Convertkit Review Dec 2023: Is It Good Choice? | 15 Pros & 2 Cons

Convertkit Review

Convertkit is an email marketing software provider that enables users to create converting emails via their visual automation builder that is packed with customizable features.

For your business or blog to succeed in the internet industry you have to use software that will enable you to come up with the right tested content for your marketing campaigns.

Convertkit is an email marketing tool that is comprehensive and offers significant services.

For example, it enables you to send broadcasts to a segment of subscribers and track their activities on your page.

Email marketing campaigns are for driving conversions, therefore, if you don’t utilize the opt-in forms then most of the emails that you will be sending, will end up in a spam folder or worse still they will be deleted on arrival.

Convertkit provides you with opt-in forms that enable you to interact with your customers by sending them promo emails, information on new products among others.

Running a business requires you to implement marketing strategies that will help your enterprise grow in presence and income-wise.

Well, how do you know that your email marketing service provider can attain this objective?

Convertkit allows its users to combine some of their powerful automation tools to come up with the best services, for example, you can track purchases and set up sales forms.

What is Convertkit?


Convertkit is an Email Marketing software company that helps people grow their businesses and blogs among other online activities that one might want to engage in.

They have a team of experts located in different countries around the globe and a dedicated team of product specialist that provide their users with support and training.

ConvertKit Review By Experts & Users


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15 ConvertKit Pros or Advantages

Email marketing service providers offer some of the most sophisticated features to attract users and convertkit does have some amazing features that will help you convert visitors into subscribers.

1. Templates

There are so many templates for you to choose from for your email marketing campaigns, and you are allowed to create a customized landing page without the knowledge of coding and in very few minutes.

You will also have access to opt-in forms that are very easy to embed.

2. The Email Designer

The email designer feature lets you create simple and straight to the point converting email, via clean formatting where you will customize, your emails font, alignment, and color. You can also add a link to your email message from the block formatting bar.

There is also the quick content feature from which you can add personalization headers, dividers, and lists.

When you have managed to convince your visitors, you have to guide them on subscribing to your email list or even purchasing your product, therefore, you must include a Call To Action (CTA).

Convertkit allows you to add the CTA button, which will enable you to direct your readers to your blog posts, your shop or even your landing page.

You can also add a tag for the people that will click the button. The email marketing service provider allows you to code so that instead of viewing the source on the email, you will add an HTML box to customize specific parts of your email message.

3. Automation

Convertkit provides you with a visual automation builder that enables you to send timed and targeted content to your subscriber list.

With the automation tool creator, you will be able to create automated funnels, customize a subscriber path by their actions on your page, create and send targeted content to the right audience, and with regards to your customer’s journey you can easily segment them.

The automation builder lets you edit your content in a seamless manner, there is a challenge posed with opening multiple tabs and coming up with content at the same time as you run the risk of distorting your train of thought. Therefore, convertkit provides you with a workflow panel

Nothing beats knowing what it is that your clients want, with convertkit you can learn your visitors or subscriber behavior by tracking how they are interacting with your content and this is done in your homepage dashboard where you can track your conversion rate.

Another important feature is the ability to group your subscriber and send them relevant content. Available integrations by convertkit lets you scale up your business by hosting a webinar via the crowdcast.

For people who are into creating and selling online courses, the Teachable integration is your feature, and if you want to sell stuff online just integrate Shopify.

4. The Visual Automation Builder

Convertkit enables users to promote and market their webpages with a simple to use email marketing interface. The automation will enable you to easily manage your subscriber list and customize the email messages with regards to your client’s preferences.

When you first log into your convertkit account you will see a visual automation builder, and here you will be able to create a form especially if you are using your site to blog.

In your account you will simply click on the create form option, you will then choose the type of form that you want and how it will be displayed; you will then be given three options.

The Inline form that fits within your page content, then there is modal, this type of form pops up according to how you have set the timing, the percentage of the page scrolled or the exit intent.

Lastly, there is the Slide Inform; this type will slide up from the bottom of your site, either from the right or the left with regard to the scroll percentage or time.

You might want to preview how your form will look like prior to using it, and convertkit lets you view a few of the templates that have an example of how your forms will appear. What’s more, is that you can change the form template as you wish.

Lastly, you will embed your form, and here you will be provided for with a code that will be used to add the form to your website.

5. Convertkit support

Running new features in your website like the email marketing software can be quite intimidating for beginners, but when you have someone walk with you, confidence becomes your second name and anytime you open your website you instead look for ways of making it better.

Therefore, when you settle with convertkit as your email marketing service provider their support team will be available to you via a ticket service and you can also send them a direct message from your account.

There is the live chat support service available 24/7. and the knowledge base feature that contains answers to many of your questions and concerns.

Email support is available from 6 am to 6 pm, so for people who work late in the evening you might want to weigh your options or rather contact them over the weekends since they are available throughout. Convertkit has a Facebook page and a private group that offers support to its users.

Social platforms seem to be a thing for Convertkit as they are also treated to support via Tweeter, and here you are allowed to share knowledge and ask questions.

There is the live chat support service and the knowledge base feature that contains answers to many of your questions and concerns.

6. Skill-Based Experiences

Even if you are new to Convertkit, the possibility exists that you have been exposed to email marketing before. Most similar platforms have a single experience for every potential client.

However, Convertkit recognizes that while some persons are completely new to the medium, there are others who are not.

Therefore, you can indicate whether your experience level is beginner, intermediate, or advanced. This allows the site to give you a tailored experience based on your selection and your unique needs.

So, a balance is created where beginners don’t feel out of their element, and experts don’t feel insulted.

7. Subscriber Tags

One of the best ways to ensure that your email marketing efforts are fruitful is to have a sound understanding of your audience.

Marketing is not a blanket discipline, so you must practice appealing to individuals.

Thankfully, Convertkit can assist you with this, so that you don’t have to go through the impossible process of manually pulling this off.

You can organize your subscribers based on several facets, such as activity and interests. With this level of segmentation, you can send appropriate content at optimal times to achieve your desired results.

8. Integration

Convertkit is a superb email marketing platform because of the various standalone features and perks that are synonymous with using it.

However, it extends beyond that, thanks to the power of integration. Even great systems are made even better when they can interact and make use of other special-purpose software systems.

There are over 80 different integration possibilities with Convertkit. These include membership sites, landing pages, and e-commerce platforms.

It is simply a matter of what you need for your intentions, as there is a wealth of tools at your disposal.

9. Migration Support

The possibility exists that you are interested in migrating from a different platform to Converkit. This is a delicate process in most cases, since you risk a tremendous loss of data during the move.

Thankfully, Convertkit made migrating to its platform an easier task than normal for those who wish to make the change.

Thanks to the built-in migration support, you can easily import your forms, sequences, subscribers, etc.

There are guides to help you get through the process, and you can call on the dedicated support team if you run into any roadblocks during your move.

10. Deliverability Focus

You could pick out any random email marketing client to send out your campaigns.

While they may leave the platform successfully, they may not necessarily get to the recipients in the manner that you intend.

The nature of an email marketing service can cause messages to be flagged as junk, which means that the recipient never receives them.

Thankfully, Convertkit has implemented a system to prevent unwanted blacklisting, which increases the likelihood of successful delivery.

Without this feature in place, your campaign would end up being as effective as not creating one at all.

11. Video Training

The Convertkit website provides a medium for those who wish to learn using a visual style. There is a mixture of live and on-demand training that you can choose from, depending on your preferences.

Note that live training is always based on a theme and is scheduled ahead of the premier.

Therefore, you can always look at the “Training Videos” web page to see what kind of training is coming up and when it is taking place.

Having a great tool is one thing, but the ability to learn it well is where you reap the intended rewards.

12. Convertkit Knowledge Base

The video training is well put together, but it is not the only way for you to learn on the site.

There is a Convertkit knowledge base that you can access to take your training even further. This is one of the most used resources, and this is for a good reason.

The articles are categorized, which helps you to find what you need as quickly as possible.

The information that you can access from the knowledge base is vast, so it’s important to strategize as you decide what you intend to learn first.

13. Account Flexibility

Normally, when you decide to become a part of an email marketing site, the decision involves being given a choice between different payment plans that are based on different feature sets.

In Convertkit’s case, and there are two membership plans that you can choose from, which is a normal thing.

What you probably didn’t expect is that one of these account types does not have a charge associated with it.

Of course, some features are inaccessible when using the free version, but the most important tools are still at your disposal.

14. Informative Conferences

Convertkit is known for its annual “Craft + Commerce” conference. This is one of the greatest complete experiences available for those who are interested in email marketing.

Some of the top achievers in content creation, campaign management, etc., all come together to provide you with a wealth of useful information.

It’s not just a traditional teaching platform, though, as discussion is fostered, and there are even parties to ensure that you get a balance between an educational and fun experience.

Entrance is best on tickets though, so if you are interested in taking part, remember to get one early.

15. Tradecraft

Effectively earning online is not something that people just pick up overnight.

There is a mixture of elements involved, and your mastery of each of these elements can help you to excel in the discipline.

Tradecraft by Convertkit is an information platform that is designed to help you do that. It’s not just about email marketing.

Enjoy free-flowing information and the ability to learn various concepts that can propel you into becoming the next online success story.

Of course, the library of content that is available is periodically updated to keep things fresh and relevant.

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    Quick Pros & Cons


    • Provides users with a landing page builder
    • Great support channels including social media networks
    • Intuitive visual automation builder
    • Effective email A/B testing tool


    • Cannot include images on emails a con for online product merchants
    • Does not offer phone call support

    How easy is it to use convertkit?

    • Automation

    Now to the engine that gives your business life the convertkit automation, here you will find a myriad of useful features such as the RSS Feeds, which enables you to feed your blog posts to Broadcasts.

    On the Automation page, you will also see a “Rules” icon; the feature uses “If This Then That” logic. And enables you to set a trigger or make a purchase among others.

    The last icon is the “Integrations” tab, which contains instructions on connecting convertkits integrations such as the LeadPages, Shopify, Samcart, and Recurly.

    The automation also lets you set up a survey, sales forms, and even tag buyers or track purchases.

    • Creating a sequence

    Did you know that convertkit allows you to switch between emails, edit without clicking from page to page as you make changes but you will first have to create a sequence? So what is a sequence?

    This are sets of automated emails, and when you have created a new sequence you will have to add subscribers manually or connect the sequence to automation.

    Creating a sequence is a simple do it yourself process, in your account, you will click the red option “New Sequence,” and then you will give your sequence a befitting name, which you will use for reference and you are also free to change it anytime.

    Now that you have created your sequence you will be given a page containing an email editor and the sequence emails will be listed on the left bar.

    You will then add emails via the +Add Email button on the sidebar. Here the drag and drop option is available to help you rearrange the order.

    Above the email editor, you are free to toggle the status either between published and draft, you can also adjust the sending delay, delete the email, preview it or even add a filter.

    Your emails will then be set to draft mode since they are new and they won’t be sent to your subscribers until you are ready then you can switch them to published from Draft in the Status Menu.

    The when to send menu lets you adjust the delay for the particular email within the sequence to be sent, the first email in your sequence can be set to be sent immediately and here you will set the delay to 0days but the remaining emails have at least 1hour delay between them.

    Lastly, the Preview heading enables you to view your sequence email in the browser or you can enter your email address to get the preview in your inbox.

    The benefits of creating a sequence are that you can switch in between emails and edit on a single-window without pausing or clicking in and out of different pages to make the changes.

    Subscribers in your mailing list expect you to update them with your new services or products on a regular basis; therefore, you will need to send a broadcast.

    The latter are emails that you send to a group of selected subscribers. Therefore, with regard to their activities on your page, you will exclude and include some of the subscribers from the recipient list by the use of a form tag or segment.

    There is also the A/B testing tool, which lets you use two headlines and then send the one that you feel resonates with your list. In addition, all the e-commerce platforms that you might be interested to use have been integrated with convertkit.

    Who should use Convertkit?

    It is still a wonder that you can sit in your house and make loads of money with your phone or desktop.

    In the medieval era, the only way one could earn money is by getting out to look for physical work, but as years progressed man became even smarter and came up with smart ways to make money without breaking a sweat.

    Running an informative website or an online business is the in thing; however, if your website does not attract traffic then you might as well close it down.

    Not in a hurry though, because Convertkit has a solution that will help your online business or blog grow. Email marketing is the solution to your site’s problem as it will help market your service or product.

    Now e-commerce serves different users, some are bloggers, business or e-commerce site owners and people who are passionate with a specific niche and wish to run personal blogs to inspire and motivate.

    1. Personal Site Owners

    Gone are the days when people depended on school and reading loads of books to learn something new. You-Tube, for example, has tutorials on almost anything that you might want to learn. People have dedicated their time and money to create online schools where you are enrolled and attend online classes.

    The elusive concept, however, is that if you want to make money, you don’t just get up record yourself and send it to YouTube and wait for the dollars to start coming. Absolutely not, you have to invest money and be passionate about your cause for you to reap the benefits.

    So let’s say you want to run a school and you have purchased hosting, have created a good landing page for your potential customers.

    Your sales funnel on your website is topnotch, what then?

    No one is visiting or has visited your site for the past one or two weeks. Maybe because they don’t know you exist, you need to drive in the numbers, you have to inform people that you are here and you offer services that can benefit them.

    Convertkit will help you send out newsletters, you can inform your prospects of new launches, and you can also send invites. And on your website, you can customize and embed forms that will enable you to get subscribers to your school.

    You will, therefore, need to sharpen your marketing skills, once you get your mailing list via the opt-in forms make sure to engage your subscribers by sending them a welcome email or free gifts such as an informative PDF as this will help you get them hooked to your services.

    Convertkit is the best email marketing software for running your school but you must first have an account with them and then purchase one of their plans to start using their marketing software.

    So to reap the full benefits, you will sync your school with convert kit, why? So that when someone enrolls they are automatically added to your convertkit account.

    The benefits of the above are that you will be able to market to your new subscribers.

    You will also be free from the hustle of exporting and uploading your email list and adding tags to enable seamless marketing to about 300 hundred students. A process that is quite hectic, but with Convertkit all this will be a click away.

    Another advantage of using convertkit to run your personal business is that you can segment the subscribers who have bought into your course and prepare for them customized emails.

    Getting the mail to your subscriber list is simple because you will just set the autoresponder to send emails to the specified list.

    2. Convertkit for Business people

    One sure way of running a successful business is by understanding your customer’s needs and wants, after which you can customize and deliver the best product or service. But how do you know what your potential customers are interested in when running an online business.

    It’s very simple just use the tags and segments feature in your convertkit account. Convertkit automation enables you to track your users and learn their interests by the pages that they access in your account and the services that they opt into.

    Now to send your subscribers the right product and services, you will tag and then segment them into groups.

    Now sending marketing emails will be seamless because you know exactly what your customer wants and can even propose other amazing products and services that align with their desires.

    Convertkit not only enables you to market to your customers but also integrate some helpful applications to enhance the operations of your business website.

    For example, you can integrate Woo-commerce, which will assist you in selling your products and contents. In addition, if you are selling physical goods Woo-commerce offers you official extensions that will enable easy shipment of items.

    Business people and e-commerce site owners can also integrate Shopify for their shopping cart needs and to enhance page load speed, the feature also has reliable security features.

    Convertkit provides its users with three texts only email template, so you shouldn’t plan on including images on your mails for the purpose of advertising. One major disadvantage of including images in email messages is that they take a lot of time to load and may lead to high bounce rate.

    However, under the email marketing service provider, you will get a simple HTML and CSS formatting that will enhance the outlook of your emails. In addition, they allow you to create your own email templates and add the social sharing buttons such as Twitter and Facebook.

    You can also grow your list via the Convertkit forms and landing pages. They do provide users with forms that showcase images, which will catch the attention of a visitor.

    The images are customizable such that you can fade them to your background color and then add text, this feature works well with Newsletters.

    Convertkit also gives your over 15 landing pages, now you don’t have to scratch your head, wondering what you will do with so many landing pages. Be happy instead because you will be able to create podcasts and webinars.

    What’s more, is that you are provided with tracking scripts, the feature will inform you of the visitors that visited your page, and you will then know that your email campaigns are generating traffic.

    Another advantage is that you can use the Google Analytics and Facebook ads for your marketing campaigns, but you must first integrate them into your page.

    Custom fields are information such as Name, Age or Interest that you include in your forms to collect the details of a subscriber. The feature enables the subscribers to segment themselves with regards to their interests via the dropdown menu or the checkboxes.

    Pricing plans and options

    The number of your subscribers will greatly determine the plan that you pay for, so for example, if you have over 5k subscribers convertkit will calculate for you the amount that you will pay.

    However, if you have between 3 to 5k subscribers you will be hosted under the $79/m plan.

    For $49/m you can accommodate between 1k and 3k subscribers and for 0 to 1k subscribers you will part with $29/m.

    The pricing plans also come with a discount if you pay annually, and the only difference in service is that users who accommodate over 5k users get the free concierge migration.

    Final thought

    • Company Details



    Convertkit offers its users the most significant features in the email marketing business. Creating and customizing your email marketing interface is very easy, you just need to click the various automation options.

    Their visual automation builder is packed with amazing features that will enable you to effectively manage your subscriber list.

    Segment and tag your mailing list and even more important is that you can A/B test your email marketing messages before sending them out.

    You are also free to set the Autoresponder and run your marketing campaigns even when you are not on sight.

    Convertkit Review

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