatever reasons you cannot access your AdSense PIN, perhaps your location is too remote, you should freak out or worry about losing your earnings.

Google has an alternative method for account verification without the PIN. For this, you’re required to submit some form of proof of your identity.

The proof should be in the form of a document with your name and your valid address as it appears in your Google AdSense account.

Some of the acceptable verification documents include the national ID card, your driving license, Aadhaar cards for the Indian publishers, your bank statement, or your electricity bill.

In the Account Information tab, select the Submit Document option in your account. You should do this immediately after you place your third request for your PIN.

Alternatively, you could submit your ID as proof of your identity, four weeks after your place your third PIN replacement generation request.

Verifying your account using your identification documents

You require your name, email address, Google AdSense’s Publisher’s ID, and the scanned copy of your identification document.

Log into your account on Google AdSense, and in the account information page, click on the link Verify Address then click on the Submit document tab.

You’ll be required to fill in your details before uploading the document. When done, click on the Submit button.

You will receive a notification in about 3 minutes although the response might take longer than this. Your payment will, at the same time, be effectuated in between 24 -48 hours.

Verification using your phone number

First, visit the Google Support link for phone account verification then fill in the form with your exact details as they appear in your account.

Next, enter your phone number then click on submit, and wait.

Since account/ address verification is essential in accessing your earnings, you need to ensure that every piece of information entered is accurate. You also need to make sure that you follow the steps given by Google AdSense.

google adsense address verification method
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