MailJet Review Feb 2024: Are They Good? 3 Major Cons & 15 Pros

MailJet Review

The world of today is highly interconnected – and with it, comes various things that you are supposed to implement if you want to run a successful business or blog.

Among them is creating a website and finding a good host to take care of your website space needs, but another is crafting an email list – since it helps you achieve better and more efficient marketing tactics.

There are numerous email service providers in the hosting space today, and it can be challenging to choose one that suits your needs.

After all, they all seem to offer the same services or have similar pricing structures – but, there is always something for you.

In this review, we tackle one of these providers, by doing a MailJet review.

By the end of this article, you will have a better idea of what the platform offers, whether it suits your needs, and the pricing tiers – all which are very important to help you make a wise choice.

What is MailJet?


This is an email marketing software that uses cloud-based technology and helps you to track, send and deliver transactional emails.

With its beginnings going back to 2010 in France and now under Mailgun, the company is now used by many marketing teams to send their transactional and campaign emails.

In recent weeks, they added a multi-user collaboration feature, which both developers and marketers can use in real-time to work on one email simultaneously. This has led to an increase in the popularity of their platform – and it even serves customers in more than 150 countries.

This service will work for you if integrations are very important to you, or you are looking for a platform to help you collaborate with other team members when it comes to marketing activities.

It can help you work on marketing even if you do not have the technical skills to do so, such as when you are a developer.

However, it will not be a good choice if you are looking for advanced features since its budget-friendliness limits what it offers.

MailJet Review By Experts & Users


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15 MailJet Pros or Advantages

Because all hosting companies have different objectives, they will cater to different needs – therefore, it is not possible to find one that offers perfect software applications for all types of users.

However, you should also check the features you want to look for in a hosting service – whether it is the financial element, the features each provider has, the size of companies it caters to, and so on.

Making the best decision involves doing a lot of groundwork to cover all aspects thoroughly, and helps you to remove all platforms that do not meet your needs.

While the platform does not have a variety of features that are unique to it, it still does an excellent job of making email marketing activities very simple, especially for a large volume sender.

It also has a dedicated tab known as ‘Stats’, which you can use when you want to generate marketing reports and view a variety of email statistics.

Below are some of the notable aspects you will get in the software:

1. Communication in real-time

Among the standout aspects of this email management platform is its dedicated area, which allow members in a team to collaborate and exchange messages on a variety of emails in real-time, all simultaneously.

If you happen to work in remote teams, this feature is particularly helpful, because it allows you to be as efficient as possible on the job despite the limitations of different geographical locations.

2. Email building

Designing a great email that looks good and fits the screens of the recipient’s devices can be a time consuming and tiring process. However, the company has teamed up with Passport, which is an easy-to-use editor that helps to simplify the process.

The possibilities you can use it for are endless. Ranging from inserting image or text blocks to using customized features like adding social media buttons, adding links and so on, it allows you to custom-make your emails in a different style for every user.

If you want to make more customizations, you can insert HTML code blocks to help craft special messages, and connect with your audience.

It will generally help you to create your marketing emails, create transactional emails and generate newsletters, as well as putting them in a responsive format.

If you are working in a team, then the real-time collaboration will help you improve the pace of decision making, as well as simplify the teamwork process.

Some of the emails you can generate on here are:

  • Classic newsletters (the Basic plan)
  • Easy A/B testing
  • Auto-responders
  • SMS (premium plan)
  • Transactional emails

The automations available here seem more like a slightly advanced auto-responder, as there is not much difference to note.

3. Subscription forms

One advantage that we note in our MaiJet review is the attractive subscription form that is a part of their packages.

Even if you may not have experience in design or technical skills, the platform still designs a beautiful form for you.

These forms are quite important as well since they are great ways of capturing the contact information of your visitors, as well as promoting new services or products to them using your newsletters.

4. Setting up of campaigns

If you thought email campaigns are difficult, then you have probably not used MailJet before.

Their platform offers you a wide variety of campaign management services and tools, as it allows you to get the complete range of benefits in reporting, specific campaign contact lists, as well as personalized transactional messages.

As we have mentioned before, they have created Passport – a very beautiful drag and drop editor.

It allows you to select from a very extensive library of templates you can use for your newsletters and emails, and you can also choose to build your own from scratch without needing technical knowledge.

In order to give your marketing campaigns the human touch, it allows you to tailor specified and personal content in every email quickly, and you can also choose variables like historical activities and location.

If you want, it is possible to adapt each campaign message to different customer profiles, in order to increase email management strategies.

Tracking user statistics is also possible, in order to help you understand the manner which your recipients are engaging with the emails you send them.

For instance, how many people opened your emails, who were they, and who clicked through to the content itself?

Thanks to the monitoring feature in use, it will help you to get usable data that helps you track the performance of the emails.

In the long term, this will help in refining the email marketing strategies, as well as optimizing your campaign performance.

5. Autoresponders

In order to assist you in setting up autoresponders (these are automated email sequences, which are triggered through the behaviour of customers), the platform gives you quite a number of templates.

These will work well for you if you are doing activities such as welcome campaigns, as well as making it easier to keep track of subscribers even after they update their details.

The bad news though is the glaring lack of autoresponders options beyond the templates present.

It makes it difficult to create highly complex sequences of automated mails when a subscriber has not opened their emails after a set time after they get the email.

6. Transactional emails

We have mentioned the transactional emails before in this article, but not elaborated much on it.

This is mainly where MailJet shines; they make sure that your transactional emails such as delivery information and order confirmation, will end up in the inbox of the relevant recipient.

Since it is a more advanced feature, it will require integration with the API of the platform, and a bit of coding knowledge.

Additionally, there are plenty of templates that cater specifically to transactional emails – for instance, when a payment method fails to go through.

It is also possible to get notifications in real time, even when your transactional emails fail to go through or be sent.

It will also inform you of any delivery delays, and when the intended recipients fail to open and click on the email.

7. Interface

While the platform has plenty of great features to explore, its interface is not necessarily the best we have seen. Our MailJet review reveals a series of frustrations with the menu, especially with the web app version.

Located at the top section, many users express their frustration with navigating it, as well as issues with the distribution of sections.

While the dashboard has some useful information to help you get by, it has issues with organization – especially when compared to other email management platforms.

You will find it easier to use after getting used to it, but prepare yourself for a learning curve until then.

8. Segmentation and contact lists

There are many sophisticated options to find on this platform, such as when you want to create multiple lists and organize your contacts into a variety of groups.

You can also enter various details, such as interests, age, behavior, gender, and so on. This will ultimately help you to provide better personalization to your audiences.

Our MailJet review shows that the platform constantly seeks to understand the opportunities and challenges that many marketers and businesses face when it comes to the world of digital operations.

For instance, you might send out newsletters, but not everything will reach your clients – and some clients might not open the email at all, choosing to mark it as spam instead.

These challenges make segmentation features very important since they will help in improving relationships with customers as well as faster deliveries.

You can also refine the selections, using behavior and contact field as criteria. This is only limited to the opens and clicks though, so you cannot be specific about what the customer clicked or opened.

If you happen to unsubscribe someone, this will be a universal result for all their clicks.

Part of the features of their segmentation is the addition of campaign comparisons, and the data this generates is quite helpful when you want to create campaigns or improve on past ones.

MaiilJet gives you plenty of insights that you can use, in order to see past performance of your emails as well as making future forecasts.

At the end of the day, all this information assists in making smart goals, and work hard to achieve them.

9. MailJet API

It is quite easy to integrate the MailJet API within a few minutes and send your emails to subscribers through Send API or SMTP Relay.

You can also choose a preferred language to use – NodeJS, PHP, Go, Java, Python. Ruby, C#, and so on.

All the information you require regarding the process is on the platform’s knowledgebase, which is quite comprehensive.

Reaching your recipients’ inbox

Even though it is a current necessity to send emails quickly, it is also important to make sure they land in the inbox of the recipient. In order to improve delivery rates, you can talk to the support team to help you with finding ways of optimizing your success rate, as well as improving your sender reputation and setting up dedicated IPs.

Getting greater insights into email performance

Through the use of the platform’s APIs, you can gain more insights to the performance of your email. These will include statistics such as bounces, clicks, opens, and much more.

In addition, the use of the PUSH mode gets your real time event information in a more efficient way to your subscriber list, and you can add the data to your web hooks or any external queuing services such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon, and Google Cloud.

10. Customer contacts and support

It is very essential to choose an email marketing service that works for you. While customer service might be an afterthought at first, it is essential to have a way of contacting the team if any problem arises.

The support options, unfortunately, are quite limited in scope.

When you select the Help option, there are three options which are vaguely presented, instead of the page taking you directly to where you can talk to the support team:

  • Need Help?
  • Asking a deliverability expert
  • Documentation

When you select ‘Need Help’, for instance, it takes you to the support center. The problem is the difficulties in navigation – there are plenty of whitepapers and FAQs.

When you click on the ‘Contact us’ option, you can send a ticket. There is lack of a live chat and phone support option, and you have no idea on the timing of responses.

If you click on ‘Documentation’, you will be redirected to a similar knowledge base, while Ask a deliverability expert will encourage you to upgrade your plan in order to talk to the MailJet experts directly.

In case you need more information about a topic, they do have a blog that is updated weekly. This covers various subjects such as email templates, software updates, email coding, and email marketing, among other options.

The platform is available in 5 languages – Spanish, Italian (though this is not available in the knowledgebase), English, French, and German.

11. Mailjet Blog

It’s always a pleasure to have useful information presented engagingly. Mailjet has an incredible blog page that is a testament to this.

Collecting knowledge on a platform that you use is very important, but getting inspiration and insights that help you to implement the said knowledge is arguably a more significant win.

The consistently updated blog features various information, tips, and tricks that you can use to level up your email marketing efforts.

It’s never a wrong time to pick the brains of various experts and other people who are successful in an industry you are also in.

12. Integration Support

Bringing Mailjet into your email marketing strategy as a new tool is likely to improve your workflow.

Be that as it may, the chances are that you are integrating the platform into a plan that makes use of other fantastic tools.

So, why not have a system where these tools can interact and talk to each other?

Thanks to Mailjet’s immense integration support, this functionality is available, with over 80 of the most popular tools used in business.

Such tools include Evernote, WordPress, Salesforce, and Magento. The combination makes for a smooth and efficient workflow.

13. Flexible Pricing Alternatives

Tools, such as Mailjet, can do wonders for the efficient execution of your marketing strategy. However, there is always a consideration for the cost you should be budgeting for.

Thankfully, Mailjet has four different pricing levels that can be adjusted for annual or monthly payments.

What sticks out is the fact that not all four of the account tiers are paid. There is a free plan that you can use without the need to enter any credit card details.

Of course, it is limited compared to the other options, but that doesn’t mean it cannot get the job done.

14. Verified Security Protocols

Mailjet has the distinction of being both GDPR compliant and ISO 27001 certified. This means that the platform has demonstrated exemplary security system implementations.

Not only is data integrity maintained, but the measures ensure that only authorized persons can access the information.

Secure data centers are used to retain your data, and they use Google Cloud as the underlying technology.

Additionally, data redundancy is a part of the workflow, as full backups are written to multiple disks for attention.

This makes for a smooth data recovery process if an event should ever cause the primary store to become compromised.

15. Branded Email Building Platform

When something has already been created successfully, there is sometimes no point in trying to replicate it.

This is especially true if you can access the system and make it available to others. Mailjet allows you to do this with its email builder.

Not only can you customize it, but you can rebrand it as your own custom with the various features that makes it unique.

This is a conclusively successful offering, since the platform is known for its fantastic performance.

If it falls into the nature of your business, this means that you can implement a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering.

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    Quick Pros & Cons


    • Allows for multi-user collaboration activities
    • Very flexible pricing compared to other email marketing platforms
    • Easy to use
    • They deliver their solutions well


    • The conditions for segmentation are quite limited
    • The list management feature is not as friendly as it should become
    • Conditions for automation are quite limited

    Email solutions that MailJet offers

    The platform has 4 packages and it uses the number of emails you send as a basis of payment. They are:


    The benefits you get under this package are:

    • Unlimited contacts
    • Advanced statistics
    • Webhooks, SMTP relay, APIs
    • Advanced email editor
    • Online customer support (email only)
    • Free sub-accounts
    • No MailJet logo in your mails


    • Segmentation of contact lists
    • Multi-user collaborations
    • A/B testing
    • Marketing automation

    Premium & Enterprise

    • Strong infrastructure
    • Service level agreement
    • Very reliable deliverability
    • Custom migration and onboarding
    • Provision of a dedicated customer success manager
    • Inbox preview
    • Custom numbers of users
    • Advanced permissions
    • Integration and deliverability experts

    Quick facts on their Pricing

    The pricing of MailJet begins at $8.69 a month, although they have a free version available. Their packages are quite flexible and include Enterprise, Premium, and Basic packages.

    The basis of their pricing fee is the number of emails you send per month, and they bill all the paid tiers on an annual basis rather than monthly.

    Note that the free version has some limitations – as expected of a free package – but it can still do the job well for you; especially if your website does not have a big email list, such as for a startup company.

    Here are the pricing tiers:

    • Free

    Their free plan is forever, and you can choose to upgrade it later when you wish to. It allows you to send a monthly maximum of 6,000 emails, along with a daily limit of 200 emails – which makes it great for smaller businesses.

    It also allows you to store unlimited contacts, Webhooks, SMTP Relay, APIs, as well as using the platform’s ‘Statistics’ and ‘Advanced Email Editor’ features.

    • Basic

    The monthly payment is $8.69 and allows you to send a monthly limit of 30,000 emails. You will get access to all the core features, such as APIs, analytics, email editor, and so on.

    There is also no limit on your daily emails, and you get access to both customer support and the option to remove or include Mailjet’s logo in your emails.

    • Premium

    It starts at a monthly fee of $18.86, and you will get all the benefits as the previous two plans. In addition, you will access marketing automation, A/B testing, segmentation, and multi-user collaborations.

    • Enterprise

    The cost here is customized to meet your needs, which are beyond the previous three. It will work for you if you send a high volume of emails (more than 900,000 per month).

    You will access all the benefits above – in addition to a dedicated account manager, advanced permissions, service level agreement, and custom numbers of users, inbox previews, migration, and custom onboarding.

    Final thoughts

    • Company Details



    Other than the unique collaboration feature, the platform also offers transactional email packages, automation, A/B testing, and SMS integration, which are all pain-free and easy to use.

    They use a host of integrations as well, and it also includes a widget editor that will allow you to make and embed them on your website home page.

    At the end of the day, our MailJet review reveals that it will work for you if integrations are very important to you, or you are looking for a platform to help you collaborate with other team members when it comes to marketing activities.

    It can help you work on marketing even if you do not have the technical skills to do so, such as when you are a developer.

    However, it will not be a good choice if you are looking for advanced features since its budget-friendliness limits what it offers.

    MailJet Review

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