Features of a High Quality Landing Pages That Convert – How To Create It

Features of a High Quality Landing Pages That Convert How To Create It

If you do not know where to begin when it comes to optimizing your marketing strategies or the performance of your website start with a killer landing page.

Having a winning landing page means that you are creating a lasting first impression on your viewers.

Anyone who visits your website for the first time might be influenced by several tiny details and the overall design and the impact created by the landing page is one of the major factors.

An effective landing page is one that leads to the best conversion rates.

Literally, a landing page is a page on which the viewer or the possible leads land when they click on say an email campaign or an ad banner.

CTA or call to action should be your primary goal with the design of the landing page and what action you get the user to perform determines the effectiveness of the whole campaign.

Landing pages are more important than you think

There are many businesses that spend a huge sum of money to create targeted landing pages that lead to an increase in the number of conversions.

To begin with, you should have a clear understanding of the object on which the ad is being created and this would help determine the design of the landing page that would reduce the friction and call the user to the action without delays.

There are many who design great looking landing pages. But not all of them are equally effective. There are certain attributes that make on landing page much better than the others out there.

1. Images and videos

The media files you choose to display on the landing page have a vital role to play. Unlike the other pages on your website landing pages cannot be verbose. These pages are provided just a few seconds of the customers’ or the potential leads’ attention.

In those valuable few seconds, all the information should be presented. For sale campaigns product images or even a summarized version of the catchy features of the product would do the trick. Most landing page creators choose to use videos today.

This video could be a quick demo of the product or service being sold. It could also be a tutorial on how to proceed with the next few steps.

The type of information being conveyed and the action being undertaken on the landing page determines the type of video to use. Images and videos create a huge impact when used on the landing page.

2. The title says it all

The heading as well as the sub-headings and taglines all matter on the landing page. It should be brief and it should tell the user what the page is all about. Simple and straightforward language creates the strongest impact.

The title is what grabs the attention of the user and makes the user decide whether or not to proceed to check out the rest of the content on the page. Choose a language tone that makes the whole content relatable for the audience.

You would need to play with words add a little pun and somehow manage to earn the interest of the viewer. Understanding your target audience makes you create a better tone and style for your landing page.

3. Why would the user actually perform the action?

Every user that lands on the landing page might not necessarily perform the intended action. There are some who accidentally land by clicking on links and there are some who simply visit out of curiosity.

Even chance visits or accidental clicks can be converted to customers if you are offering something that adds value to the visitor.

It could be by offering a solution to the common problems or an idea that would change the perspective.

The value of the whole action that is performed by the visitor and the real benefits that the visitor earns by say signing up with his email id on the landing page, would actually be what the visitors would like to know more about.

Presenting them in the form of simple bullet points or even using infographics would get the message conveyed easily.

4. Support is always round the corner

Ensure that you include a customer support link at the end of the page irrespective of the type of landing page you create. Having live support embedded would make it easy for the visitor to get any of his questions clarified before taking the final call.

This is a great way to strike a conversation with the user and also to encourage user engagement. They would also get the satisfaction that there is always someone to answer all of their queries and this builds a trust right on the landing page.

5. Let’s get it done!

The call to action button is evidently the most important part of any landing page.

What differentiates a successful landing page from the others is the positioning of the CTA button and the design of it.

The whole point of creating a landing page instead of directing the user to your website is to save the users some time and to get the action done without any bottlenecks.

The longer the time taken for the user to navigate to the CTA button the lesser the chances of the action actually taking place. So keep the button visible at all resolutions of the screen.

Keep the design mobile friendly and ensure that the CTA button is easily accessible without having to scroll. The text you display on the button is one of the most important detail to consider.

Simply adding ‘Submit’ or ‘Subscribe’ would be too commonplace and ordinary. Add something catchy but easy to understand.

Once you have fine-tuned all the above parameters on your landing page, keep monitoring the stats. This would help you understand whether you would have to add any details or revise certain elements on the page.

Understand what the target customer groups actually might be looking for in the landing page to create the best possible layout.

Features of a High Quality Landing Pages That Convert How To Create It

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