What is The Benefits of Using Email Marketing For Your Blog

benefits of email marketing

Email marketing takes the lead as the best performing lead generation and lead conversion strategy today, and this isn’t expected to change.

Pitted as one of the most effective ways for reaching customers, marketers are doing their best to get the most leads out of this strategy.

The use of email marketing is effective, even among the millennials – which is why you need to carve out a bigger chunk of your marketing budget into marketing via email.

About 196billion emails are sent daily by 3.8 million users worldwide, and 109million of these are business emails. With 34 percent of people actively using emails worldwide, you might want to tap into it.

These numbers make email marketing a vibrant and powerful part of our lives.

If you are still on the fence over the use of email marketing for your business, here are top benefits that you are missing out on:

1. It has a High ROI

With millions of email users worldwide, email presents an attractive and effective front for you to sell your business.

Done well, one email could generate about $40 on every dollar spent giving you a high ROI of 4000 percent.

To back these numbers is a DMA report which shows that up to two-thirds of all customers targeted via email have made a direct purchase as a result.

There also are studies which show that as much as 20 percent of the leads sent to sakes directly to sales are qualified leads meaning they require nurturing via email and the creation of great content.

Also, 2016 survey done on marketers revealed that the recorded median ROI was as high as 122 percent.

These statistics make email marketing the highest performing marketing tactic. And if you play the email marketing card well, these benefits will come your way.

The high ROI from email marketing also comes from the strategy’s cost-effectiveness. It lets you reach many customers at the lowest cost.

The only costs associated with email marketing are campaign management cost, content creation, and the maintenance of an email list.

2. It’s more effective and a stronger conversion tool than social media

Regarding customer acquisition, the use of email marketing is up to 40X more effective in comparison to Facebook and several other top social networking sites.

The email conversion rates are at least three times as high as the conversion rates recorded for social media.

While social media is a powerful part of your digital marketing strategy, being a front for interactions, engagement, and relationship building with your audience – resulting in conversion, email marketing still wins when it comes to the conversion of the audience on social media into members and customers.

This eMarketer report noted that the effectiveness of email marketing kept rising and that email marketing is an effective tool for driving customer acquisition and customer retention.

Organic search and the use of social media come in second and third (respectively) as the tools for customer acquisition and retention.

3. It Gets Work Done

Email is an avenue for building positive relationships with your audience, but it also serves other numerous roles.

The use of email is great for brand awareness because it keeps your brand name and products on the readers’ mind.

The use of email as a digital marketing strategy is also a great tool for content promotion. You can use email and the build email list to notify your subscribers about the new blog or YouTube video.

This keeps your audience informed at all times – they will easily share your content and build your subscriber list in the process.

The other uses of emails in marketing include lead generation, lead nurturing, and product marketing.

We can’t overlook the bit here emails are transactional – you can use an email to easily and effortlessly direct traffic to your blog or website/ YouTube channel, driving sales in the process.

So, rather than send out newsletters all the time, create transactional automated emails to your customers.

The Experian reports that sending transactional emails yields up to 8X higher clicks and opens compared to other types of emails.

4. Email is Highly Customizable and Personal

Perhaps the biggest reason why email marketing works is that of how you can customize it so that the right message reaches your potential customers/ leads.

Email marketing involves a lot of audience segmentation where you group your audience into lists you tailor a message that resonates well with your readers.

Segmentation enables the creation and sharing of valuable information to your readers, resulting in up to 760 percent rise in revenue.

The DMA reports that targeted and segmented emails generate as much as 58 percent of all revenue.

Segmentation doesn’t work too well on social media platforms because you create one post for your audience, regardless of their needs and personalities.

The social media posts are not highly targeted. And unlike email, you cannot address a person by name.

Email allows a high level of personalization, and beyond the name, you can split your content/ topics for specific members of your list before sending the message to your audience’s personal email.

And the fact that the email is personalized gives you an edge – 26 percent likelihood of the email being opened.

To make all this possible, your email should never be a spam email.

You should use email as a way to build customer trust and loyalty – a way of building positive relationships with your customers by speaking to them directly.

5. You can Track and Measure Email Marketing Metrics

The best marketing strategies are, and they allow tracking of all essential metrics.

You can track an email’s bounce rate, click-through-rates, and open rates, and with the right tools, you can keep track of unopened or unread emails for email remarketing.

Tracking these metrics tells you and your team when and how to tweak things for improved results and success. For example, a low email open rate could signal several issues like having a dead or full email address, something you can correct with an email validation tool easily integrated into your ESP for email list clean up.

Lastly, you have to use email marketing because people are always on their mobile devices checking emails and social media.

They will see your email. Also, email marketing automation – saves time and resources.

benefits of email marketing

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