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Aweber Review

Aweber is a service provider that helps online entrepreneurs keeps in touch with their subscribers.

The email marketing provider enables users to use Autoresponders for email marketing campaigns.

Advertising your online business is a costly venture, you; therefore, target prospective clients but have no way of knowing whether they are interested in your product or services.

More like wishful thinking where you conceive a belief without evidence that your prospects are interested in what you offer.

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    Aweber, therefore, enables you to keep in touch with clients that are interested in your products and services. And you can organize a list of subscribers that you have gained via your landing page or website and prepare personalized emails.

    The service provider ensures that you have evidence that your clients are interested in your services via the opt-in email option on your website

    Aweber Review By Experts & Users

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    Comments Rating 4.43 (54 reviews)

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    15 Aweber Pros or Advantages

    1. Integrations

    One of the easiest ways of selling your products and services is via a webinar, the feature also enables you to grow your lists, though many people think it is a traditional method, email marketing service provides are still including them as part of integrations.

    Aweber, for example, provides it for its users who can use it to manage registrations, generate reports and conduct polls.

    Another integration is the PayPal payment feature, many online marketers and e-commerce sites have integrated the feature to enable them to accept payment from their customers around the Globe.

    PayPal is also available in Aweber, where you have the option of inviting your customers to your email lists but only after you have synched PayPal with your Aweber account.

    Other integrated features include Drupal; the Raven tools that will help manage and monitor your online marketing campaigns. Users can also access the AppDrag which helps a user create a website that matches their brand and style without having any coding knowledge.

    2. Subscriber segmenting

    As a method of email marketing, subscriber segmenting allows users to send relevant emails to your interested clients. Targeted emails have been determined to increase a user’s Return On Investment (ROI).

    Aweber, therefore, enables you to send educational email courses, you can also send an email with an incentive, and this option can be accessed in your sign-up form.

    When making the form you could include the option where your visitors can fill in their birth months, then you will set up custom fields to apply a tag regarding their selection.

    You can send them an email with a birthday gift to the group of tagged subscribers. You are also allowed to send webinar emails and do a little clean up by removing the unengaged subscribers.

    3. Email Analytics

    The Aweber’s Email Web Analytics allows users to use their own domains for click tracking URLs, and they can track the page views that a subscriber makes on other pages within their site.

    Also, a user can track their sales revenue, which is tied to their subscribers. Lastly, they can segment their subscribers and send them emails based on their sales revenue.

    The service provider also boasts of a team of email marketing experts, who will help you out with any email marketing problem that you might be experiencing.

    4. Aweber Stats App

    The email marketing service provider has made their users work easy via the Stats app and now they can keep tabs on their subscribers by finding out when they signed up and their progress by how they have been interacting with the emails.

    Users can also stay on track with their email marketing from anywhere.

    5. Support

    Aweber runs a responsive support service that runs 24 hours a day and every day. The service also works for holidays. So you don’t need to worry about anything.

    Users who work at night can also contact them anytime for any help.

    Account-holders who need help within the specified time limits don’t have to worry about paying for the calls because as it is toll-free and they have even provided an international line to their users.

    A chat and email mode of communicating for those who don’t want to use their toll-free phone services.

    6. Behavior-Based Automation

    Sometimes, email campaigns don’t do as well as they could because they are not sent at the most optimal moments.

    Aweber’s email automation circumvents this, as it allows you to automatically send messages based on assigned triggers.

    This creates a targeted campaign workflow that tailors your campaigns based on the messages that subscribers open and the links that they click on.

    Of course, the ability to send more relevant correspondence is conducive to a greater number of conversions and the creation of customer advocates.

    This is an advanced automation tactic packaged into a simple implementation plan.

    7. Informative Blog

    Aweber has a well-populated blog to provide you with a wealth of information to take your email marketing prowess to the next level.

    The massive and well-informed Aweber community consists of various professionals, such as social media marketers and content specialists.

    Diverse posts are published on a variety of topics that are intended to teach you new concepts and to help you improve in the areas that you are already familiar with.

    The blog is consistently updated, and there is no shortage of tips that are dedicated to helping you always stay ahead of the curve.

    8. Customer Referral Benefit

    The email marketing platform is dedicated to helping you to increase and maintain conversions, which results in a steady income. However, that’s not the only way for you to earn with Aweber.

    Thanks to the customer referral program, you can become an affiliate of the site, and earn by helping others to discover the service.

    The process is very simple. When you sign up as an Aweber advocate, you are assigned an ID.

    Once a new customer registers with your unique link, you stand to earn a referral bonus. Note that you also earn from their recurring payments.

    9. Free Trial

    As good as a service provider may make its service sound, the possibility exists that the said service simply doesn’t live up to the hype.

    Software systems are notorious for this, which is the reason that potential customers prefer to get a test run on before they commit to making a purchase.

    Aweber offers a 30-day free trial for potential customers.

    If you are interested in the email marketing platform, but you’re not sure that you want to buy it, this is the way to experience the pure joy that the current crop of Aweber customers already does.

    10. Email Deliverability Guarantee

    One of the biggest ways for a marketing effort to fail is for the message to not reach the intended audience.

    There is a lot of bulk message sending involved in email marketing, and this can cause a dangerous problem for your campaigns.

    If a service provider uses a third-party solution, it is very likely that many or all your campaign messages end up in junk folders.

    Aweber handles its own email delivery system, which ensures that the message gets delivered to each inbox.

    This also reduces the risk of your being blacklisted for sending out too many messages.

    11. Aweber Knowledge Base

    If you ever have any concerns caused by your being unsure about anything related to Aweber, there is an extensive knowledge base that you can tap into.

    The coverage is comprehensive, as there are various categories that the blocks of information fall under.

    Any question that you may have about the platform’s workflow, functionality, or even how to use it, can likely be answered with the vast array of information provided.

    Note that this knowledge base is periodically updated to ensure that customers like yourself have as much information as possible at their fingertips.

    12. System Status Monitoring

    Dealing with technology teaches you that you should never expect systems to always be stable.

    Though Aweber is well-designed, it sits on a variety of components that may not always work in the most efficient way. in fact, you may find that things are not working at all.

    Aweber does not practice keeping its customers in the dark, and so there is a monitor built into the site for the various services that needs to be working.

    You can view this at any time to help you determine if an experience you have is related to an outage.

    13. Visual Learning Support

    Even a system that is as intuitive as Aweber is, requires that users learn it before they start using it properly.

    While the knowledge base can help you to answer specific questions, learning the site and the various functionality options should be done with Aweber’s video learning module.

    All the videos that you need to take you from beginner to expert are present, and they are well categorized for your review.

    Even if you are not completely a visual learner, the engaging teaching style is sure to get the information across to you well.

    14. Template Creation

    You cannot have an email marketing campaign effort that is devoid of an identifiable brand identity. You could try to pull it off, but the chances are that your efforts would be for naught.

    The creation of an attractive campaign aesthetic that complements your brand identity can be a daunting task.

    Therefore, Aweber takes some of the burden away by providing you with a template functionality.

    Not only can you choose from the templates that are available, but you can also customize them as desired. Not having to start from scratch is completely worth it.

    15. #Aweberhour

    Just when you think that Aweber has revealed all its sources of information, #Awberhour comes into the mix. This is the platform’s way of tapping into the wider community around the world.

    From the site, you can click on the hashtag and see various discussions from community members around the world.

    While it may not be officially provided by Aweber, this is by far the largest source of information available.

    While the discussions may be specific to Aweber, much of the information is general purpose, and it applies to the idea of email marketing.

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    Quick Pros & Cons


    • Intuitive drag and drop builder
    • Fairly priced
    • Responsive support service
    • Offers users a 30day free trial to see if the service suits them


    • The strict spam policy makes it hard for users to add contacts that have not sent a subscription confirmation
    • Impossible to import contact list from other subscribers

    Who are the users of Aweber?


    A blog is a channel by which you promote your service or business; you can also offer informative tips on various issues such as health or finance. The big question, however, is how do you know your blog is performing well or poorly.

    Bloggers under Aweber have an opt-in form which users use to subscribe to their mailing list. This form will let you know if you are gaining sign-ups or if you are not attracting any via the split-testing opt-in-forms.

    You might think that the arrangement of information on your form works but with the application of scientific knowledge, you will find out what works and learn the nature of your visitors.

    Therefore, to ensure that your future blog attracts sign-ups, create two sign-up forms and arrange details differently in each of them and split test to see which of the forms attracts the most sign-ups.

    You can also send three broadcast messages; allocate each a different sending time and then compare the click rates and determine the time of day that you will communicate with your subscribers.

    Aweber allows bloggers to send their users automatically generated follow up emails. So when a visitor signs up to your mailing lists you know you have hooked them.

    Now you have to initiate the line and this you will achieve by starting conversations such as sending them a free e-book or restating the points that got them hooked earlier but be sure to keep them brief and polite.

    The sinker here is establishing a connection with your subscriber after bringing them back to your blog and having your call to action generate your income. The hook, line, and sinker strategy have to provide a visitor with context and value.

    Most importantly is that after they start purchasing your products or services you want to keep the communication channel going by sending a thank you email.

    As a blogger, you might also want to get rid of the unresponsive emails and create space for new ones, but doing it yourself is not an option because you most likely will make mistakes.

    The Aweber support staff is always at your beck and call, they will remove the unresponsive subscribers from your site, giving you a chance to optimize for conversions.

    Business people

    Both big and small businesses need Aweber, Why?

    Because while running your online business you want to make sure that the marketing emails you send are reaching the right customers.

    This, therefore, means that your emails may be deleted or end up in a spam folder, and this is where the email marketing service provider comes in.

    If your email marketing does not comply with the data and privacy protection rules your online business will have a short lifespan.

    However, Aweber has zero-tolerance for spammers and their strict policies comply with the CAN-SPAM (Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography And Marketing) Act.

    The act attracts penalties of up to $16,000 for every violation and requires for commercial messages to give recipients the right to stop you from mailing them.

    Therefore, each marketing email that you send to your customers “must” have an opt-out option that customers can opt-out from all your future mailings.

    Business people using the Aweber email marketing service can carry out an analysis to see which of their clients opened and the ones that didn’t open their emails.

    The analytics feature will, therefore; help them focus on emails and subscribers that attract conversions.

    Entrepreneurs can also maximize their services with information from the graphs that record the daily, weekly and monthly subscriber growth in their websites.

    This feature will put them in a better position to decide whether the product or service they are offering is making sales or whether they need to innovate or change the business altogether.

    Lastly, the provision of integration features allows business people to further advertise their products and services by sharing links to their messages on social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

    In addition, they can also use the Facebook forms on their Facebook pages to gain potential clients.

    Is Aweber easy to use?

    Being an Email Marketing service Aweber has scaled up its services and taken its users to the next level. Did you know that your visitors or subscribers can leave you a review, answer a survey question and even RSVP to an event inside your mail? Well, this new feature has been enabled by the AMP for email.

    Another new amazing feature that Aweber provides for its users is the ability to split test your emails. As you grow your subscriber list you will want to send the best emails. You can, therefore, split test them and send the best one to your mailing list.

    You can also manage a number of subscribers; since the analytics feature helps you to develop your customer’s persona.

    Aweber also enables you to use tags and then apply labels to the list of your subscribers and group them by their interest. This makes it easy when sending out marketing emails as you will be able to customize to match your subscriber’s needs.

    Enough with the new email marketing tips from Aweber, let us now find out if the email marketing service provider is really easy to use. Aweber has very easy to use drag and drop features, first there is the drag and drop editor that has over 700 templates, which are also mobile responsive.

    The Aweber editor allows a user to simply click and drag a block for the element that they want to place in their messages.

    However, if you are having doubts about how to drag and drop the blocks and what each of them does you can visit their knowledgebase.

    You can also access the easy to use email feature and here you will use the Autoresponders, which will deliver messages to your new subscribers. You can even track the performance of your email marketing campaigns and schedule the sending of emails for a later time.

    When you come up with an informative blog post it is normal to want it to go viral, you will, therefore, use the Aweber email newsletters feature that will automatically create emails for the new blog post. And then use the drag and drop editor for the email Automation feature that will enable you to create an automated email sequence.

    Online business people and bloggers can optimize their marketing funnel by using the drag and drop campaign editor to build email automation flows. The feature enables you to trigger campaigns and tag your subscribers with regard to the emails and the links that they open.

    Aweber provides its users with sign-up forms for collecting subscribers, and the best part is that the forms are mobile responsive.

    Therefore, your users don’t necessarily have to be on their desktops to subscribe to your email list. There is also the option of double opt-in where you can request your visitors to confirm their subscription after opting in.

    Even more interesting is that you can transfer your subscribers to Aweber without bothering your clients by asking them to opt-in again.

    Subscribers’ opting out is a nightmare of its own, therefore, it might be hard for you to start asking your subscribers again if they want to continue receiving your mails. And live through the fear of them opting out.

    The Aweber easy to use “Team Hub” icon enables a user to add the number of users of their account up to three, to which you can assign them three roles depending on the levels of their access.

    Important to note is that only the owner can access everything and is allowed to invite new users. Other team members can access the account but they cannot manage users, neither can they view or edit the billing information.

    Pricing plan and options

    Aweber pricing plan differs by the number of subscribers; however, all the users get access to all the services, which are Analytics, Segmenting, Automation, unlimited emails, sign-up forms and 6,000 stock photos not forgetting the educational resources among others.

    Before you purchase any plan, you can first use the 30day free trial, which also gives you access to all the features.

    At $19/m you are allowed to host at least 500 subscribers, however, you need to remember that if you utilize all of the available marketing features your list might grow exponentially demanding the $29/m plan that can hold up to 2500 subscribers.

    For 5000 subscribers you will pay $49/m and $69/m for 10,000 subscribers. The highest plan goes for $149/m with a capacity of 25,000 subscribers.

    If your account gets more than 25000 subscribers then you will be given a quote, the billing options are not fixed and users can pay for them either annually or quarterly.

    Aweber users can change their billing plans later if they feel it doesn’t suit them anymore through the control panel. The email marketing service provider does not have any hidden or extra charges after ordering the first free plan.

    Benefits of Email Marketing

    Before we talk about the importance of using Aweber as your email marketing service provider let us find out the benefits attached therein when you use the service.

    Many entrepreneurs have turned to digital marketing besides having physical stores while others exclusively operate online stores.

    Now, most probably the services or products that you offer are offered by a million other online merchants, which is good because you will be encouraged to go out of your way to satisfy your customers.

    One of the ways of promoting your product to a larger audience is via email marketing; the ripple effect caused by this service will lead to conversions.

    Aweber, therefore, gives you a 30day free trial to test out their services by running your business or blog with access to email creating and automation tools.

    Now that you can start your email marketing campaign, you stand a chance of attracting new customers because when your email is forwarded to many people, you gain followers who are interested in your product or serviced and will later convert to customers.

    Let’s say for example you have just released a new product in the market and need to promote it, how can email marketing assist you?

    First, you will provide a link to the product and then use the evidence of your past transaction to build confidence and earn the trust of your customers.

    Now that you have your clients you can then influence them to purchase your products, after which you will work on nurturing your customer relationship by being social and honest.

    Also by employing the use of analytics to develop your customer’s personas, will enable you to provide customized services and products.

    A customer’s persona also enables you to create personalized emails with information that interests them, so you will not be sending them a lot of junk emails.

    Another benefit of email marketing is that you can design your message without distorting the meaning, by using attached files, graphics or just plain text that will also help you appeal to your customers.

    Aweber allows you to come up with an email marketing list of people who are interested in your products and services.

    You can, therefore, be sure of how many people are interested in your services and come up with other methods of marketing your business or blog. In addition, you will also be better placed to solve your client’s problem.

    People don’t really have the time to stand and look at a billboard or take a long look at an advertisement in the newspaper.

    They always brush through because they are rushing somewhere or just flipping the pages to see if there is an interesting topic. With email marketing, however, your customers will read the mail in their free time and digest every detail.

    Clients can also opt-out or subscribe to a different service or product from you. Email marketing also lets you warm up to your clients.

    What happens is that via automation, clients can receive emails with regard to the action that they performed on your website.

    You can, therefore, send them a welcome or a promo email, invite them to a sale, run a competition or give them free samples.

    Users should, however, be keen to create their emails that do not include spam keywords in the subject heading, which can be easily filtered out by the email software and the internet service providers. Such keywords include “Click here” or “Free.”

    Also, emails that have many images within them might take long to load, which will end up making your visitors and potential clients lose interest. Therefore, do not include very large files in your mails. Lastly ensure that the design of your email enables it to appear as it should in different email providers and devices.

    Final thought

    • Company Details



    How disappointing can it be to have your account penalized because of not adhering to the policies of CAN-SPAM?

    Aweber is your go-to email marketing campaign provider because you don’t have to worry about the policies as they sure do comply.

    Their builder is also quite intuitive offering a number of significant features, including a mobile responsive template.

    Beginners can access the knowledge base to help understand what each icon stands for and how they can use them. The split testing feature enables users to select the best converting email and opt-in forms.

    Aweber Expert Rating:
    • Features
    • Ease Of Use
    • Price/Value
    • Deliverability
    • Reliability & Support
    Comments Rating 4.43 (54 reviews)
    Aweber Review
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