How to Start Your First Podcast? The Ultimate Guide

How to Start Your First Podcast

Bloggers, digital marketers, and content creators, have generally made their best moves in the town and are now looking for some new tactics that can help them out in winning all the shows!

As digital advancement is now on a peak, traditional alternatives such as radio and broadcasting are highly being replaced by podcasts and online streaming.

Thus, people are left with no other alternative than to bring their core content on such podcasts. As an audio medium is much convincing, easy, adaptable and great when compared with the written form, more audience is now turning towards podcasts than being on the biggest blogs of the world.

But, how to start a blog? How to make your content go viral? And how to make a complete shift from those random blog content and written material to much immersive, attractive, pleasing and interesting audio content?

These are just a few questions that must be ringing in your head after listening to the word podcasts. However, here we are bringing some of the most amazing tips that can assist you in easily beginning up with a blog that has everything from attractive content, to great audio treat and of course a huge amount of listeners.

Go through and find out how to begin a satisfactory podcast within no time!

Plan out your niche and content pretty well

Just like beginning up with a blog, in the podcasts as well, you should plan the whole content and blueprint quite well. It will eventually make your whole podcasting routine much convincing and easier.

You need to decide on how many episodes you will be posting every week or every month, what will they revolve around, how much will be the timeframe etc. it definitely needs a good content calendar which can help you out in designing a final schedule or layout upon which you will work. you can even continue the work by choosing and writing down all titles for your podcasts, choose the theme for each of these, the number of marketing strategies that you will need and other fundamentals must be sorted within the initial phase itself.

Invest in some good quality equipment, especially the microphone

It is definitely one of the most essential things that you must do!

While in blogging, your expense is pretty less, here you have to invest more to gain more.

You cannot always get your podcasts recorded in a studio, because of their huge hourly charges, unless you have one of your friends owning one. The most essential thing then is to choose the right equipment such as a microphone, editing hardware and software, speakers, sound card and many others.

Don’t get a cheap microphone and then keep on compensating for the same through hours of editing with that poorly rendered sound. If you are not well off with the budget, just continue with blogging and wait a little more for your investment to get channelized in the right manner.

Design a professional podcast intro as well as a cover image

As there are no visuals going to complement your audio content online, you just have one single visual treat which must be bang on!

Whether you are a graphic designer or not, make sure you get a professional cover picture designed for your podcast with the help of some perfect tools and software. This is essential as it is only going to bring out the expression about your work and niche.

However, before you begin, get a clear cut idea of how you need the image to look like. Unless you are completely clear with all such things, never begin designing it. If you are not a designer, you should still have some round design boards and ideas so that you can show your designer how your image will look like.

Don’t forget that this image is going to be the highlight, and will appear as a thumbnail picture upon most of the streaming services, thus make sure that the design must be purely unique even if it just covers a small amount of space.

Build a personal connection with your listeners

One of the most essential things about a podcast is that it touches the listeners’ hearts.

Thus, when you are beginning with one, make sure that you connect with your audience on a much deeper and personal level.

While nobody spends so much of their time leaving aside all the work and reading your blogs, people eventually listen to podcasts even when they are working, driving etc, thus you get ample time to speak your stories and connect them with the theme of your episode.

If you are beginning with some tutorial kind of thing or going to present an idea about how to do something, make sure that you are totally aware of that theme, you are pretty confident and you have done it yourself at least one.

Start by telling how to do a task effectively and how challenges will block your way but you have to go on and on!

Link your blogs, portfolio, websites etc with the blog

Definitely, a podcast is not going to be your first step within this world of digital competition. You would surely have a website, app, or blog at least.

So, when you begin up with a podcast, make sure that you link it up with your other channels as well. Be it anything. People need to find you out of the podcasts in case they like your content.

And the only way to drive them off is through providing specific essential information that each one of them wishes to get. Also, keep this in mind that all of the links which you produce are quite small and easy to memorize.

So, these were the few ways through which you can easily start publishing your own podcast online and getting huge streams within no time.

While the audio medium is pretty easy to grasp, it is even more fragile and one single word can easily catch the attention of the people. So make sure you stick with the niche, the language, and all other important details before falling apart!

How to Start Your First Podcast

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