How To Grow Youtube Channel & Increase YouTube Subscribers

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How To Grow Youtube Channel Increase Subscribers

If you look at all the content being shared and consumed on the internet video is at the top of the list.

With every passing day, there is a steady rise in the number of people who watch and share YouTube videos.

So if you are a YouTuber, now is the golden era to make the most of your channel and to earn revenue from it.

There are various milestones that YouTubers yearn for and cherish and an increase in the fan base is the most popular ones. Are you struggling to increase the number of fans and subscribers on your YouTube channel?

This article would help you understand how you can increase your fan following. You would also know about the benefits of increasing your fan base.

YouTube benefits and other perks

The primary benefit of earning more followers on your channel is the plethora of benefits that YouTube offers the creators for their increased fan count.

Graphite, Opal, Bronze, and Silver are among the few categories into which YouTube categorizes the creators and the eligible benefits.

There are a variety of tools allowed for each creator and also a host of online courses and tips offered by YouTube to help creators improve the number of followers on their channel.

On successful earning of 100,000, the creator earns the Silver Creator Award and there are the Gold and Diamond awards as well.

You also have the added advantages of being able to earn through affiliate marketing and even be recognized as an influencer if you happen to increase the number of subscribers on your channel.

This is where you get to earn the big money.

There are tools that allow you to buy fans.

But carefully listen that that YouTube has been power to recognize all the robot generated likes and shares.

There is also a level of consistency expected. Simply creating a fan base of millions of subscribers and then doing nothing to add value to your channel would also not be a good idea.

So are you ready to increase the number of fans for your YouTube channel?

Your plan of action

Your work starts even before you start a channel.

Ask any popular YouTuber you would know about the importance of creating a killer plan and sticking with it. Create an outline, a draft of what your channel would be all about.

Capture all the details like –

  • What type of videos would you upload?
  • How frequently would you upload videos?
  • What camera and tripod would you use to create your videos?
  • Do you have a video editing tool?
  • Where would you shoot the videos?

All this planning helps you capture good quality videos which are the first and foremost requirements of any good YouTube channel.

Be more frequent to be recognized soon

Initially when you wish to create an audience the straightforward way to do it is to increase the frequency of posting videos.

If a viewer doesn’t like one video he might like the next one you upload.

Also when there are videos coming frequently the viewers would keep coming back to your channel regularly.

Out of sight is out of mind.

So if you have very videos being posted very rarely your new subscribers might often forget about your channel altogether. Most internet users check YouTube daily.

So they prefer channels that have fresh content on a regular basis. Otherwise, the interest would soon be diverted to other channels with more frequent uploads.

Connect your videos

When you complete a video it is a smart practice to tell your viewers what you would be talking about in your next video. Of course, withhold some details as a little suspense instills a motivation to get back to the channel.

By citing references from your other videos in any video you upload you would increase the views on both the linked videos. Users would be inspired to check out the other video to grab that missing piece of information.

Also if a viewer happens to land on one of your videos from other links then by providing links to your other videos in the description, connecting the videos would make it easy for the viewer to navigate through the content on your channel.

Once they have watched more than one video from your channel they would be able to gain the confidence in actually subscribing to your channel.

Thumbnails are your Holy Grail in grabbing eyeballs

This is a step that most beginners might miss out – as YouTube does generate a thumbnail for your channel on its own.

Creating a unique thumbnail, one that would actually get a viewer interested in your video is something that is very important. It should be something that would tell viewers what the video is about.

For example, if you are running a recipes channel then you could use the most captivating image of the finished recipe as the thumbnail. This would allow users to know about the video even without having to read the title or description.

They would be motivated to watch the video of the most delectable looking recipe among the many hits on the page.

Channel trailer – make the best use of it

When someone gets slightly interested in your channel and wishes to get more information before subscribing they would visit the channel page. The channel trailer feature is one of the best ways to get their attention.

Keep the trailer short and to the point but make sure that it hits the users hard about how your channel really is unique and what they would gain by subscribing.

Share on social media

The best way to increase the views for a video is by sharing the link on social media platforms. There are numerous YouTube videos and links being shared on social media profiles and in the popular messaging platforms.

These are the best routes to increase the number of views and the number of subscribers on your channels.

Even if you do perform all of the above steps earning genuine subscribers does take some time. So patiently keep improving your videos and the popularity enhancing strategies.

How To Grow Youtube Channel Increase Subscribers
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