KnownHost Coupon (Dec 2023): Deals & Discount (Review, 8 Pros & 4 Cons)

KnownHost Review

Do you have an established website but are looking for a web host that can offer top-notch performance?

If your priority is not getting a cheap hosting plan but rather quality services, then Knownhost may be an ideal web hosting provider for you.

Though the web hosting industry is full of some affordable services from different companies, sometimes it is better to spend a little bit more to get advanced services.

If your priority is in getting the highest level of security while working with a web host provider, this Knownhost review is for you.

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    An overview of Knownhost


    To some website owners, quality is more important than cost. These are the kind of people that Knownhost targets since it offers high-quality services.

    Knownhost provides high performance dedicated server and VPS hosting. It guarantees that your site will always enjoy fast connection speeds and be available to your visitors at all times. You also get to receive a lot of storage space from choosing Knownhost.

    If you operate an online store, these are crucial factors that you should always have in mind since they can determine how fast your business can progress. You need to ensure that your website is still functioning correctly every time your customers utilize it.

    Choosing Knownhost gives you that peace of mind. Knownhost takes pride in the excellent quality of its infrastructure. It allows you to enjoy an excellent support system.

    Knownhost Review By Hosting Experts & Users


    Screenshot of some customers Reviews


    More Reviews available at bottom of this article

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    8 Knownhost Pros or Advantages

    We will reveal why you should choose Knownhost over the rest of the web hosting providers and explain in detail what this company has to offer. Apart from discussing the plans available, we will reveal why this company what you can gain from it. Read on!


    1. Useful freebies

    The good thing with working with a reputable web host such as Knownhost is that you not only get to enjoy the basic features but also some additional elements.

    This company offers some useful features at no additional cost. For instance, it helps you backup your data regularly and adds an extra layer of security to prevent your site from DDoS attacks.


    The company also offers Brute force protection, server hardening as well as Comodo cWatch. Though such freebies, you can be assured of a high performing site that is likely to attract a lot of customers.

    Thanks to additional freebies such as LsCache and Litespeed, your customers should have no problem accessing your site’s content instantly.

    2. Refund policy

    Sometimes, you may change your mind about working with a certain web host. The ability to get back your refund after payments always gives people peace of mind because nobody wants to lose their money due to the absence of a refund policy.


    Choosing Knownhost ensures that this does not happen since it offers a money-back guarantee for at least thirty days. This gives you adequate time to test the services of the web host and make the right decision. It prevents you from future regrets.

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    3. Migration Service

    As soon as you choose a hosting plan, Knownhost can help you migrate your site from the previous web host you may have been working with, without the risk of your site experiencing any downtime.


    4. Affiliate program

    As part of our Knownhost review, we also have to inform you about how you can earn some extra cash from working with this web host. Make use of the available affiliate program for you to earn commissions for referrals.

    You don’t need to pay anything or have any technical knowledge for you to be part of the company’s affiliate program.

    When you sign up with Knownhost, the web host will send you referral links and banners that you can utilize on digital properties. If someone clicks on the links and ends up buying the Knownhost package, you get a specific commission.

    The range can be anything between $ 10 -$ 300. Expect such payouts at the beginning of the month. Getting something extra from working with a web host always motivates customers.

    5. Multiple Data Center

    The company has different datacenters found in Texas, Maryland, Amsterdam, and Washington. It also has a support office that is found in Alabama.


    All of the data centers of this web host are quite reliable, and they are connected to some giant network carriers in Europe and the US. According to most of the Knownhost reviews, the company offers not only exceptional reliability but also remarkable network performance.

    You can start enjoying potential leads that come from all over the world, thanks to the use of world-class datacenters. Knownhost also gives you the freedom to confirm the connection speeds before subscribing to a plan.


    Make use of the test IP address as well as the test file if you want to download the company’s website. It works with fully redundant and secure data centers so that you don’t have to worry about security concerns.

    6. One Click Installer

    Some of the standard features that are found in all of the shared hosting plans include Litespeed, SSD cloud storage, and the Softaculous installer.


    These not only boost the performance of your website but also give you the easy installation of the apps you need.

    You also get to enjoy free SSL certificates, which give your customers the peace of mind of knowing that your site is secure.

    7. Performance of Knownhost


    According to most of the Knownhost reviews, this company continues to grow because it does not fail its customers. The numerous positive reviews and very few complaints are a clear indicator of this.

    Unlike some of the web host developers that make a lot of empty promises, Knownhost stays true to its words. One of the factors that you should consider when evaluating the overall performance of a web host is its uptime rates.

    This is among the few web hosting companies that deliver up to 99.9% uptime. What this means is that you should not experience any downtime, which can affect your online store negatively. The company goes the extra mile of promising you a refund in the form of a credit if it fails to meet its uptime guarantee.

    If Knownhost fails to deliver the promised guarantee, you should expect to receive a whole month of free hosting. This is a unique feature that you may not find in most of the web hosting companies. The guarantee, however, cannot apply if the downtime problems originate from planned maintenance or internal site applications.

    Let’s get into the details.

    Month & YearServer UptimeServer Response TimeResult
    February 2020100%684 msExcellent
    January 202099.98%774 msExcellent
    December 201999.99%584 msExcellent
    November 2019100%483 msExcellent
    October 201999.79%645 msOk
    September 201999.99%781 msExcellent
    August 2019100%659 msExcellent
    July 201999.97%588 msExcellent
    June 201999.95%704 msGood
    May 2019100%581 msExcellent
    April 201999.99%479 msExcellent
    March 201999.99%622 msExcellent

    You can also gauge the performance of a web host based on its speed rates. While running a site, you need to ensure that the web host you work with can make it as fast as possible to curb high bounce rates.

    Numerous reviewers have been conducting tests to evaluate the speed rates of Knownhost. From most of the findings, the company maintains high-speed rates most of the time.


    This means that your site visitors will not experience slow loading pages as they try to access your site.

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    8. Customer support

    Different web hosting companies try to impress their customers by offering various support options. Knownhost has managed to increase its customer base by being comprehensive when it comes to customer support.

    It provides you with a thorough knowledge base so that you can always find answers to the specific hosting issues you may face. You can also utilize the available software and manuals that Knownhost offers as part of the support options.


    The web host offers organized wiki and a community forum that provide additional information on hosting topics. Ensure you go through the discussed topics on the Knownhost blog for you to remain updated on what is trending in the industry.

    If you are looking for instant feedback, there are different ways in which you can get in touch with the company’s technical support team. Knownhost offers a live chat facility that allows you to get the relevant details, especially when you are still evaluating if this is the web host for you or not.

    Apart from the ticketing system and live chat facility, you can still get a response to your hosting problems through email. The company works 24/7 to give you the necessary support you need regardless of your level of experience in hosting.

    One of the things that also makes Knownhost stand out is the availability of a “suggestions” thread. Through this feature, the company offers its customers a chance to air their suggestions on what services should be improved or changed.

    Most people like this feature since it promotes transparency and is a clear indicator that the company cares about the needs of its customers. It is also a great way to bring people together.

    4 Knownhost Drawbacks, Cons or Disadvantages

    1. Does not Support Windows

    Just like every other web hosting provider, Knownhost has a few limitations that you should be aware of before signing up. Since this web host is Linux-based, it does not support windows.

    2. Extra Charges

    If you choose dedicated servers, you should also be ready to pay a setup fee in addition to the regular cost of your desired plan. Some people also raise concerns when it comes to VPS plans. The company tends to charge some extra fees for the access and use of the cPanel.

    3. Not for Complete Beginner

    Though Knownhost provides some shared hosting plans, it is not the best for a complete web hosting beginner. If you are not familiar with web hosting, start by going through the wiki guides that the company offers for you to learn more about hosting before you think of paying for a plan.

    4. Some Features are not Available

    Some people also find shared hosting solutions a bit expensive compared to what other companies offer. Even though Knownhost has a lot of features, it fails to provide some ancillary website services such as a site builder.

    This tends to limit some inexperienced users. Since the company manages most of the aspects, you don’t have a lot of freedom to manage your site. Some tech-savvy users are not comfortable with this.

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    The plans and pricing options available

    Company Background

    Knownhost is an American company that has been operating since 2005. It conducts its operations from West Chester in the US. Though Knownhost is privately owned, it has managed to become a global brand that is well recognized everywhere.

    If you are not new to web hosting, you probably have heard about it. Knownhost has diverse customers spread over more than 100 countries. Though this is an international brand, it aims at meeting the needs of each customer.


    For us to give you a comprehensive Knownhost review, we need to explain the plans available as well as their respective prices.

    This is a Linux based company that offers different packages, including dedicated, VPS as well as shared WordPress plans. Apart from the basic plans, Knownhost also offers cloud-based plans and reseller hosting.

    Fully Managed

    All the hosting plans that Knownhost provides are fully managed. The company is therefore responsible for handling all the technical stuff on your behalf. You can, therefore, run a successful website even if you are not a digital whiz.


    We will discuss each of the hosting solutions separately so that you can make an informed decision.

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    Shared hosting

    Not every website owner has an already established site. If you still learning how to build a website, you can go for a shared hosting plan from Knownhost.

    The company offers this in different forms, including reseller cloud, shared cloud, and managed WordPress hosting. For the shared hosting solution, each customer gets their own slice of server space but have to share bandwidth and capacity with the rest of the website owners.


    Many people choose shared hosting from Knownhost because it is not only pocket-friendly but also easy to use. If you have a site that is still experiencing low or medium traffic, choosing a shared hosting plan would be a nice place to start.

    For this hosting solution, you can pick from three plans named as follow:

    • Basic
    • Standard
    • Professional

    For you to get the best rates for either of these plans, you can choose to subscribe for an extended period, such as three years.

    If you research more on Knownhost reviews, you will discover that some people get discounted rates for shared hosting plans. While the basic and standard plans come with unlimited bandwidth, the professional shared hosting plan contains unlimited bandwidth.

    Each plan also differs when it comes to other resources such as email accounts, storage, domains, and databases.

    Though the shared hosting plans from this web hosting provider have a lot to offer, they do have some limitations. If you are dealing with data-heavy content or start experiencing a lot of traffic to your site, you need to consider upgrading to a higher hosting package.

    Knownhost is also keen on offering at least four reseller plans as well as 2 WordPress hosting packages. You get affordable prices for such plans as well as reasonable resources.

    If you prefer using WordPress, choosing a hosting plan from the company gives your site the ability to support at least 100,000 visitors. The company does not allow its customers to host more than one website on any of the WordPress plans.

    When you pick a WordPress plan from this web hosting provider, you get access to everything you require to run a successful site.


    For instance, the plans come with free security tools, free backups, round the clock customer support, free migration, and automatic updates.


    VPS hosting

    Our Knownhost review aims at showing you how this company differs from the rest of the web hosting providers.

    Unlike some of the web hosts in the market, Knownhost offers affordable VPS hosting plans. It tries to accommodate most of the needs of website developers by providing at least four VPS hosting plans that contain some different features.

    The company makes use of virtualization technology to bring most of the physical server resources together.

    This form of hosting is a step up from shared hosting. The logistics of a VPS hosting plan are somehow similar to that of a shared hosting plan. This is because, here, you still share one server with other website users. VPS hosting, however, differs from shared hosting in that there is there are strict terms when it comes to the allocation of resources.

    By choosing a VPS hosting plan from Knownhost, you don’t have to worry about another web developer tapping into your resources. This, therefore, in turn, leads to improved performance.

    If you are working on a budget, you can go for the cheapest VPS plan, which costs $ 28.00 each month. You can, however, pay for this annually rather than monthly for you to save on some costs.

    You will like the specifications of this VPS plan, which is commonly known as the VPS-I plan. For this, you get 2CPU cores, 50 GB SSD storage, 2GB RAM, 2 IP addresses, and 2TB bandwidth.

    Apart from the specifications, all of the VPS plans often come with some features such as unlimited domains, full root access, free backups, and DDoS protection.

    You also get the liberty to downgrade or scale up to another plan without experiencing any downtime issues.

    Dedicated hosting

    If you don’t want to share server resources with any other website owner, then this hosting solution is for you. This is different from shared hosting in that rather than getting a part of the server resources, Knownhost offers you the whole lot.

    Choosing a dedicated hosting plan from Knownhost, therefore, makes your site more powerful.

    You can pick from the four options available. The dedicated servers at Knownhost are also fully managed by the company. They not only differ in their prices but also in resource allocation.

    The price ranges for dedicated hosting plan begins at $ 49 – $ 129. You should also be aware of the setup fee that accompanies all of the plans under this category.

    The dedicated servers from this web host often feature both of the popular control panels, namely cPanel and WHM.

    By choosing any of the dedicated hosting plans available here, you get an additional level of protection due to the incorporation of external backups.

    Cloud-based plans

    The company also offers both unmanaged and managed cloud-based plans.

    If you don’t want to handle any of the complicated stuff, you can pick from the three managed cloud-based VPS plans. These are a bit costlier compared to the unmanaged cloud-based plans since the cheapest one costs $ 50.40 each month.

    This plan contains 2GB RAM, 1 CPU core, 2 TB bandwidth, and 75 GB storage.

    If you choose a managed option, you give Knownhost the mandate to handle infrastructure-related issues, maintenance, configuration, and management of your site.

    The cheapest unmanaged cloud-based plan goes for $ 9.99 each month. It comes with 2GB RAM, 1vCPU, and 2TB bandwidth and 25GB cloud storage.

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    Learn more on the billing services

    When you have decided on the most appropriate plan to subscribe to, you can either pay it monthly annually or even quarterly.

    Some of the hosting plans come with an additional fee. Knownhost makes it possible for you to make payments conveniently through the regular payment options such as PayPal and credit cards.

    If you are a new customer of Knownhost, the company offers a money-back guarantee for up to 30 days for you to make up your mind entirely.

    You can always receive a refund if you think that the plan you subscribed to is not appropriate. You should, however, know that the return policy is not applicable to the dedicated hosting plans.


    • Company Details



    Do you need managed dedicated or VPS servers?

    You should consider working with Knownhost. It is a privately owned company that is known for its reliable hosting infrastructure and excellent hosting.


    From the Knownhost review above, it is easy to figure out that this is an ideal web host for websites that require robust resources.

    Since the company is willing to manage most of the technical details, it saves you from the hard part and gives you the chance to concentrate on building your site and growing your business.

    It is a feature-rich web hosting provider that may be worth your money.

    KnownHost Review

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