GoDaddy Coupon (Dec 2023): Deals & Discount (Review, 8 Pros & 4 Cons)

Godaddy Review

Are you a small entrepreneur looking to establish a site and host it at an affordable rate?

You have a lot of web hosting options at your disposal. For you to find a good web hosting provider, you should compare what each of them offers first.

Though most of the web hosting companies make a lot of promises and have numerous claims, only a few are able to fulfill what they promise their customers.

Choosing a poor web hosting company can not only lead to a lot of frustrations but also a waste of your cash and time. We are here to ensure that you never have to go through such.

Our objective is to give you a comprehensive Godaddy review to help you figure out if this is this is the right web hosting company you should be working with. Find out more!

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    What is Godaddy?

    If you are not new to web hosting, you have probably heard about this provider since it has been in business for a while now.


    Though Godaddy had a lot of flaws in the past, the web host has been making some relevant changes to boost user experience. This has become a reliable web host that can help you establish your website and even grow your business.

    It is well known for selling domain registrations. Statistics reveal that Godaddy is still among the largest domain registrars around the globe, with over 70 million domain names. Godaddy has tried to remain competitive in the industry by changing some of the things that most customers were not contented with.

    It is committed to changing its image and fulfilling the specific needs of its customers. It now offers a lot of administrative tools and marketing services that can help small business owners.

    The web hosting company mainly targets small entrepreneurs and has a lot of hosting solutions and features that can help this group.

    The company has data centers in different parts of the continent, including Chicago, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Singapore, and Virginia. Though it fails to publish information regarding its network setup, research shows that Godaddy’s infrastructure is reliable.

    Unlike some of the web hosting companies, Godaddy gives you the liberty of choosing between Windows and Linux Servers. It, therefore, accommodates diverse website developers. Every web hosting company has its strongholds and weakness, and Godaddy is no exception.

    Godaddy Review By Hosting Experts & Users


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    8 Godaddy Pros or Advantages

    From our Godaddy review, you will learn the advantages of choosing this web host over others as well as how it is flawed. We will see their features below.

    Though the company has been working on making some significant changes, we still think that it has a long way to go since some customers have major complaints regarding some of the aspects of Godaddy.

    1. Speed

    When web hosting was first introduced, it was hard to associate cheap web hosts such as Godaddy with excellent performance.

    Things have, however, changed as every web host works hard to gain more customers and remain competitive in the industry. Godaddy refuses to be left behind since it works hard to give you impressive page loading speed.

    When your site does not have any delays in loading, it prevents customers from leaving and looking for other similar alternatives. A fast loading site can also enjoy high search engine rankings and excellent conversion rates. If this is what you have been dreaming of, then this Godaddy review is for you.

    The web hosting company can boost the speed of your site and attract more visitors, including those who prefer using their mobile devices to shop for products online. Even if your site relies heavily on images, these will not affect its speed as long as you choose a hosting plan from Godaddy. It records high speeds of up to 544 ms.

    One of the features that can help you boost the speed of your site is the content delivery network. This is particularly crucial for image-heavy websites since it helps to compress images and burdens off the server so that your site can load fast.

    Despite its importance, Godaddy fails to include this feature in most of the basic shared hosting plans. You have to choose a dedicated server or VPS plan if you wish to install Cloudflare. Ensure you consider using this feature if speed is of great importance to your website.

    2. Website builders

    Whether you are inexperienced in developing websites or not, Godaddy has got your back. The company offers a unique website builder that makes everything easier for you. Apart from this, you can also get access to a drag and drop builder from the web host.

    The business website builder from the company is referred to as GoCentral. Most customers reveal that the feature is quite impressive since it can help you put together a website in less than ten minutes.

    You will also like the fact that GoCentral is equipped with numerous templates that are customized to particular products and services. Note that templates are not the same as themes.

    While templates give you the overall structure of your website, themes help you modify things such as the font, color, or design of your site. Godaddy offers templates for various types of business owners. The theme choices, on the other hand, is limited.

    Apart from the two site builders we have mentioned above, the web hosting provider also offers a third site builder known as WordPress Quick Start.

    This is geared towards startups who prefer building their websites on WordPress. Quick start makes it easy for you to establish your site even if you know nothing regarding WordPress.

    Unlike the two website builders that come at no cost, this is not free. You have to buy a hosting plan for at least one month for you to be able to test this builder.

    Most WordPress newbies find this tool quite useful and friendly. It allows you to focus on creating high-quality content for your site without having to deal with the complexities of coding.

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    3. Migration policy

    If you are not trying to create a site for the first time, you may have probably been working with a different web hosting company.

    When you choose to shift to Godaddy, you have to transfer your site’s files to the company’s server. Before doing this, you should have a clear understanding of the migration policy of Godaddy.

    The web host makes it easy for you to transfer your site to its server.  It only takes a single click for you to transfer your website’s files from the dashboard. Though it is easy, Godaddy set migration fees at $ 99.99.

    If you go through Godaddy reviews, you will find some customers complaining about these fees since other web hosts offer the same service for free.

    Apart from the price, you may also have to wait for longer for the migration to take place. While some web hosts handle migration within a few hours, you may have to wait for an entire week for your site to be transferred if you choose Godaddy. This means that migration is not only slow but also expensive.

    If you pick the basic or deluxe hosting plans from Godaddy, you are only allowed to transfer one site. The advanced plans allow the migration of more sites.

    Though the migration policy of this company is far from perfect, you should not experience any downtime issues during the process. Your customers can continue having quick access to your data.

    4. One-click installer

    This is one of the features that simplify the process of building and hosting a website with Godaddy. The company provides you with one-click installations and gives you access to most than 100 applications on the net.


    It means that you can choose different content management systems, including Joomla, Drupal, or WordPress. You can also make use of some developer-friendly apps such as MySQL, Python, and CloudLinux.

    Such capabilities make Godaddy suitable for both savvy webmasters and beginners.

    5. Control panel

    Godaddy offers a control panel for both Windows and Linus servers. Even if you have never used this dashboard before, you should not have any difficulties with it. Every detail is marked clearly and placed in categories to give you an idea of where you should start.


    You can enjoy numerous functionalities by making use of the web host’s control panel. For instance, this panel allows you to install add-ons and apps quickly. You can manage your database and email from a single platform.

    The control panel provides a conducive environment for your site and reduces the hassle of having to look for different things everywhere.

    6. Security

    For you to run a successful website, you have to take the necessary security measures. A good web hosting company can help you boost the security of your site.


    Though most of the web hosting companies offer security features at no extra fees, you may have to pay for some of the security add-ons by choosing Godaddy.

    Only a few free security features are included in the plans of this web host. For instance, the company protects your site from DDOS attacks without asking for extra charges. If you want to access to daily backups or SSL certificates for some basic plans, you may have to pay extra fees.

    Unfortunately, Godaddy also charges its clients for security features such as malware scans, as well as updates. This discourages a lot of experienced website developers since other web hosts offer such services at no additional costs.

    Some of the security features, such as SSL certificates, are basic requirements when running a site. For you to use this feature while working with Godaddy, you have to pay at least $ 64 per year for one site.

    The price of this feature keeps on rising with the increase in the number of sites you create. People find the prices of SSL certificates from Godaddy outrageous. While most of the web hosts give you free backups, Godaddy charges you $ 2.99 for this.

    7. Performance

    One of the things that draw a lot of customers to this web hosting company is reliable uptime. Even if you choose the most basic shared hosting plans, you should enjoy reliable uptime from Godaddy.

    According to different tests conducted, this web hosting provider offers high uptime rates that range between 99-100%.

    It means that even if your website experiences spikes in traffic, you should not worry about any downtime issues. Unlike most of the web hosts, Godaddy determines the uptime percentages on its own.

    Let’s get into the details.

    Month & YearServer UptimeServer Response TimeResult
    February 2020100%498 msExcellent
    January 202099.86%485 msGood
    December 201999.93%522 msGood
    November 201999.98%596 msExcellent
    October 201999.97%740 msExcellent
    September 2019100%816 msExcellent
    August 201999.97%858 msExcellent
    July 201999.96%986 msExcellent
    June 201999.96%745 msExcellent
    May 201999.99%540 msExcellent
    April 201999.91%498 msGood
    March 201999.98%490 msExcellent

    The company promises to give you credits of about 5% in the next month if your site experiences downtime. Ensure you contact the support team if you are not comfortable with the uptime guarantee.

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    8. Customer support

    Though Godaddy has some flaws, it tries to support its customers fully. This is evident from the different support options available here.


    You can make use of the live chat facility, phone support, or knowledge base if you need further guidance on hosting.

    The web host makes use of the live chat bot, which allows you to pick the specific department for your issue. Once you specify this, you will be connected directly to a support agent within a short period.

    Most people like the quick response they get from this service, as well as the straightforward answers offered.

    The company seems to have made a lot of improvements with the live chat support system it offers. You can also use the available community forums for you to get additional information.

    Most customers, however, find this option a bit frustrating since finding what you may be looking for can be difficult.

    4 Godaddy Drawbacks, Cons or Disadvantages

    GoDaddy is a juggernaut in the website hosting space. It has an estimated 18.5 million customers as of 2019, and it’s likely that we’re going to see that number continue to rise.

    It is a go-to for a lot of different website owners, from businesses to bloggers, but is it worth the grand reputation that it has?

    1. Slow Response Times

    This issue rears its head again. GoDaddy is a massive hosting service, and so it has to be expected that the amount of tickets that it gets is significantly higher than its competitors.

    That being said, waiting 48 hours at a time for a response on a ticket can be detrimental, and would preferably be avoided whenever possible.

    2. No Live Support

    Falling into the same ballpark as the last issue, GoDaddy lacks a live support feature.

    This, again, can be explained by the size of the company, but when its much smaller, and much less profitable competitors are offering it, you would like to have seen it implemented here, even if there was a long wait time for it.

    3. Restoration Fees

    Most website hosts are going to let you restore your site to a previous version free of charge. This is not the case with GoDaddy, and sometimes the fee can be in the hundreds of dollars.

    As such, you must exercise proper website management when using this particular service. Otherwise, you’re going to get stuck having to pay to erase your mistakes.

    4. Poor Internal Speeds

    Again, this can be explained away by the pure size of the website.

    Of course, the speeds are going to be based on the broadband that the individual has, but in general, you can expect slow internal speeds.

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    Hosting Solutions at Godaddy


    Like most of the web hosts on the industry, Godaddy provides its clients with conventional hosting solutions. This includes shared hosting, dedicated, and VPS hosting.

    What makes it unique among the rest of the web hosting providers is that it focuses on providing room for everyone, including website owners that don’t want to spend much on hosting.

    You can, therefore, enjoy affordable hosting plans from working with this company. Our Godaddy review includes a breakdown of each of the hosting solutions as follows.

    If you are beginner then i suggest you always choose linux shared hosting. Linux servers are easy to use.


    Shared hosting

    If you want the cheapest plan from this company and still have a small website, then you need to check out the shared hosting solution.

    The web host offers different shared hosting plans that can help you start and operate your website successfully. You get to choose between at least four shared hosting plans that are named as follows:

    • Economy
    • Deluxe
    • Ultimate
    • Pro

    Though the shared hosting plans may have some similar features, they differ in terms of the resource allowances allocated to each of them.

    Most customers, however, like the generous freebies that come with each plan. For instance, all the shared hosting plans from Godaddy feature free domain, which impresses a lot of beginner hosting companies.

    Choosing any of the plans also lets you enjoy one-click installs, access to a user-friendly control panel, and DDOS protection. The economy plan is the most basic plan. For you to start using it, you need to pay $ 4.33. Most people find this price quite reasonable compared to what other web hosting companies have.

    It enables you to host only a single website and contains 100 GB storage. You also get to enjoy unlimited bandwidth for this plan. It can integrate with more than 100 services which you can install easily. During the first year, you also get to enjoy free business email for the economy plan.

    If you compare the most basic plan from Godaddy with other web hosts, you will realize just how generous Godaddy is since other web hosting companies offer the storage of only 10 GB for their cheapest shared hosting plan.

    Since Godaddy gives you so much storage for this plan at a cheap rate, you get excellent value for your cash.

    Though this is quite impressive on the surface, more research reveals multiple upsells that can make even the most basic plan quite expensive since some of the useful features are not free. We will discuss this further later in our Godaddy review.

    VPS hosting

    Apart from the shared hosting plans, Godaddy also offers virtual private server hosting. The problem with this company is that it fails to organize its plans well, making it hard for new customers to find or compare them.

    We, however, managed to locate the VPS hosting plans for you to save your time. The cheapest VPS hosting plan from Godaddy goes for $ 29.99 each month. It comes with 2GB RAM, 40 GB storage, and 1 CPU core.

    Though all of the VPS hosting plans are marketed as managed, the self-managed option is still available. If you, however, choose a self-managed plan, you may lose out on some crucial aspects that the Godaddy offers, such as uptime monitoring, automated backups, and software updates.

    Dedicated servers

    If you already have an established website that receives a lot of traffic, you may need an entire server to yourself. For this, you should consider choosing a dedicated server from Godaddy.

    Though the plans from this package can be quite costly, they can significantly boost the performance of your site. It is not, however, advisable to start with a dedicated server plan without understanding everything it entails.

    The basic plan under this category goes for $ 169.99 per month. Even though it is not cheap, it comes with better resources such as 4GB RAM, unmetered bandwidth, 4 CPU cores, three dedicated IPS, and 1TB of storage. You also get to enjoy extra backup services and root access from choosing this plan.

    WordPress Hosting

    Godaddy also provide wordpress hosting service. If you are planning to tart wordpress website then here is benefits for you.



    WordPress hosting in Godaddy comes will too many features loaded.


    Quick Facts on the Pricing

    Apart from knowing the different plans you can choose from, you should also find out every other cost-related term that Godaddy has.

    For instance, the company has a refund policy that allows you to retrieve your funds within thirty days if you don’t want the plan you initially chose anymore.


    There is an option of upgrading or downgrading your plan according to the needs of your business.

    Godaddy gives every new customer the chance to test a plan for at least one month. Some customers, however, find the refund policy a bit confusing since some situations can make you not legible for the refund. The company also accepts different payment methods, such as PayPal and credit cards.

    Most customers find such options convenient. As you compare the different plans, you should consider paying for one annually to save some funds. You can also utilize the discounts that Godaddy offers from time to time for you to spend less on a plan.

    Take note that each plan has a renewal fee that you have to pay after a particular duration. For instance, if you choose the Economy plan, you will pay $ 4.33 per month.

    During the renewal of the same plan, you have to pay $ 8.99 per month. Though you have to pay higher as you renew this plan, you don’t get to enjoy any extra features or enhanced performance from it. Some customers find the renewal rates quite unfair.

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    Pros & Cons


    • Godaddy has a solid uptime
    • Excellent speeds
    • User-friendly control panel
    • You get access to more than one website builder
    • Offers different templates


    • People are not happy with the numerous upsells
    • It lacks some crucial features
    • High renewal rates
    • The refund policy is not transparent

    Final thoughts

    • Company Details



    Make your small business productive by choosing a web hosting company that has your interest at heart.

    Our Godaddy review has covered most of the basics that you should have at your fingertips as you compare this company to the rest of the web hosts.

    Though Godaddy has dependable uptime, decent speed, and an excellent support system, there is still a lot of room for improvement.


    We wish it would reduce or eliminate the cost of some of the crucial features such as migration, SSL certificates, and backups.

    Though the plans are cheap, you have to be careful so that you don’t end up spending too much on purchasing some crucial features.

    Godaddy Review

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