TMDHosting Coupon (Dec 2023): Deals & Discount (Review, 13 Pros & 3 Cons)

TMDHosting Review

While this web hosting company is not as well-known compared to others such as Bluehost and HostGator, they are still in the running to building a solid customer base that is quite impressive despite their relatively small size.

In fact, their efforts are garnering them attention from magazines and other well-known companies, such as them being included in the Editor’s Choice list of the PC Magazine in 2018.

Other than providing a host of managed hosting packages that include interesting bonuses as standard features (in contrast to other web hosting companies that consider them as add-ons), the customer service that TMDHosting gives to its customers is surpassed by few others, making them worth your consideration.

Read on to find out our thoughts on this company and whether it suits your needs.

TMDHosting Dec 2023 Deals & Coupons

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    What is TMDHosting?


    This is a web hosting company that has its headquarters in Orlando, FL, and their history goes back to 2007, making them one of the youngest companies to join the web hosting fray.

    Their history makes them join the running of the companies that provide reliable hosting services, and they are a useful choice for many entrepreneurs.

    They also have their roots in open-source hosting services, although they have expanded their offerings over time to include both open source and non-open source technologies and platforms.

    If you happen to have a niche platform that requires hosting services, chances are that they are the best provider for you.

    Their current servers are in the following locations:

    • London
    • Chicago
    • Tokyo
    • Amsterdam
    • Sydney
    • Singapore
    • Phoenix

    TMDHosting Review By Hosting Experts & Users


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    13 TMDHosting Pros or Advantages

    TMDHosting comes with too many features that we will show you. So you can decide TMDHosting good for you or not.

    1. Multiple DataCenter

    The web servers are located in: London, Chicago, Singapore, Amsterdam, Phoenix, Tokyo and Sydney.


    The unfortunate thing is the entry level plans do not have the choice of a datacenter, especially for shared hosting.

    They will also give you a choice of whether you want Linux or Windows hosting services, which is quite flexible.

    Note that the plans you will get for both hosting types are not exactly identical even if they may have similar features to each other.

    The change in the operating system is not the only reason – the Windows plans are usually more expensive, but it also gives you more than the Linux plans (for instance, you will get support for 6 websites rather than 1).

    2. PCI compliant web hosting services

    Our look into the TMDHosting review does not reveal any instance where the provider claims their shared hosting packages are PCI compliant, so the general assumption is that they are not.

    However, the premium hosting options are all PCI compliant because they give you greater sense of control. This is not a feature that is unique to TMDHosting, though.

    3. Control panel

    Aside from the WordPress plans on the platform, all the other hosting plans use the standard form of cPanel – which is the industry basic for control panels.


    It is also easy to adjust to using TMDHosting if you have used cPanel control panels before.

    Some of the benefits of the use of cPanel include:

    1. Backup access
    2. A graphical interface that is easy to use
    3. File management
    4. Email usage and set up
    5. Management of databases
    6. Softaculous app manager

    The middle and left parts of the cPanel display screen have links that lead to an assortment of settings, similar to any implementation of cPanel, the options come in the following categories:

    1. Top applications
    2. Email
    3. Preferences
    4. Domains
    5. Software
    6. Security
    7. Files
    8. Metrics
    9. Databases
    10. Advanced (Features)

    There is a panel that is on the right side, and this displays the resource allocation of your website, as well as the remaining space it has.

    4. Installation of scripts

    The software tool known as Softaculous is in prominent use here, and it helps to extend the functionality of your website – much more than what cPanel can do.


    It also allows for installation of other applications such as Joomla, WordPress, Moodle, and so on.

    Thanks to the Softaculous hosting package, you will get an easy way of managing all your sites, as well as speed boosting capabilities.

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    5. A better speed for your website

    Among the major factors that inhibits the growth of your website is slow speeds. It may seem minor, but it greatly impacts the bounce rates, SEO rankings, and the conversion rate.

    You do not need to worry about when you choose the Softaculous hosting mode, as it improves the speeds of your website to great levels (along with the use of Cloudflare CDN).

    6. Friendly for developers

    There is a major focus on loading accounts with the best versions of the software.

    Some of the development software you will access includes MySQL, PHP, Apache, Free SSL and SSL, Python, and Node.js.

    7. Security

    Hacking and computer security are very serious issues that many should take seriously, as there are many compromises in this area.

    This is why the Softaculous app, as well as various security features of your website, will all have extended protection levels to guard your site before any malware damages it.

    In addition, there is DDoS protection (also known as reinforced distributed denial of service), and these will protect the site even from sophisticated attacks.

    8. Themes

    If you happen to use CMS, themes will be important to your website.

    There is a wide variety here, as the platform offers more than 1000 plugins, themes and logos that you can purchase.

    Note that the products are single-use, and can only work for a single domain name at any time.

    9. Migrations

    The company offers their users free migration services, but this is limited to a certain number of sites (note that the company does not specify the number).


    If you are nervous about doing migrations on your own, you can move your site for free using the Softaculous functionality. All you need to do is contact the support team and request them to help move the site, as the process is worry-free.

    Through using a support ticket, you can request them for assistance with the migration of your websites and include all relevant details.

    10. Money back guarantees, refunds and trials


    While the platform does not offer any kind of free hosting trial, they have a very good money back guarantee policy. Their 60-day money back guarantee applies to the following hosting plans:

    1. Cloud hosting
    2. Shared hosting

    The exception is when you select a monthly plan, which will entitle you to a 30-day money back guarantee. This policy also applies to users who use the following plans:

    1. Dedicated servers
    2. VPS hosting
    3. Reseller hosting

    Note that domain names, add-ons, Bare Metal servers, and extra services do not have a refund policy.

    11. Performance

    Even though we see in the TMDHosting review that they have an uptime guarantee of 99.9% with their hosting services, the company does not have any type of uptime guarantees, or an agreement to take care of the levels of service.

    Let’s get into the details.

    Month & YearServer UptimeServer Response TimeResult
    February 202099.99%628 msExcellent
    January 2020100%722 msExcellent
    December 2019100%695 msExcellent
    November 201999.98%884 msExcellent
    October 201999.99%668 msExcellent
    September 201999.89%749 msOk
    August 2019100%668 msExcellent
    July 201999.99%810 msExcellent
    June 201999.97%912 msExcellent
    May 201999.98%675 msExcellent
    April 201999.98%728 msExcellent
    March 201999.92%776 msGood

    This might sound complicated – but it means that when they see there are technical problems which reduce the availability of your website, it is not possible for you to get any financial recourse – other than when you want to cancel your account and move to another web host if you are unsatisfied with the service.

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    12. Security


    In order to maintain the safety and security of your website and its content, the platform sells:

    • SSSL certificates
    • Backup tools
    • Website security suites, which will help to find and remove malware


    While some hosting packages will come with some or all these benefits, others will require you to buy missing security features and use them as add-ons.

    13. Customer service

    The main advantage with the site is their excellent levels of customer support, and you can reach them through support ticket, live chat, or telephone, all on a 24/7 basis.


    If you have non-urgent questions, on the other hand, you can post them on the company’s forum on their website.

    All the forums are under constant monitoring, and you will occasionally see responses from the staff in addition to those of other users.

    In fact, the company promises to send responses within 15 minutes of receipt.

    Knowledgebase and forums

    One thing we noticed in the TMDHosting review is how easy it is to navigate different sections of the knowledgebase, because the company has divided it into sections based on the type of hosting used.

    This means that you will only see the information that is relevant to your account.

    The information the documents contain is impressive, and you will likely find something that works for you. In addition to that, they also have a forum where you can ask questions.

    3 TMDHosting Drawbacks, Cons or Disadvantages

    TMD Hosting tends to be a go-to recommendation for a lot of bloggers and smaller businesses.

    It has great customer service, as well as an accessible design and layout, allowing beginners to the website hosting world to get a feel for what they’re doing quickly.

    However, it isn’t perfect, and some issues need to be highlighted.

    1. Poor Auto Backup

    While auto backup is a feature that’s present, the length of retention leaves a fair bit to be desired.

    The general industry standard for storing backup files is between one and two weeks, which is plenty of time.

    However, TMD only backups your database for five days and that number decreases down to one for file retention. The feature is free, but it could be better.

    2. High Renewal Prices

    TMD Hosting is a good entry-level website host provider, and the starting prices of its plans reflect that.

    However, the renewal prices are significantly higher than the starting ones, with the increase sometimes being as high as a 200% percent increase.

    The general price is still affordable, but an increase of that much needs to be pointed out.

    3. Only Offers Standard Cloudflare

    As it stands, TMD Hosting only offers the standard CloudFlare package as part of its hosting plan.

    Unlike its competitors, who are similarly priced, which offer Cloudflare Railgun, this leaves you with little options when it comes to Cloudflare if you do decide to go with TMD.

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    Hosting solutions available on TMDHosting

    There are different hosting plans that are available on the platform. They offer the following:

    • Shared hosting
    • VPS
    • Cloud
    • Joomla
    • Dedicated
    • WordPress
    • Reseller
    • Windows VPS
    • Drupal


    In addition to these, you can also get niche hosting choices, for instance those that cover specified e-commerce platforms such as PrestaShop and Magento, educational platforms like Moodle, and online platforms like Dolphin and SocialEngine.

    These are quite similar when compared to the shared hosting plans, with the difference being that you can get your preferred platform installed.

    1. Shared hosting


    You might wonder what makes TMDHosting plans stay in a different vein from their competitors, but here are a few pointers that make them stand out:

    1. Security on military grade levels, which the TMDHosting staff will implement. It does not require participation from you.
    2. Uptime guarantee of 99.999%, which is something you will usually see in premium plans only
    3. The inclusion of services that you will find many web hosting services will charge for, such as migration assistance and free daily backups.

    Here are some reasons why you should consider this package:

    Windows or Linux

    When you are buying a shared hosting plan, it is possible to choose between Linux installations, which are the standard, or go for Windows hosting.

    The plans of both types are not necessarily identical to each other, and it is not just because of the change in the operating system. For instance, the Windows plans are more expensive.

    Regardless of the operating system you are using, you can select between three plans, which all come with:

    • Military-grade of security and spam protection
    • Free domain name
    • Unlimited email addresses
    • Control panel ((cPanel)
    • SSD storage and unlimited bandwidth
    • Use of NGINX as the web server

    SSL and caching

    In addition, you will get an SSL certificate and website caching – with the difference being that the specifics of the two are entirely dependent on the plan you select.

    That is, you will get better caching and a better SSL certificate if you choose a better shared hosting plan.


    If you choose a shared hosting plan, it is possible to manage your web server, web hosting services, and all things that relate to your account, thanks to the cPanel control panel.

    The platform itself does not modify the cPanel, as we have noticed in our TMDHosting review, so you will quickly adjust to it especially if you already have some experience with using cPanel programs before.

    Aside from the cPanel that comes with all plans, you will get automatic support for Cloudflare CDNs, as well as the Softaculous installer that adds interesting features to your website.

    You will also get site builder functionality, which comes with more than 1000 free templates you can use and a website editor.

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    2. Cloud hosting

    Compared to the shared hosting packages, cloud hosting is considered as a more powerful hoisting package, though the VPS hosting is more expensive in comparison to it.

    The main advantage is that you will get a unique server and resources that are dedicated fully to your account, and this is unlike the shared hosting packages that force you to share these resources with other users.

    Among the major points is the ‘unlimited bandwidth’, although the meaning of unlimited is not as clear.

    While it will allow you to use it to a certain extent, the server speeds will slow down when you exceed these limits – or the platform will require you to upgrade your plan.

    The cloud hosting packages are quite similar to shared hosting plans, although it has more security, power and speed.

    It is also easily scalable in ways that shared plans are not, and the result is a plan that foolproof you against the possibility of outgrowing the plans you already have.

    3. WordPress hosting

    If here is one thing we notice in the TMDHosting review, it is that the platform does an excellent job when it comes to hosting specific platforms in isolated environments.

    The essential way to think about these plans is as shared hosting plans, but with the difference of having a specific platform of your choice being installed by the host to reduce your work.

    There are three options to choose when it comes to specific platform hosting, and the features will make them fall between Cloud hosting and shared hosting choices.

    4. Reseller hosting

    The platform also offers all-SSD reseller hosting, which is backed by an uptime guarantee of 99.99%.

    You can select one among three plans, and get some nice perks like discounts on domain names, caching, and a cPanel/WHM control panel for managing your sites.

    5. Dedicated servers and VPS hosting

    Both of these plans can help you out when you have high levels of traffic on your website or have resource-intensive sites. Some of the benefits include:

    • Great variety –

    You can choose a wide array of plans, each with their own resource allocation

    • Managed servers –

    All dedicated and VPS servers are fully managed. The only difference is if you want to get a dedicated IP address, which will require you to buy the package separately due to security reasons.

    • Watch for sales –

    The platform runs sales on a regular basis, which allows you to get some premium hosting deals at low prices (the deals are at 40 to 60% off, though renewals come at the regular rates).

    Both plans include the following extras, regardless of the specific plan:

    • Rapid provisioning, which allows you to get started with the website immediately
    • WHM and cPanel
    • Free setup

    Specialized hosting

    If you happen to be working with open source products, aside from WordPress, the platform is great because the technical support team is there to help you with infrastructure issues.

    Some quick facts on the pricing

    The prices on this platform are quite fair, for the most part. The prices start from a monthly fee of $2.95, with the maximum being a monthly fee of $12.95.

    This makes their services slightly above the industry average, but not prohibitive pricing limits.

    • Shared hosting

    Here is a table summarizing the plans:

      Starter Business Enterprise
    Starter price $2.95 per month (65% off) $5.95 per month (40% off) $12.95 per month (30% off)
    Regular price $8.95 per month $9.95 per month $16.95 per month
    Websites supported 1 Unlimited Unlimited (in addition to a Wildcard SSL, increased caching and increased server performance)
    Memory cache 128 MB 256 MB

    Price Breakdown

    It is important to know how the billing system works before buying. While the prices are really good for beginners, it is important to note something – you will need to go through a 36-month billing cycle in order to get a 60% discount.

    In addition, the discount only applies for that billing cycle, with subsequent payments going back to regular rates.

    Therefore, when looking at the three plans in a 36-month cycle, the breakdown is:

      Starter plan Business plan Enterprise plan
    1 month $18.90 (includes setup fee of $9.95) $19.90 (includes setup fee of $9.95) $16.95
    12 months $47.40 $83.40 $179.40
    24 months $94.80 $142.80 $310.80
    36 months $106.20

    The company has a policy of 60-day money back guarantee, which allows you to opt out of a plan after 2 months and still receive a refund.

    That is a good measure of reliability and performance of their servers.

    • VPS hosting

    There are 5 plans under VPS hosting, all being 50% off for the first year, with the resources being quite impressive. Here is a breakdown of all the plans:

    VPS plans Starter Original Smart eCommerce Powerful
    Signup price per month $19.97 $29.97 $39.97 $54.97 $64.97
    Regular price per month $39.95 $59.95 $79.95 $109.95 $129.95
    SSD storage 40 GB 65 GB 100 GB 150 GB 200 GB
    Data transfer 3 TB 4 TB 5 TB 8 TB 10 TB
    DDR4 Memory 2 GB 4 GB 6 GB 8 GB 12 GB
    CPU cores 2 2 4 4 6
    • Cloud hosting

    Similar to the shred hosting plan, there are 3 plans of Cloud hosting available. The differences between the tiers are the resources you get, as we will outline below.

    Plans Starter Business Enterprise
    Signup price per month $5.95 (60% off) $6.95 (50% off) $10.95 (40% off)
    Regular price per month $12.95 $13.95 $19.95
    SSD storage Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
    Data transfer Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
    DDR4 memory 2 GB 4 GB 6 GB
    CPU cores 2 4 6
    Memory cache 128 MB 256 MB
    • Dedicated hosting

    There are 4 tiers available – Starter, Super Powerful, Original and Smart. They offer you the benefits of:

    1. Unlimited bandwidth and storage
    2. Storage from 1 TB to 2×2 TB
    3. RAM as high as 32GB
    • Reseller hosting

    There are 3 tiers available – Professional, Enterprise and Standard. Some benefits includes are:

    1. Server resources that range from 700 GB to 2000 GB bandwidth
    2. WHM/cPanel
    3. Unlimited websites

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    Pros & Cons


    • Very good customer service
    • The premium features are included in the standard packages
    • 99% uptime
    • Cloud hosting is available at a low price point


    • Shared hosting options cannot choose their preferred datacenters
    • Not one of the cheaper options, though inexpensive
    • The published discounts only apply for your first term

    Final thoughts

    Our thoughts on this TMDHosting review are that this platform is a hidden gem that is worth the price.

    If you happen to be on a budget yet still want to get plenty of functionality and useful features, it is among your best bets.


    TMDHosting Review

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