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media net review

According to Thomas Edison, most people miss opportunity because it looks like work and it wears overalls.

Yes, there is truth to that statement. But, more often than not, opportunity passes people by not because they aren’t willing to work.

It is because they haven’t been looking for it to begin with. Take your blog or online publication, for example.

Chances are, you haven’t seized every opportunity that comes with them and aren’t earning as much as you could. All that could change by joining

What Is

Indian serial-entrepreneur Divyank Turakhia founded back in 2010. It is now a giant in the world of global contextual advertising.

With the help of a distinguished team of tech geniuses, the company has managed to perfect the delicate arts of yield optimization and advertisement (ad) targeting.

From those talented minds also came the inimitable technology platform that sets apart from its competition.

Knowing all of that now, it doesn’t come as a surprise that is among the top five biggest ad tech companies in the world.

No wonder a lot of people claim that it’s a suitable alternative to AdSense, which you could call its counterpart over at Google.

That all sounds pretty impressive. But, what does do?

Well, for starters, it oversees the supply of top-notch ads on over 500,000 websites using auto-learning products.

Let’s focus on the phrase, “auto-learning.” makes use of technology so advanced that it can actually optimize the value and reach of ads.

In other words, their products ensure that the ads being displayed on a certain website are advantageous bot to the owner of the site and its user.

It’s a literal win-win situation that sounds almost too good to be true.

The visionaries at were the first ones to come up with the display-to-search, or D2S, ad format. D2S may not be hot news at the moment.

But, it remains to be an awe-inspiring innovation of monetizing display placements. It works by pinpointing the user’s search intent.

It presents related keywords, and then displays equally-relevant ads on webpages containing those keywords.

For instance, if someone were to type in the phrase “buy new mattress” on a search engine, and click on a webpage containing that phrase, the D2S ad format would ensure that the ads displayed on the webpage would be about, say, a store that specializes in bed covers or pillows.

That’s what they mean when they say contextual advertising.

What can I benefit from

Having understood what can do for you, it’s time to enumerate the advantages that you can gain from using their products and services.

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of working with is having your own personal account representative (rep.).

Besides acting as a customer service representative that you can have at your beck and call, the personal account rep is also responsible for making sure that the ads displayed on your webpage are the ones capable of the highest possible return of investment.

Considering the high volume of customers they entertain on a daily basis,’s hands-on approach is highly beneficial. This is true, in particular, if you have blogs with a unique voice.

To discuss the second advantage of working with, let’s go back to the company’s ingenious D2S ad format. It is the secret to contextual advertising.

Now, how would that be of any benefit to you?

Well, this ad format displays tons of relevant keywords.

So, it makes sense that the ads are heavy in text. To ensure that all that text is easy on the eyes, utilizes buttons. This results to highly clickable ads that very few users seem to resist.

According to the company’s own data, during each month of the first quarter of 2016, an estimated number of 70 million paid clicks were generated.

Another feature that could really give your blog or publication the upper hand is the fact that not only allows, but also runs specific tests on mobile ads.

Since nowadays, people would sooner reach for a phone than a laptop to do a quick internet search, it’s helpful to prioritize the value of mobile ads.

It wouldn’t be fair to give you the pros of and then just call it a day. Like most things, partnering with this company has possible downsides.

What could turn me off about

First off, is a bit more niche-dependent than some people would like.

This is because of the fact that it displays ads based on context.

So, if a particular niche doesn’t relate to at least a couple of products or services, then the ads that would come from that won’t be as tempting to click on.

But hey, there’s still a silver lining to this dark cloud – when product-dependent niches do well, they do really well.

Going back to possible drawbacks, another factor that could make you hesitate before signing up for is the uncertainty that comes with having a personal account rep.

Sure, some customers praise the talents of their respective reps. But then again, that isn’t the case for everyone.

Finally, has a strict list of qualifications that you must first satisfy before enjoying their services. You’ll soon realize why that can be a bad thing.

What should I keep in mind before getting approval?

Although they don’t specify a minimum number of page views, does emphasize that, in order to be part of the program, websites should have high-quality content that is written in English.

In addition to that, websites should not contain any adult, violent, drug-related, or illegal content. Lastly, all traffic related to the websites must be coming from countries such as Canada, the USA, and UK.

Keep in mind that there’s no harm in trying to earn a little extra from your blogs and publications. Having been given an overview of and what it can do for you, the next step is to ask yourself this question: “Should I join their program?”

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media net review
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