Sendinblue Review Dec 2023: Users & Expert | 15 Pros & 2 Cons

Sendinblue Review

Sendinblue is a cloud-based email marketing service provider that offers simple but sophisticated services at affordable prices, the company utilizes the use of SMTP and SAAS.

The adaptable essentials to help scale an online business and create awareness while building stronger customer relationships come at a steep price.

Sendinblue, therefore, offers its users solid automation features that enable them to carry out seamless email marketing campaigns, complete with customizable templates and tracking tools.

Apart from attracting the numbers, which is what most businesses do, you should also work to ensure that your website ranks among the top-performing, in terms of user satisfaction.

For example, you could use integrations to enhance conversion, click and open rates.

What is Sendinblue?


Email marketing is a pre-requisite for any online business, why?

You may wonder. Well, because the service lets you build relationships with your visitors, and customers while generating income.

However, you must also ensure that you provide valuable services and products that encourage users to opt-in to your subscriber’s list.

Sendinblue is an email marketing service provider that provides you with the necessary tools to help build a strong relationship with your customers.

Adopting the services from Sendinblue means that you will be able to scale your business, collaborate efficiently with your clients and access automatic updates under the cloud service.

Sendinblue Review By Experts & Users


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15 Sendinblue Pros or Advantages

1. Integration

The email marketing service provider lets you optimize the processes that you run on their interface, you are free to use the marketing automation feature as you personalize your workflow.

For example, via the time optimization feature, you can increase the open rates in your site by using the provided algorithms, which enable you to pick the right time to send emails.

The various integrations only enhance your user experience and enable customization of the already in built-in features.

For example, the Word Press plug-in feature is unique because of the different services that you can access such as the thrive leads and it also helps you increase your subscriber lists.

To fully maximize on the Thrive leads feature; you could add subscription forms to your website so that when you connect Thrive leads to Sendinblue you will be able to view your email stats.

However, this will be after you’ve sent email messages to thrive Leads via Sendinblue.

Also, all the new contacts that subscribe via your thrive leads will automatically be added to your Sendinblue contact list.

In addition, there are other integrations provided by Sendinblue such as Magento, which when in sync with your Sendinblue account, lets you manage your customer communications via the emailing and messaging service.

2. The Improvement Feature

This is an optimization option that will enable you to read the open and click-through reports and determine which areas need adjustment.

Your campaign strategy can also be improved by visualizing how users interact with your site via the heat maps.

The important A/B testing tool is also available here and the tool collects data for you that will be vital in selecting the best converting email.

Real-time statistics are also available and Sendinblue keeps you informed of email deliveries, opens and clicks, and the bounced messages.

The live monitoring metrics provide a user with easy to understand graphics and you can even view how your transactional emails are performing by the second.

Transactional emails are different from promotional as they are personalized and sent individually.

Lastly, we have the Send Time optimization that enables a user to schedule for an email to be sent at a specific time, this feature gives you the power to effectively target each of your contacts.

For example, you could send the marketing emails over the week instead of the weekend.

3. Conversion features

Users who have used the email marketing service are familiar with these vital features that you cannot do without if you want to run a successful online business.

The features are the landing pages, sign up forms, Facebook ads and Retargeting. The latter enables your visitors to meet with your advertisements on other websites and also tracks their performance.

4. The Personalization feature

Here you will enhance the relationship between you and your customers via the CRM tool; you will also be able to optimize your marketing and segmentation messages.

The transactional emails will also be accessible under this feature and you can set up order confirmation emails. You can also create different email templates for different transactions.

5. The communication feature

Sendinblue will let you inform the world of your online business via email marketing and you can also communicate directly with your subscribers via the Sms marketing feature.

You, therefore, won’t miss your client’s urgent messages if maybe you are running a sale or a promotion. The chat option also facilitates direct chatting with customers and new visitors to your site.

6. Support

The email marketing service provider offers support services to its users via the phone or email. What is even more interesting is that their support staff have mastered over six different languages.

The email marketing service provider also offers free tutorials in their knowledgebase that includes videos.

7. Language Support

Marketing is a universal discipline that is independent of barriers, such as location and language. This is especially true for those who are using an online platform.

Sendinblue promotes a spirit of inclusivity by offering the ability for its users to choose from one of six languages.

Of course, there are not only six languages in the world, but the six that were chosen are the most universal of them all.

Therefore, there is an incredibly high likelihood that virtually any user that accesses the site can execute the desired functionality in a comfortable language.

8. Industry Independent System

Email marketing is something that can be used by just about any business.

Unfortunately, many of the solutions that are available today have a feature set that is way more conducive to some industries than it is to others.

This is where Sendinblue establishes its difference, as it provides an equal plane to every user.

So, for example, if your business is an NGO, an e-commerce facilitator, an agency, etc., the platform not only works well, but it also possesses all the features necessary to support your workload and allow you to reach your target audience.

9. GDPR Compliance

GDPR consideration is very important in any email marketing system for the protection of your data.

Remember that much of the information that is needed to carry out your email marketing tasks must be stored by the platform.

Therefore, proper consideration must be given to how this information is handled.

Sendinblue adheres to GDPR principles in numerous ways.

Among these are allowing you to rectify your information at any time, facilitating requests to erase accounts and data, ensuring that your data is portable, and allowing you to gain insight into what data is collected and how it is used.

10. Affiliate Options

Sendinblue allows you to potentially increase your revenue by supporting your marketing strategy.

This means that you have a better chance of reaching your customer base on an individual level with your desired message.

However, this is not the only way for you to maximize your earning potential on the site.

There are three different affiliate options that you can leverage depending on what category you fall under.

These are Agencies & Consultants, Bloggers & Publishers, and Incubators & VCs.

Each category rewards you financially when you expose the platforms to new members who sign up and use services.

11. Sendinblue Blog

The Sendinblue blog is an optimal place for you to learn as you reach your customers. You can implement all you read into your various strategies, so that you can meet your conversion targets.

The best thing about this blog is that the information provided falls under two categories that come together to create sound strategies.

The first is information about the Sendinblue platform and its features. The second is information that is specific to the discipline of email marketing.

Bringing the two together can create an unforgettable experience for your audience. This is how you create customer advocates.

12. Pricing Flexibility

Pricing is always a consideration for email marketing services.

There is not only the thought of how much the service costs, but it is also important to be able to purchase a plan with a feature set that is most applicable to you.

When done right, this allows you to save by not spending on functionality you may never use.

Sendinblue has five different membership tiers with different feature sets.

The first is free. Of course, when compared so the other options, the free one is the most limited, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t do a good job.

13. API Provision

Sendinblue provides its API for use in customer platforms.

Thanks to the usage of a standard programming interface, developers can embed the functionality in other sites.

Like any good API provider, there is extensive documentation to assist with implementation.

Using the API allows access to several features, such as SMS campaigns, transactional emails, email campaigns, automation, etc.

Once you create your Sendinblue account, you can access your API key from the SMTP and API section, which you use to both verify your account and make requests.

Integrations are very easy with languages such as Java, Python, Ruby, and C#.

14. Media Coverage Page

If you are interested in keeping up with all things Sendinblue, you can visit the site’s media coverage page. This is a central store of all online news that revolves around the platform.

It is a great way to both learn about Sendinblue, and to stay abreast of its position in the current landscape of email marketing strategies.

In another superb nod to inclusivity, the news stories are collected from news sources that do publications in the six languages that the website supports.

Updates are frequent, so you can periodically check the page to see what’s new.

15. Glossary

Every discipline has concepts that are specific to it, and the email marketing one is no different. Sendinblue knows not everyone is familiar with the various words that are specific to the practice.

Therefore, the website has a glossary page that is dedicated to helping users to understand these terms.

Not only is it a great way to learn the definition of these words in the context of email marketing, but it also provides an opportunity to use the provided information to make changes to your strategy to improve efficiency and your conversion rate.

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    Quick Pros & Cons


    • User-Friendly
    • Offer a free plan
    • Pocket-Friendly prices
    • No hidden commitment charges


    • The newsletter editor needs polishing
    • Few advanced options

    Who should use Sendinblue?

    1. Website owners

    When you open your online shop and have incorporated the necessary SEO to facilitate visibility by Google crawlers, you attract visitors that you have to work hard to convert to permanent customers.

    The question is how?

    Well first is by incorporating little acts of kindness, which will create a good impression that helps enhance the strong bond with your visitors.

    Now the practical approach involves sending welcome emails whenever a visitor subscribes to your email list. The welcome messages are normally automated and will surely engage your visitor if you also attach them with an incentive.

    A welcome email that does not stand out from the many emails that your visitors receive in their inbox will most probably fail to encourage them to stick with your services.

    You can also send thank you notes whenever a customer purchases a service or a product from your online shop.

    Also, remember that not all your visitors know how to use all the products and services that you offer, but you can counter this problem by providing product descriptions and their functions. You never know, your clients might be in need of a specific product but don’t know how to use it.

    By attaching a free informative PDF that elaborates on the products and services that you offer, makes your visitors comfortable and helps create the necessary curiosity required for opens and clicks.

    Incentives can be in many other forms such as downloadable informative videos, also implementing the above strategies will discourage high bounce rates.

    Hooking your visitors is one thing but keeping them engaged requires the use of a good email builder that will help you customize its features and come up with a professional-looking email.

    Sendinblue gives users the option of either using their customized templates or creating their own via their drag and build option right from scratch.

    Designing a professional email involves personalizing the contents of the message that will help keep your site visitors hooked.

    Therefore, you can use the information that your subscribers have entrusted you with such as their first and last name, date of birth and gender preference. Sendinblue enables this option via the dynamic personalization option.

    Another sinker strategy is when you address your email subscribers by their first name when drafting an email message. This strategy has been found to increase open rates and it works the same as when you meet a stranger.

    If they mention your name, they get your full attention but if they just shake your hand, you will lose interest and tend to be in a hurry to catch up with your errands.

    All the subscribers in your list have different interests, you cannot, therefore, send just any email message to their inbox as they might end up in a spam folder or even worse be deleted on arrival.

    Remember, as much as you want to keep your customers engaged and turn them into permanent customers sending emails frequently that are not relevant will push your subscribers to opt-out, as it is kind of annoying.

    Now on sending targeted emails, Sendinblue lets you create a segment list, and for the product and services that you offer on your site, you can create personalized but relevant messages, which will guarantee you a high open and click rate.

    If you send lots of junk mail and address them by your customer’s name, they still won’t be opened because they don’t contain relevant information.

    Sendinblue’s segmentation feature allows you a number of customizable options, which are to create, to separate, and then to regroup your email contacts.

    The procedure ensures that your site visitors are grouped with regard to their interests and get information concerning their specific interest.

    Entrepreneurs understand that knowing their customer’s likes and dislikes is important, as they won’t have to obtain goods that are going to end up as dead stock.

    Therefore, Sendinblue provides users with demographic and behavioral criteria that enable them segment their customers with regard to their socio-demographic information such as “Place of residence.”

    The chat and Sms marketing option are another sure way of adding fuel to your already successful marketing strategy. When customers are shopping or engaging with your site, they might shoot some questions and you need to be available to answer them.

    The above features by Sendinblue will thus help you be present at any given time, to answer urgent queries regarding services like products on offers.

    • Find new customers on Facebook

    The social media platforms contain some new customers for your site but you have to be strategic in how you approach them.

    For example, when launching your Facebook campaign it would be best to use the Facebook ad feature provided by Sendinblue. The latter is present in your account and you just have to customize it for your target customers.

    When creating your ad via Sendinblue, you will add a link that redirects the new visitors to your landing page or website. Other important information contained, are your texts and images that will help engage your new clients.

    Running an online store requires one to stay ahead of the game if you plan on winning you will have to exhaust all the possible marketing avenues present.

    Your online store might not contain everything a user wants but you might acquire them later. A situation that might make some of your users to drift away and since they could also have gotten tired of your irrelevant email messages, your counter-attack strategy will be to corner them with Facebook.

    Therefore, to add or find new customers for your online shop, simply use Facebook Intelligent targeting.  The feature will assist you get more customers, like the already existing ones by synchronizing your frequent customers to a specified Sendinblue contact list.

    You can then display the Facebook ads to individuals with the same characteristics and interests while redirecting the ones drifting away.

    Another interesting fact about Sendinblue is that it will allow you to set and pay for a favorable campaign budget.

    And here you are free to set the dates that you want your campaigns to start and end, you will then state the maximum budget to be used within the campaign days and you won’t be charged extra.

    • Facebook Metrics

    Don’t relax because you are not home and dry yet as you need to know if the campaigns are working for your good.

    The metrics of each Facebook ad that you posted is gathered in the reports page, which gives information on the Ad impressions and clicks.

    The number of users who saw your advertisement will be availed to you, the percentage of views who clicked on your ad, and the number of unique clicks.

    Sendinblue is your email marketing service provider if you plan to run a business whether online or physical because, from the above information, they have fully dedicated their efforts to ensure that your online business thrives.

    Don’t forget, however, to use their Landing page creator, because it is an essential component for your visitor’s when they first land on your site.

    2. Small Business owners

    A physical shop already has its customers, and they are convenient for people who spend less time on the internet.  Netizens, on the other hand, use the little time they have to scout the various online shops.

    You, therefore, might tend to think that your growing business doesn’t need an online presence because of the top dogs in the industry, but that’s not true.

    The competing field when it comes to email marketing is level and you only need a good provider and a unique strategy to level up.

    Except for the clients that come to your physical shop, all other online users see you as a big retailer with regard to how you carry your services. This mentality, therefore, will attract conversions that will boost your small business.

    When creating your email marketing campaign via Sendinblue, you will need to incorporate strategies that have been used by other e-commerce site owners.

    One is by growing your list via the opt-in forms and plan on the types of emails that you want to send. You will then design your email to suit your brand and then customize the content to suit the subscribers on the segmented list.

    After sending your email campaign be sure to check on the results, and this includes A/B testing before sending and the use of metrics to find out which emails or opt-in forms convert the best. You can also branch out via social platforms such as Facebook by using its ad features.

    Remember you have to stay one step ahead in the already saturated email marketing strategy.

    However, don’t focus so much on your physical business and forget that you have to be consistent with the emails that you send. Also, to build larger audiences encourage sign-ups anywhere you can and include CTA buttons.

    Is Sendinblue easy to use?

    Many people avoid anything that looks complicated because life itself is already complicated, but to make it big in any industry, you have to dare to try and you will discover that nothing is difficult.

    Many email marketing service providers give their users the opportunity to either create their own email campaigns or use the provided support service.

    Some builders are direct and easy to use like the Sendinblue creator, their service is intuitive and once you get into their platform, you will be welcomed with three options.

    The first one is to import all your contacts, you will then be asked to complete your profile and the third option is to create and schedule your campaign. Well, that was easy.

    Not every email service provider gives users a free package, upon signing up. Most of them offer a 14day free trial, after which you can purchase a plan.

    Others require for you to input your credit card information, which is a subtle way of binding you into a contract. When the free limited period is over, you will be enrolled immediately to a paid plan of your choice.

    Sendinblue also, lets you use their free plan inclusive of a limited number of features that are significant such as the email A/B testing tool, to discern the best converting email before sending to your subscriber’s list.

    You can also access a mobile-friendly email designer and an email template library to help you pick and customize a campaign email that perfectly suits your brand or service.

    Adopting the free service is wise for when you are starting out but in the long run, you might want to upgrade to the paid services which offer much more advanced converting services like the Facebook Ads.

    Sendinblue is an easy option for business people because they mainly rely on emails to market their businesses and their pricing feature is dependent on email volume.

    Varied third party integrations are also provided such as PayPal for your sites payment services, woo-commerce that enables you to run your online store with ease and Word Press.

    Pricing plan and options

    Sendinblue has two unique pricing plans, one that is free at $0 with limited features and the Enterprise plan that will need a quote but has all the significant features.

    The available paid plans are therefore three, and the first Lite plan goes for $25/m, which is also good for new marketers and allows you 40,000 emails.

    The second plan goes for $39/m known as the Essential plan and can handle 60,000 emails.

    The third one is the Premium plan at $ 66 /m with 120,000 emails. The features available in the plans differ with the amount paid.

    For example, the premium plan contains the marketing automation option, the chat and multi-user access features that are not available in the $39 package.

    The Enterprise, on the other hand, contains some the most advanced features as compared to the Lite and Essential paid plans such as the Dedicated infrastructure, the priority sending option and the SSO (SAML).

    The Single-Sign-On (SSO), enables users to use the same login credentials to log into other service providers, whereas the Security Assertion Markup language (SAML), lets the identity providers pass the authorization credentials to the service providers.

    Final thoughts

    • Company Details



    Many email marketing service providers offer a lot more advanced options and integrations than Sendinblue but they cannot match up to their price plans.

    Therefore, their service will work well for new beginners given their generosity to offer users a free plan with zero commitment.

    Their marketing features mostly cater to small businesses and e-commerce sites, but they have also been fully optimized to cater to users customization needs.

    The service providers marketing tools have been extended to include social media sites in which you are provided with a customizable template, to run a successful ad on your Facebook page.

    Sendinblue Review

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